Best Rotary Cutters For Fabric and Crafts

Looking for the best rotary cutters to add to your sewing kit? Want to explore the latest technology in rotary cutting? Here’s everything you need to know.

Top 5 Picks for Best Rotary Cutters:

Best Rotary Cutters

For the busy person in you, here’s a quick list of the best rotary cutters in the market right now. Check the top three highlights of each model and order one right away using the provided links.

Best Rotary Cutters in 2024
Best Overall
Olfa Deluxe Handle Rotary Cutter
  • Very sharp and can cut through 6 layers of fabric
  • The blade retracts automatically when not in use
  • Ergonomic handle that caters to both right-handed and left-handed persons
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Best Value
Fiskars Classic Comfort Loop Rotary Cutter
  • Sharp steel blade intended for fabric cutting
  • Curved, loop handle for better ergonomics
  • Button to slide on and off the blade for safe usage
Best Comfort
Martelli Ergo Rotary Cutter
  • Ergonomic design best for users with arthritis and carpal tunnel
  • Can cut through 15 layers
  • Spring-loaded guard provides safety
Best for Crafters
Fiskars Crafts Titanium Rotary Cutter
  • Slide switch for easy blade switching
  • Cuts through multiple layers of hard materials like batting and foam
  • Titanium-coated blade for extra toughness
Best for Leather
Fiskars Heavy-Duty Rotary Cutter
  • Loop handle for improved comfort
  • Slide switch for smart blade handling
  • Strong grip on the handle for better control while cutting through leather
Best Budget
Olfa Splash Rotary Cutter
  • Can cut through six layers of thin materials
  • Grooved handle to avoid finger slippage
  • Available in colorful variants
Easy to Use
Olfa Deluxe Rotary Cutter
  • Squeeze handle gives more control
  • Can cut through 8 layers of fabric including Kevlar
  • Supports blades with decorative edges
Omnigrid Safety Rotary Cutter
  • No adjustments required when changing for right-dominant or left-dominant hand
  • Automatic switch-off mechanism
  • Cushioned grip for active control
Best for Crocheting
Original Skip-Stitch Blade Rotary Cutter
  • Deal for fabric and pattern layout
  • Height adjusts between 29-in to 38-in
  • Easy to fold and move
Best for Paper Craft
Olfa Perforation Cutter
  • Can cut through paper, paper-based sheets, vinyl, etc.
  • Protective shield covers the blade when not in use
  • Makes 7 sharp perforations per inch
Good Cheap
Olfa Rotary Cutter RTY-2/G
  • Highly affordable multipurpose rotary cutter
  • Requires very less pressure to cut through fabrics and paper
  • Can cut a wide range of materials including leather, wool, and felt
Why Use a Rotary Cutter?

One of the most useful tools in the field of sewing is a rotary cutter. Don’t believe us? Then just imagine this simple scenario where you want to cut a piece of cloth into half.

The wise thing to do is to equally divide it into two using a scale and then draw a line using a sewing chalk. But how will you cut it?

A tailor’s knife can come in handy but how will you do it if you don’t have a helping hand? A knife makes sense if you can hold the fabric tight while you cut through the marked line. But what if you want precision and don’t have an assistant?

The answer is a rotary cutter, a nifty handheld cutting tool that you can use to easily cut all types of fabric and paper. It does not need any type of external support and can be the answer to all your cutting needs.

Best Rotary Cutters of 2024 Reviews

Go ahead and explore to find your pick. Skim through the rotary cutter reviews, pros and cons, and the final verdicts for each model to get a clearer picture.

Don’t forget to take a look at the tips drafted by our in-house testers and researchers.

1 – Olfa Deluxe Handle Rotary Cutter

Just like Brother and Janome, the legendary Japanese sewing machine brands, Olfa is a renowned brand for blades and cutters.

Top Pick
Olfa Deluxe Handle Rotary Cutter
Olfa Deluxe Handle Rotary Cutter Best Rotary Cutter For Fabric
9.8 Outstanding

Cutter Highlights

  • Can cut through 6 layers of fabric with its ultra-sharp tungsten blade
  • Dual-action safety lock to prevent cutting accidents when not in use and when kept inside a toolbox
  • Blade can be switched for decorative edging such as pinking or waving

Available Sizes

  • 45mm (popular size)
  • 45mm bundle (with decorative blades)
  • 60mm

Rotary Cutter Review

With its ultra-sharp tungsten blade and evolved handle ergonomics that aid in cutting, this Olfa 45mm rotary cutter takes the first place on our list.

The RB-45 blade (also available in 60mm size) is effortlessly sharp to cut through most types of fabrics. With cotton – one of the most common in sewing – it can go through six layers like knife on butter.

Other common materials are paper, vinyl, tarp, upholstery, fleece, and felt. It cuts right through without a strain.

But you should note that continuous usage on hard materials like rugs can dull the blade quickly.

Holding this tool is a joy in itself. In addition to the squeeze handle lock, it also boasts of an anti-slip grip, a changeable blade side (for left-handed users), and dual lock so that you can securely stash it in your toolkit after use.

