Best Sewing Tables and Cabinets

Best Sewing Tables and Cabinets 2020

Whether you are a sewing expert or just starting to sew, having a suitable table in your sewing room brings a lot of benefits. Even though it seems that any normal table could do, the reality is that they are not comfortable for working. Specialized sewing cabinets and tables help … Read more

Basic Quilting Techniques for Beginners

Basic Quilting Techniques for Beginners

For many people who love sewing, the next step is usually to learn quilting. After all, who wouldn’t want to have the expertise to create colorful warm cozy quilts. They are one of the most popular gifts and usually end up being one of those family heirlooms people pass on … Read more

Necessary Tools for Beginner Quilters

Necessary Tools for Beginner Quilters

Have you always wanted to try out quilting but have no idea where to start? If for the life of you, you don’t even know what supplies to get, then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will find all the supplies you need to make … Read more

Best sewing machine for beginners

Best Sewing Machines For Beginners 2020

Finding the perfect sewing machine can be intimidating, especially when there are so many types, brands, and models. Machines that come with zillions of features, attachments, accessories that initially don’t make sense. And it can be slightly more difficult if you are a beginner who just wants to own an … Read more

Best Fabric Cutting Tables for Sewing

Best Fabric Cutting Tables for Sewing

If you like sewing, then you know that one of the most important things for the end result to be flawless is the process of cutting. Even though this might seem to be as simple as just grabbing a pair of scissors and just do it, it is not an … Read more

Best Sewing Machine for Home Use

Best Sewing Machines for Home Use 2020

Whether you are a beginner or a fashion designer, having a good sewing machine is necessary for improving your sewing skill set. However, one does not need to strain their legs with a traditional sewing machine for this purpose. With the evolving modern technology, home sewing machines have gained several … Read more

How to Store Your Sewing Patterns

Amazing Storage Ideas For Your Sewing Patterns

With the rapid increase in patterns and new designs in the fashion industry, it’s no surprise that most of us have a lot of hidden patterns in our closets that we are yet to explore. This leads to questions on how to store our stash of patterns. The questions many … Read more

How to Teach Kids to Sew

How to Teach and Motivate Your Kids to Sew

Sewing is a very interesting and creative craft to take on for everyone including children. It can serve as an avenue for parents to bond with their children. Different forms of sewing can be learned by children according to their ages until they get accustomed to the craft and decide … Read more

30+ Awesome Sewing Projects For Your Pets

30+ Awesome Sewing Projects For Your Pets

We love our pets as much as we love our families and friends. We also tend to go the extra mile to show just how much we love our pets. Sewing is a great way of showing affection for our pets. And we’ve been able to gather some of our … Read more