Best Ways to Make a Mask Without a Sewing Machine

5 Ways to Make a Mask Without a Sewing Machine

Let’s face it. Covid 19 seems to be here to stay. The World Health Organization, WHO, and the Center for Disease Control, CDC, recommend pairing face masks with frequent hand-washing and strict social-distancing for effective prevention of the spread of the disease. Consequently, the demand for protective facial masks at … Read more

30+ Awesome Sewing Projects For Your Pets

30+ Awesome Sewing Projects For Your Pets

We love our pets as much as we love our families and friends. We also tend to go the extra mile to show just how much we love our pets. Sewing is a great way of showing affection for our pets. And we’ve been able to gather some of our … Read more

Stuffed Toy

35 Easy Sewing Projects For Kids (and Beginners, too!)

It’s common knowledge that kids are full of energy and always eager to learn new things. This keeps parents busy searching for new fun ways to keep their kids busy. It’s no surprise that sewing is a common activity that parents do with their children in order to spend quality … Read more

20+ Easy Projects You Can Make with a Vinyl Cutter

20+ Easy Projects You Can Make with a Vinyl Cutter

Have you ever heard about a vinyl cutter? – If you’re here with me right now, it probably means yes, but you might wonder how to make the most of it. In case you haven’t heard about it, it is a little cutting machine that looks like a printer but … Read more

How To Make Rhinestone Heat Transfers

How To Make Rhinestone Transfers

Want to add extra charm and sparkle to your garment? Then its high time you rhinestone it. In the previous series, we discussed several decorating methods used in the garment (such as heat transfer printing, screen printing, sublimation print), their processes as well as their differences to help you select … Read more

Burlap Bunnies

25 Fun & Easy Burlap Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Burlap is a classic fabric that manages to give even the most modern of homes a rustic feel. This makes it one of the most common fabrics for decoration. One of the best things about burlap is that it’s very easy to make crafts using it. In this piece, we … Read more