So much thought has gone into its design, holding and working with an Olfa manual cutter never is a stressful task. You hold it, draw against the fabric, and it gives you the desired cut.

Also notable is its ability to use decorative blades for pinking (PIB-45), scallop/peak (SCB-45), and waving (WAB-45). Replacing the blades is easy and you can use it as an all-in-one cutter.

There’s absolutely no question it is the best quality rotary cutter for crafting.

  • Ultra-sharp blade can cut through 6 layers of fabric
  • Dual-action safety lock (for safe storage)
  • Squeeze handle (for automatic blade snap-off) with anti-slip grip

  • Blade tends to get dull quickly while cutting foam core and felt


Olfa is credited with the invention of the world’s first rotary cutter. So, when you are buying an Olfa cutter for sewing you know you are getting the best. This model right here is an example.


  • We recommend using a self-healing cutting mat while cutting any type of fabric using a rotary cutter
  • While using a cutter, you should always cut away from the body (e.g.: on a table, you should start cutting from bottom to upwards) (more tips in the buying guide below)
  • Olfa provides a limited lifetime warranty from manufacturing defects.

2 – Fiskars Classic Comfort Loop Rotary Cutter

The oldest manufacturing company of Finland, Fiskars is known for its precision sewing tools and craft supplies. It’s been around since the mid-seventeenth century. That’s a pretty big deal.

Fiskars Classic Comfort Loop - Best Value Rotary Cutter
Fiskars Classic Comfort Loop Rotary Cutter

Cutter Highlights

  • Designed for cutting through fabrics like cotton, silk, and nylon
  • Slide switch prevents cutting accidents and allows for easy storage
  • Best rotary cutter for quilting

Available Size

  • 45mm only

Rotary Cutter Review

Most of us only just want a rotary cutter that cuts right through fabrics without a hitch. This top-rated rotary cutter for fabric is equipped with a high-grade steel blade that can slice most fabrics.

And for those special cases, it can also incise through felt and vinyl.

Other than the soft corners and palpable design that is just calm on the eyes, it is also made for easy handling. The loop-like handle is one of the best we have tested as it grips into your palm and makes cutting a lot easier and a less stressful task.

The sliding button is another feature that we love where the blade moves outward as you push the switch (the blade locks until you press the button).

And when you are done with the cutting, just press the button with your thumb and the blade retracts. This might feel like a routine feature but where Fiskars gets it right is the placement of the buttons. It’s easy, quick, and a highly productive mechanism.

All in all, it’s a fine little tool that gives great value for your spent money. Once you get accustomed to using it, it will be a long time before you start looking for a replacement.

It also has a limited lifetime warranty. (Confused what a limited warranty is? Here’s an explanation by FindLaw.)

  • Slide switch is handy to avoid accidental cuts
  • Super sharp steel blade that cuts through most fabrics
  • Cool design and looks
  • Blade can be switched according to the dominant hand of the user

  • The cutter tends to run while cutting some fabrics due to the low weight


This Fiskars rotary cutter is a simple cutting tool for all your sewing and quilting needs with a nice sharp blade, easy handle design, and a thoughtful blade switch. Perfect for beginners and advanced users alike.


Some users have reported a difference in products shipped through online e-commerce platforms. Therefore, we recommend verifying the model before purchasing.

3 – Martelli Ergo 2000 Rotary Cutter

Martelli Enterprises is one of the leaders in the stationery business founded by a husband-wife couple and existing in the space for more than 20 years now.

Its ergonomic rotary cutter is perhaps the most distinctive-looking and comfortable cutting tool we have used so far.

Most Comfortable Cutter: Martelli Ergo Rotary Cutter
Most Comfortable Cutter: Martelli Ergo Rotary Cutter

Cutter Highlights

  • Spring-loaded guard for extra safety
  • Available for both left- and right-handed persons

Available Size

  • 45mm
  • 60mm

Rotary Cutter Review

We have already covered a focus cutter for arthritic users below (#13) but what makes Martelli slightly a better producer is its ergonomic design. The grippy handle cushions perfectly around your palm, giving you more control over the cutting.

We still believe that fabric and craft cutting require a bit of a skill on the part of the artists i.e. you. With Martelli Ergo Cutter, you have a real companion that complements your efforts.

With this ergonomic rotary cutter, you can easily manoeuvre over any type of fabric such as cotton, nylon, or even cardboard.

The brand claims that it can cut through 15 layers of fabric, so we tested it out. And it’s true because the sharp blade (giving Olfa a good competition) was able to cut through several layers of knitted cotton. It can also slice through leather, suede, thermocol, and even upholstery fabric.

Another highlight of this cutter for arthritic users is its spring-loaded guard that adds to the safety of the tool while you are in the process of cutting. It not only holds tight in the natural grip position of your hand but also provides safety. What more do you need from a rotary cutter?

The blade cavity is made of brittle plastic and the blade replacement is slightly different from how it is generally for other brands like Olfa and Fiskars. But once you get used to the tool, it will be difficult to go back to another one. That’s the power of Martelli products: they turn you into loyalist with their user-friendly and user-intuitive design.

