Best Brother Sewing Machines in 2024

Sewing is supposed to be an art which takes quite some time to master, but there are some of you out there who have already inculcated a knack to sew fabrics and make an artwork of your own. The right type of sewing machine with the best features is what … Read more

How To Sew Leather On A Home Sewing Machine?

For most of the people with a passion for sewing, this skill is not only a perfect hobby but also it can be a mode of business. Usually, they use their bare hands to manually sew or use a sewing machine to help with the sewing project. Working out using fabric … Read more

How To Sew Lace – Beginner Guide and Tips For Sewing Lace

Lace is one of the most delicate sewing fabrics. It is most popular for its use in wedding dresses. It is also fast gaining popularity in normal female wear. There is great femininity associated with lace that we just can’t deny. It’s the ultimate girlie girl fabric. Unfortunately, most of … Read more

Best Adjustable Dress Form

Best Adjustable Dress Form of 2024

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Best Sewing Machine Cyber Monday Deals 2018

Best Sewing Machine Cyber Monday Deals 2023

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Best Sewing Machine Black Friday Deals 2023

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Sewing Safety Tips Every Beginner Should Know

Sewing Safety Tips Every Beginner Should Know

Sewers usually deal with sharp needles, hot irons, and other risky stuff. So, accidents like cuts, burns, and pokes can happen. If you’re new to sewing, you might be more likely to get hurt since you are still learning. Even pros can get hurt if they work a lot on … Read more

How to Teach Kids to Sew

How to Teach and Motivate Your Kids to Sew

Sewing is a very interesting and creative craft to take on for everyone including children. It can serve as an avenue for parents to bond with their children. Different forms of sewing can be learned by children according to their ages until they get accustomed to the craft and decide … Read more

How To Use A Serger?

How To Use A Serger?

A serger is an overlock machine that is essentially required to bring the finishing to your work and make it look like professional sewing. When you want to step up the sewing game, it’s necessary to have a machine that can help you in simplifying the work and for the … Read more