  • Can cut through 15 layers of fabric and paper-based materials
  • Suitable for users with arthritis, tendonitis, and carpal tunnel
  • Prevents hand fatigue

  • Outer body made of brittle material
  • Blade replacement is slightly complex


If you have limitations in how you can move your hands and fingers but still require to use a rotary cutter for your profession, this Martelli Ergo cutter should be your top priority. No question about its ergonomic and cutting qualities.


There is a right way to use this Martelli rotary cutter: you have to grab the handle entirely around your palm and then pull away from your body (on the cutting mat/table) to achieve the best results.

This playlist by Martelli has some amazing how-to videos that demonstrate the best way to:

  • Use your rotary cutter
  • Assemble it
  • Change the spring
  • Replace the blade safely and properly

4 – Fiskars Crafts Titanium Rotary Cutter

Another great product by Fiskars, this one is intended for crafters and quilters.

Fiskars Crafts Titanium - Best Rotary Cutter for Crafters
Fiskars Crafts Titanium Rotary Cutter

Cutter Highlights

  • 60mm titanium blade is perfect for crafting to cut through cardboard and other hard materials
  • Slide switch allows for easy blade extension and retraction; safer than models with non-sliding blade

Available Size

  • 60mm only

Rotary Cutter Review

If you are a professional crafter you know that a 45mm steel rotary cutter won’t be enough to cut a one-inch cardboard piece. For that, you’ll need a wider and sharper blade.

This Fiskars model is the right one for you then, wide and sharp enough to cut through all types of craft materials including foam and thermocol.

What’s more?

Its blade is made up of titanium placed on a container that exposes ¼” while cutting. This gives it a higher edge over the material being cut. Plus, the slide switch as seen in the above model (rank #2) comes in handy to switch the blade on and off.

In our tests, the cutter was able to cut through 3 to 4 layers of batting. And for good measure, more than 8 layers of cotton. This means that if you are both a crafter and sewer, getting this will be a wise choice. Especially if you are looking for the best rotary cutter for crafting.

  • Slide switch that helps in avoiding accidental cuts
  • Sharp tungsten blade; can cut through 3 layers of batting

  • Blade will require frequent sharpening in case of daily craft use


Fiskars Crafts Titanium rotary cutter for all your crafting needs. It doesn’t get any better or efficient than this. Buy now!


Since crafting cutter blade tends to go dull quickly, they will require frequent sharpening. This can be carried out at any nearby sewing supplies shop. Or you can get in touch with Fiskars for a replacement for this model.

5 – Fiskars Heavy-Duty Comfort Loop Rotary Cutter

If there is one thing that can test the sharpness and strength of a rotary blade then it is the ability to slit leather. This one passes that test with flying colors.

Best Rotary Cutter for Leather: Fiskars Heavy-Duty Rotary Cutter
Fiskars Heavy-Duty Rotary Cutter for Leather

Cutter Highlights

  • Long diameter of 65mm for deeper cuts
  • Slide button to switch on and off the blade

Available Sizes

  • 65mm
  • 60mm

Rotary Cutter Review

Leather is tough to cut. And when you’re creating a piece of upholstery or handmade footwear using a raw leather sheet, it can be even more demanding.

You also do not get the sheets in the same size. To tackle such very hard materials, you need a real beast. This Fiskars comfort loop rotary cutter with a 65mm diameter is the first option to get that job done.

It has the default functions present in most Fiskars: slide switch to prevent accidents, ergonomic handle with a gripper and loop design, and strong build to help you cut through most materials.

It is the toughest ergonomic rotary cutter on this list so far, so you know it can pierce through even the most stubborn of materials.

  • Ultra-sharp tungsten blade for perfect, quick rips
  • Slide switch for better blade handling
  • Loop-handle improves control while dealing with hard materials

  • None


To tackle leather, you need a heavy-duty blade attached to a tough handle. This Fiskars heavy-duty model checks both and qualifies as the best rotary cutter for leather.

6 – Olfa Splash Rotary Cutter

Olfa to the rescue for people who are going to get their first-ever rotary cutter. So, better to go with the budget model like this.

Olfa RTY-2/C - Best Budget Rotary Cutter for Quilting
Olfa RTY-2/C Splash Rotary Cutter

Cutter Highlights

  • Sharp blade; can cut through six layers of thin materials
  • Available in colorful variants (aqua, navy, pink, purple, etc.)

Available Size

  • 45mm

Rotary Cutter Review

The slight difference between the Olfa Splash rotary cutter and the first one on this list (rank #1) is the placement of the blade.

Here, the top is straight across the handle, which will require you to hold the cutter vertically against the material. A sharp, uniformed cut can very well be expected, but what is more interesting are the grooves on the handle. They prevent your fingers from slipping into the blade. And that’s all you need to know about this model.

The blade is the same 45mm that comes with all Olfa models. It’s sturdy, sharp enough to cut through most fabrics and paper-based materials.

It’s also a good rotary cutter for vinyl and to show off as your first. The vibrant colors and soft aesthetics are sure to catch the eye of the beholder. Especially if you create your own videos and upload it on the web for your followers.

  • Can cut through 6 layers of fabric
  • Grooved handle top to avoid slipping fingers for cutting

  • The straight body design may require lots of wrist turns while cutting


There’s no other rotary cutter in the market that is as budget-friendly, robust, and sweet-looking as this Olfa RTY-2/C model, also recognized as the best for quilting. Go for it!

7 – Olfa Deluxe Rotary Cutter

Another great rotary cutter from Olfa suitable for all types of users.

Olfa Deluxe Rotary Cutter
Olfa Deluxe Rotary Cutter

Cutter Highlights

  • Squeeze handle to switch on and off the blade with ease
  • The sharp blade can cut through 8 layers of fabric

Available Sizes

  • 45mm
  • 60mm

Rotary Cutter Review

Joining the family of exemplary rotary cutters by Olfa, this one here is a nifty little tool that can be operated by anyone. It’s a straightforward tool with two distinct features. One is the clever handle design with a squeeze lever that extends the blade for use.

When the job is done, you can press the button on the handle to retract the blade.

In our opinion and years of experience, this is a lot easier than the slide switch. This is the real ergonomics that we talk about, which is just great for cutting.

Second is the high-grade, tungsten carbide blade that it comes with. There is simply no comparison for the blades that Olfa manufactures. Leather, Kevlar, rubber – throw any material at the 60mm variant and you will see swift, straight, and fine cutting. That promise is enough to make a quilter’s life easier.

  • Vary sharp tungsten carbide blade; can cut through 8 layers of fabric
  • Decorative edging blades can be easily attached
  • Squeeze handle is easier to operate
  • Blade can be switched for left-handed and right-handed persons

  • None


The upside of this Olfa Deluxe rotary cutter is that it is easy to use and operate, making it a good choice for first-time buyers. Buy now!


If you frequently work with hard materials like rubber and leather, we recommend getting a rotary blade sharpener. It will be a lot more economical than going for replacements.

8 – Omnigrid 45mm Pressure Sensitive Safety Rotary Cutter

Next on our list is the safest rotary cutter. One that is designed with all the extra precautions.

Omnigrid 45mm Rotary Cutter - Safest Rotary Cutter
Omnigrid 45mm Pressure Sensitive Safety Rotary Cutter

Cutter Highlights

  • No adjustments required for ambidextrous use
  • The blade automatically switches back to position when not in use

Available Size

  • 45mm

Rotary Cutter Review

Omnigrid is another great sewing tool brand that is known for its simple and effective craft tools.

A perfect example is this handheld rotary cutter that is equipped with a soft, cushiony handle for a comfortable grip and a sharp enough blade that is affixed on top of the handle.

Our favorite part of this Omnigrid rotary cutter is that it does not require any adjustments. Just extend the blade, hold it straight across any fabric, and make a cut.

You don’t have to switch the side depending upon your dominant hand. This makes it better for ambidextrous users i.e. those who can use both hands for several tasks (often at the same time).

Designed for fabric, it is a no-nonsense tool that is budget-friendly, easy to use, safe, and above all, gets the job done.

  • Better grip with a cushioned outer cover on the handle
  • No adjustments required to switch the blade for left-handed users

  • Not suitable for hard materials


A good rotary cutter for crafting and sewing, Omnigrid Rotary Cutter is as straightforward as it can get. No hard squeeze handles or slide switches; just basic mechanism to cut fabric. Perfect for ambidextrous people.


  • If you are looking for craft, sewing, and quilting ideas, Omnigrid manages a blog for its Dritz brand that has some fabulous tips, tutorials, and walkthroughs. Check it out here
  • Omnigrid also has a handy rotary cutter basics guide (PDF) on their website that may be useful to beginners.

9 – Original Skip-Stitch Blade Rotary Cutter

Skip-Stitch is the pioneering brand that introduced skip-stitch blades to the world. And this here is their most popular: the best rotary cutter for crochet edging.

Original Rotary Cutter - Best Rotary Cutter for Crocheting
Original Skip-Stitch Blade Rotary Cutter for Crocheting

Cutter Highlights

  • Can add perforations of 3/8 inch to any fabric
  • Suitable for crocheting, over-edge finishing, quilting

Available Size

  • 45mm only

Rotary Cutter Review

This is more of a finishing cutter used for crocheting and over-edge decorative purposes than only for cutting fabric.

It does an extraordinary job at that, giving perforated holes on any fabric that you throw at it: vinyl, felt, even soft foam. Holes from the skip-stitch blade are created at intervals of 3/8 inch.

Need to finish a pair of handkerchiefs for your two nieces when they visit next? Using the Skip-Stitch rotary blade for getting equally spaced perforations and then begin your decoration.

The cutting blade that it comes with is sharp and sturdy enough to cut through 6 layers of fabric. But avoid putting too much pressure on the tool as we found that handle is made up of average quality plastic.

It’s a great tool for making fleece blankets, handkerchiefs, table cloths, and decorative fabrics for home improvement. The blades are sharp and long-lasting.

  • Finishing tool with sharp point blade for equally-spaced perforations
  • Soft handle with a blade switch

  • The handle is made of average quality


A useful tool for DIYers and professionals alike, this Skip-Stitch Blade Rotary Cutter can act as a valuable entity in your sewing kit for crocheting purposes. A solid cutter for perforation and regular cutting.


We recommend using this cutter only for light materials as the skip-stitch blade tends to go dull faster than a regular cutting blade.

10 – Olfa Perforation Cutter

Another great cutter model by Olfa for papercraft.

Olfa Perforation Cutter - Best Rotary Cutter for Paper Craft
Olfa Perforation Cutter for Paper Craft

Cutter Highlights

  • Safety, protective guard automatically covers the blade when not in use
  • Makes 7 perforations per inch

Available Sizes

  • 28mm perforation blade
  • 28mm cutting blade

Rotary Cutter Review

Sit down with your kids to assist them in craftwork? Need a reliable and safe cutter? You have reached your destination on this list.

Equipped with a 28mm perforation blade (a cutting blade of the same size can also be assembled), this handheld rotary cutter by Olfa satisfies all your craft cutting needs.

From creating perforations on a wrapping paper to creating a seam for an art project, this perforator will take care of them both. It also has a cutting blade (same diameter) which can be replaced easily.

Olfa Perforation Cutter - Best Rotary Cutter for Paper Craft

The perforations are 7 cavities an inch – where the cavities are larger than the non-cut area. All types of craft materials like paper, origami paper, and vinyl can be cut using this Olfa tool.

The protective shield that covers the blade protects your fingers from cutting. It is especially significant in this tool as it makes it kid-friendly. You and your kids (above the age of 5) can easily handle this tool.

This perforation rotary cutter can also be used for ticket-making where you want to perforate a sheet of paper that can be torn off and used as tickets.

It massively reduces the time needed to do so otherwise, making it a great addition to your home toolkit.

  • Capable of slicing through all types of craft papers
  • Can be used by both left-handed and right-handed people
  • Protective shield increase safety

  • The perforated holes are larger than the areas that are not cut


A safe and easy-to-use craft rotary cutter, this Olfa Perforation Cutter is amazingly affordable and long-lasting. For beginners and professional craftsmen alike, this tool can be a life savior and a timesaver.

11 – Olfa Rotary Cutter RTY-2/G

A multipurpose cutter that gives complete bang for your buck.

Good Cheap Olfa Rotary Cutter RTY-2/G
Good Cheap Olfa Rotary Cutter RTY-2/G

Cutter Highlights

  • Can cut through all types of fabrics, paper, and leather
  • Has a strong grip to prevent hand fatigue

Available Size

  • 45mm only

Rotary Cutter Review

Sometimes you just need a rotary cutter that comes handy for all purposes. Want to cut a ½ inch hole on a tank top for your art experiment? Get this cutter. Want to cut a leather upholstery to tweak around in your car’s interior. Be its guest.

This most reliable rotary cutter by Olfa is capable of doing most cutting at a price that will make you hit the ‘Buy’ button right now.

One of the cheapest cutter models on this list, it is equipped with a 45mm sharp blade that is easy to assemble and replace.

Both left- and right-handed people can use it without wasting any time on the adjustment. You just need about 20 seconds to do it safely. (We checked.)

More than that, it is the ergonomic handle and the safety lock that we love on this cutter, making it friendly for kids and adults alike. All of this makes this a handy tool to have in your home toolkit for all members to use.

  • Superior handle grip for less hand fatigue
  • Multipurpose usage across materials such as paper, cardboard, cloth, fleece, felt, suede, leather, and wallpaper

  • The blade holder is made of inferior-quality plastic


Need to get a small rotary cutter for everyday use for the entire family? Or a cutting tool for your tailoring/boutique shop in the city? Olfa RTY-2/G is the one you need to put your money on. It’s very cheap and very good.

12 – Gingher Rotary Cutter

Gingher is a sub-brand of Fiskars and has been around for more than 70 years, with a focus on the textile industry. This model here is best for vinyl cutting.

Gingher 45mm Rotary Cutter Review
Gingher 45mm Rotary Cutter

Cutter Highlights

  • Excellent metal handle makes it heavy and apt for vinyl cutting
  • Automatic blade retraction (handle squeeze lock)
  • Comes with a storage case; perfect for gifts

Available Sizes

  • 45mm
  • Left-handed or right-handed

Rotary Cutter Review

While general-purpose cutters are great to have at home, sometimes you need a specialist. This one from Gingher is that kind of a fabric rotary cutter intended for vinyl and other upholstery cutting.

What makes it so different is the heavy handle and an ultra-sharp blade that can easily slice through fabrics thicker than a few inches.

We would like to highlight the metal handle more than anything. Not just for the suave looks, it also helps in the cutting process and you just put little pressure over the handle to get the desired cut.

Although some users have reported that the Gingher blade tends to skip if you fumble with the pressure, it is sharp enough for serious cutting. Just make sure you keep it in a slanting position to get the best results.

The automatic blade retraction, the thumb-activated lock for keeping the blade in on/off position for a longer time, and the beautiful little storage care together make this a good quality rotary cutter by Gingher.

  • Super sharp 45mm blade for vinyl cutting
  • Heavy metal handle for superior cutting experience
  • Automatic blade retraction
  • Thumb-activated blade lock

  • The complementary blade tends to skip sometimes


If you are a professional working in the textile industry and tend to carry out a lot of work at home or in your store, this is the cutter to get. Apart from being a great tool, Gingher Rotary Cutter gives you bragging rights. Just look at it!


  • The model is either left- or right-handed. So, users must check the model before buying
  • Keeping the blade at a slanting position will give the best results
  • Gingher recommends cleaning the blade periodically to avoid flint accumulation.

13 – Fiskars Adjustable Rotary Cutter

Fiskars has upped the ante (for its competition with Olfa) with this mindful model that is the best rotary cutter for people with arthritis.

Fiskars Adjustable Rotary Cutter - Good Rotary Cutter for Arthritis
Fiskars Adjustable Rotary Cutter

Cutter Highlights

  • Has three-positioned handle suitable cutter for people with arthritis or wrist movement limitations
  • Softer grip makes the handling easy and stress-free

Available Size

  • 45mm only

Rotary Cutter Review

One of the key abilities of a rotary cutter is the ergonomic quality of its handle. This adjustable rotary cutter by Fiskars is built on that concept where the handle pivots in 3-4 different positions to assist in the cutting process. Following are the positions and how it can help you:

  • Classic stick for the regular operation – the cutter moves from bottom to top through a straight line
  • Power position – for added pressure when you want to cut through harder materials like rubber or leather
  • Ergonomic left/right – Eases the stress on your wrist as very low pressure is required to move the cutter. This position is preferred for people with wrist movement limitations
Fiskars Adjustable Rotary Cutter - Good Rotary Cutter for Arthritis
Fiskars Adjustable Rotary Cutter for Arthritis

Other than the pivot highlight, this one also has a very soft handle (which again works better if you don’t want to strain your wrist).

The only downside that we see in this model is that it will take some time for you to get used to its working. The handle can seem difficult at first, but as you continue to use it, its great benefits will show up.

  • Pivot handle for multiple positioning (extra wrist care)
  • Softer handle further eases the handling

  • The handle can make you feel uneasy at first due to the complex handle


If you have arthritis there is nothing more to think about than to spend your good money on this equally sharp and reliable rotary cutter. Fiskars Adjustable Rotary Cutter is easy on the wrist, comes with the Fiskars guarantee, and will last you for years.


The blade replacement on this model can be tricky. We recommend going through the user manual carefully for this purpose.

14 – Nicapa Rotary Cutter

More popular for its cutting mats, Nicapa is a Chinese brand that produces all types of sewing and quilting tools. This one here is an ergonomic rotary cutter with a stylish and comfortable handle.

 Nicapa Rotary Cutter - An Ergonomic Rotary Cutter
Nicapa Rotary Cutter

Cutter Highlights

  • Loop handle is ergonomic and smooth to aid in cutting
  • Can cut through all types of materials
  • Blade lock switch and protective covering

Available Size

  • 45mm only

Rotary Cutter Review

This generic rotary cutter model is suitable for all types of materials but we recommend it for quilting purposes. Why?

Because of its loop-handle that feels like you are not holding anything. Even when you handle multiple fabrics or change between them, it will snugly stay around your palms ready for any cutting.

Preventing any accidents during such activity are two things that are a default feature in most good-quality cutters:

  • The upper side of the blade section is covered so that your fingers do not accidentally slip and fall over it. This is fantastic designing because such slippage happens frequently, especially when you’re in a hurry
  • The safety lock holds the blade in ON or OFF position for storage and safety purposes

Other than these two features, what we also love about this affordable rotary cutter for quilting is that it comes with 5 extra blades. This is a great benefit if you own a shop and need to replace blades more frequently.

  • Loop-handle for added comfort
  • Blade covering and switch
  • Usable by both left-handed and right-handed people

  • Nicapa’s customer service is not very active in the US


A sharp tool for precision cutting across fabrics, this Nicapa cutter will make your quilting work a lot easier. It’s easy to use and will last for years without the need to spend extra on new blades.

15 – Arteza Quilting Rotary Cutter

A safe rotary cutter by Arteza that is great for quilters and sewers thanks to its complementary set of 5 extra blades.

Arteza Quilting Rotary Cutter for Quilters and Sewers
Arteza Quilting Rotary Cutter for Quilters and Sewers

Cutter Highlights

  • Comes with extra 5 blades
  • Super sharp SKS-7 tungsten steel blade (that will fit any cutter)

Available Size

  • 45mm only

Rotary Cutter Review

This is a solid rotary cutter with a super sharp tungsten steel blade and a soft yet firm grip handle. It looks like an engineering tool (with its red and black color combination) which exudes robustness, giving you a feeling that you are holding a strong precision tool.

For its toughness, it also has a protective blade guard and a slider to hold the blade in ON or OFF position for a longer time. Operating it feels like using a beer bottle opener; just add 3x strength to it.

We used this tool on a variety of fabrics such as cotton sheets, vinyl, and felt to test its sharpness and it cut through them easily.

Heavier materials like suede took some more pressure but it managed to slice through it as well. (Arteza claims that it will work on thick foam, carpet, and nylon too.)

But use it on such thick materials every day and you are bound to deaden the sharpness. There is no need to worry, though, because this Arteza model also comes with 6 replaceable blades. And it takes less than a minute to do so.

Overall, a must-have handy tool for sewers and quilters that gives complete value for your money.

  • Protective guard and slider switch
  • Sharp tungsten steel blade that cuts through most textile fabrics
  • Soft, firm grip

  • The handle is made up of plastic which may not last for long if used roughly


Arteza is an underdog in the field of rotary cutter brands but it is founded by an independent designer Carolina Arevalo, just like most of you. So, give indie products a cheer by buying this great rotary cutter for sewers and quilters.


  • Arteza has a very nice Pinterest profile with several boards for DIY ideas. Check it out here.
  • The brand also recommends getting a ruler, a cutting mat, adhesive rings, and pattern weights to aid in your sewing projects.

16 – Cricut Rotary Cutter

Last on our list, as you may have guessed, is the most affordable rotary cutter. By none other than the American smart devices manufacturer Cricut.

Cricut Rotary Cutter - An Affordable Rotary Cutter
Cricut Rotary Cutter

Cutter Highlights

  • Carbon alloy sharp blade
  • Symmetrical handle with slider and hold button

Available Sizes

  • 45mm
  • 60mm
  • Kit (with Cricut mat and ruler)

Rotary Cutter Review

At first look, this Cricut rotary cutter looks like an electric tool. Sadly, it is not because we were so excited too. It is manually operated but is still a pleasure to own and use. Here’s why.

Equipped with a carbon alloy blade that is as powerful as blades can get, this light rotary cutter for fabric can slice through most types of fabric and craft sheets.

The symmetrical hand is a godsend because both left-handed and right-handed people can use it. Even better for an ambidextrous multitasker who needs to switch between hands for better productivity.

Cricut Rotary Cutter For Fabric
Cricut Rotary Cutter For Fabric

While there is no guard (but the blade sits on a ring so chances of your fingers touching the edge are low), the slider button for extending and retracting the blade is handy.

Unfortunately, the hold button is placed in the middle of the handle which can be accidentally pressed while you are in the middle of cutting. Save for this minor drawback, we didn’t see any problem whatsoever especially when you consider its low price.

  • Carbon alloy blade ensures crisp and clean cuts
  • Symmetrical handle for ambidextrous people
  • Aesthetic pleasing tool for designers and YouTubers

  • The lock button’s placement is problematic as it can cause accidental switching in the middle of a cutting


For a startup competing with behemoths like Olfa and Fiskars, Cricut Rotary Cutter does the job at almost half the price of its popular contemporaries.

Put your money on this underdog and own yourself a cool and powerful tool. If you own a YouTube channel to showcase your talent for quilting, sewing, and crafting, this is the cutter to get.


Cricut has a fine little blog for beginners where you can learn all the basics and DIY tricks of crafting, sewing, and quilting. Visit the blog here.

Rotary Cutter Buying Guide

A few questions answered for our readers who are just starting out with their art. These answers to the frequently asked questions about rotary cutters will give you a fair idea about the tool and its correct and safe usage.

What is a Rotary Cutter?

A rotary cutter is a handheld cutting tool involving a circular blade and a slender handle. It is used to cut or slice different types of fabrics, textiles, and craft sheets. A rotary cutter can be manually operated or automatic. All the 15 models reviewed above are of the former type.

Such a cutter is used by sewers, tailors, quilters, in crocheting and art and craftwork. Considered a must-have tool amongst beginners and professionals alike, it is primarily used for the following tasks:

  • Slicing a sheet of cloth into small parts
  • Slicing a perfect hole (of any size) on a piece of fabric (e.g.: a cotton cloth to make a t-shirt)
  • Cutting through an upholstery material such as vinyl to create table cloths and car seat covers
  • Creating perforations in a piece of fabric for crocheting and quilting (this requires a special type of blade)
  • A few popular types of blades: perforation, pinking, waving, scalloping, and others

What is a rotary cutter used for

The applications of a rotary cutter can be many, which is why most models reviewed above are general-purpose. It can also act as a handy tool for household cutting purposes.

However, there are specialist tools available as well. For example, the Fiskars cutter (#4) and the Skip-Stitch one (#8) are used for leather cutting and crocheting purposes respectively.

Some of the most common materials that a rotary cutter is used on are:

  • Sewing or quilting – cotton, nylon, felt, suede, leather, batting, foam, vinyl
  • Craft – paper, cardboard, card paper, thermocol, plastic, fiber sheet, thin plywood

Along with an architect’s ruler, a self-healing cutting mat, and scissors, a rotary cutter is considered an essential part of any toolkit.

How to Use a Rotary Cutter?

The right way to use a rotary cutter is fairly simple:

  1. Hold the cutter by the handle with your dominant hand
  2. Press the squeeze handle or top switch to extend the blade out of its container (most cutters have this function)
  3. Keep the blade on the starting point, put mild pressure, and cut through a line (drawn on the fabric/paper) going away from your body. If you’re working on a desk, this is usually from bottom to top
  4. If you need the blade to be exposed for longer, some cutters (like the #1 Olfa cutter on this list) have hold buttons. This is extremely helpful both during cutting and storage

When all the cutting is done, you can safely retract the blade and put it aside. We recommend storing it in your toolkit box or on the cutter’s own storage case. The Gingher model above (#11) is a perfect choice that comes with its own cute case.

This is the only way. Experimenting with other methods can be risky as cutter blades are very sharp.

As noted above in one of the reviews, a self-healing cutting mat is highly recommended to avoid scratches and cuts on your working table.

How to Choose the Ideal Rotary Cutter?

The right rotary cutter for you will not only get the job done but will also be easy to use and save you some time. In that regard, here are the top parameters to consider:

  • Blade quality – While we all look for the sharpest blade, the focus should also be on the type of material used to make it. Tungsten steel is the most common, followed by high-grade alloys and basic steel. You don’t want the blade to rust so anything with copper or iron in it is not recommended. The design of the blade – where it is slimmest on the edges and thick at the center – must also be considered
  • Blade guard – A simple need but something that can save you from cutting your fingers. It is a plastic/fiber guard that protects your fingers in case of slippage while cutting
  • Handle quality (grip) – A soft, shredded grip is preferred with a solid encapsulation. Since you also need to apply some pressure to work through thick materials, the handle should be made of good quality material. If you don’t want to put much strain on your wrists, you can also check out cutters with pivots (Fiskars cutter, #13; Martelli cutter, #3)
  • Blade switches – Two types – one that extends/retracts the blade from its covering/guard and the second to hold it in that position for longer. A good rotary cutter will have both these functions and will be strategically placed on the handle
  • Blade replacement – Replacing the blade must be a minute job and should not involve loose screws that tend to loosen in the middle of cutting
  • Blade diameter – While 45mm is the common length, 60mm is also available which are mostly used for thicker materials. A quick rule of thumb: 45mm for cutting holes and slicing on thin materials; 60mm+ for thicker materials
  • Miscellaneous – Anything above and beyond these five functions is an added feature. It can be a storage case, extra blades, ability to put blades of any brand, superior customer support, and multiple handle positions.

We have already pointed out the specialties of some of the cutters we reviewed. If you’re looking for a general-purpose cutter, checking against the above parameters is enough.

How to Use a Rotary Cutter

Which are the Best Rotary Cutter Brands?

As we have already seen above, Olfa and Fiskars are the leading rotary cutter brands. As manufacturers of complete sewing and craft supplies and tools, they are reliable, bleeding edge, and effective.

While Olfa is credited with inventing the rotary cutter and the first snap-off blade, Fiskars is the oldest brand featured here. Their products have been trusted in the United States and elsewhere around the world for decades. So, if you are looking for a safe purchase, going with either of the brands will be a good idea.

Underdogs like Omnigrid, Nicapa, Arteza, and Cricut add some more tang to their products to stand apart from the competition. And some of their products – as reviewed above – are excellent. They give the incumbents (like the Olfa RTY-2/C cutter) a good run for their money.

Skip-Stitch is another classic brand that is best known for its perforation cutter. So, if that is your biggest requirement, you can buy it blindly.

But if you were to ask us the best brand currently in the US rotary cutter market, we’d probably tie it off between Olfa and Fiskars. But most of our testers seem to have a soft corner for Olfa. Much like most of our readers. What about you?

Where to Buy a Rotary Cutter?

The best place to buy a rotary cutter is through online portals like because you can enjoy great discounts, offers, and hassle-free returns if needed.

Also, in the current situation where the COVID-19 outbreak has seen people stay indoors, online shopping is the best course.

Compared to brands’ own websites, offers lower prices and easy returns. So, in case you are not satisfied with your first choice, you can still return it and get another one from this list.


We know that’s a very detailed rotary cutter buying guide and reviews for you. But when we talk about an essential tool like a rotary cutter, we thought of covering each and every aspect. We hope this information has or will help you find the best sewing rotary cutter.

Top Pick
Olfa Deluxe Handle Rotary Cutter
Olfa Deluxe Handle Rotary Cutter Best Rotary Cutter For Fabric
9.8 Outstanding

If you are a first-time user, we recommend going through the buying guide before exploring the reviews. But, in case you are low on time and need to finalize on a model quickly, here’s what we think are the best three:

  • Olfa Deluxe Handle (#1) – for the classic cutting with an excellent blade, ergonomic handle, and snappy switches
  • Martelli Ergo 2000 (#3) – available in both left- and right-hand versions, this is an ergonomic rotary cutter for people with arthritis and carpal tunnel
  • Fiskars Heavy-Duty (#4) – for all types of materials plus the loop handle that is a real pleasure to hold and work with. Sewers with long working hours? This is one of the best rotary cutters
  • Omnigrid Pressure Sensitive (#7) – when you need safety above everything else; great for ambidextrous people

Which rotary cutter do you think is the best? Which one did you buy? Which ones do you already own? Let us know in the comments.

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