Gemini Die Cutting Machine: Should I Buy and Which One to Buy?

If you are a crafter, you’ll love die cutting and embossing machines. It’s one of the best tools you can have that would make your creativity live in an easy way. You can write designs and make shapes on different materials like cardstock, paper, fabric, etc.

Gemini die cutting machine is a crafter’s best friend. Cut and emboss a great range of materials with countless dies and turn your ideas into a reality by creating gorgeous crafts for all your occasions.

Gemini Die Cutting Machine Family:

Gemini Die Cutting and Embossing Machine Overview

With high quality technology, this is an automatic machine with optical sensors, it has a high-pressure motor that can be turned on with just a push button. It’s quiet and lightweight, this machine has an exceptionally large platform and extra-wide opening.

The Gemini die cutting machine comes with three cutting platforms, a 3D embossing folder and dies. This machine ensures that you get the best cutting designs for all your dream projects!

Gemini Die Cutting Embossing Machine Reviews
Gemini Die Cutting Embossing Machine

It has rubber soles at the bottom for stability and built-in handholds. The size is space-saving with a low profile design that can be placed on your desk or table or stored just anywhere easily.

Gemini die cutting machines can cut cardstock, paper, fabric, mount board, acetate, foil and cork board. They are compatible with thin metal dies.

Why Use a Gemini Electric Die Cutting Machine?

The largest electric die cutting machine today, Gemini is neither completely manual nor a smart electronic cutting machine. It’s more like a manual machine without the hard work you need to do with a manual machine.

Gemini machine has a unique hybrid design with a large cutting area that allows you to use any die. It can let you use multiple dies at the same time too. This machine is a crafter’s dream, especially for someone who loves manual functionality but is not ready for all the hard work a manual machine requires.

Functions and Uses of Gemini Die Cutting Machine

Gemini Junior Die Cutting and Embossing Machine
Gemini Junior Die Cutting and Embossing Machine

The Gemini die cutting machine is unique because of its “pause, resume and reverse” function. It lets you pause, resume and reverse a project while you are working on it. This gives you the chance to correct yourself and get started with the project again if you think you’ve made a mistake or if something in the design is missing.

The large platform size lets you cut multiple dies at the same time. It is capable of cutting and embossing a wide variety of materials and is particularly compatible with most thin metal dies, embossing folders.

Gemini machine is designed for complex and intricate dies and can precisely cut heavyweight cardstock, vinyl, foil and multiple layers for fabric. It uses higher pressure than many other cutting and embossing machines, however, it’s much quieter.

Four Different Models of Gemini Machines

1 – Gemini GO die-cutting machine

Gemini Go Die-Cutting and Embossing Machine
Gemini Go Die-Cutting and Embossing Machine

Small in size with the same precision and power as the larger Gemini machines, it’s lightweight and less spacious. Its compact design is great for small crafting projects. A portable machine with a platform size of 3” x 6”, that’s relatively smaller than the other three Gemini machines. It’s an ideal pick for crafters that don’t want to work manually since it does not require hand cranking.

The Gemini GO comes with a number of dies, a 3D embossing folder and all the cutting plates a crafter may need. Also, the machine comes with two shims, a metal one and a plastic one along with a magnetic and rubber embossing mat.

The machine comes with clear instructions and if followed correctly, the machine is not at all difficult to use. The design overall is simple, elegant and decent. The motor of this one is not as quiet as the other Gemini machines but the quality of the die cuts on the most intricate dies is perfect!

2 – Gemini Junior die-cutting machine

Gemini Junior Portable Die Cutting and Embossing Machine
Gemini Junior Portable Die Cutting and Embossing Machine

The Gemini Junior enables edge-to-edge cutting, it has a sleep portable design with a platform size of 6” x 8.9”. A small and compact machine, quieter than many other die cutting machines. Smaller, still with the same precision and power. It’s a good choice for relatively smaller projects.

The Gemini Junior machine is designed for intricate dies, heavyweight cardstock, vinyl, foil and multiple layers for fabric. This simple, little machine can be placed on a table, in your crafting room and can be carried along anywhere while you travel.

Easy to carry, less spacious and easy to use. Gemini Junior uses higher pressure that allows better cutting and cuts everything perfectly at first pass through.

3 – Gemini die-cutting machine

Gemini Die Cutting and Embossing Machine
Gemini Die Cutting and Embossing Machine

With the unique function of pause, reverse and resume while the plates are in the machine, this one from Gemini is an innovative design loved by the crafters.

Another reason why it’s a crafter’s choice is the large platform it has, 9” x 12.5”. This makes the machine more convenient since you can cut multiple dies at the same time.

It has a moderate size, not too small but a precise size for your desk. It’s a convenient design with no hand cranking required.

Among the four Gemini models, this one is the most loved by crafters because of its functionality. Faster, quieter and precise, it’s better than many other die-cutting and embossing machines.

4 – Gemini Pro die-cutting machine

Crafter’s Companion has added a new machine to the Gemini family, the Gemini Pro!

Gemini Pro die-cutting machine review
Gemini Pro die-cutting machine review

The Gemini Pro comes with a larger cutting platform, 12”x12” and lets you cut multiple dies at the same time. It can cut and emboss a wide variety of materials. A huge platform that can cut various materials at the same time is something that’s loved by crafters who work in bulk.

Designed for super intricate and complex dies, it has the same level of pressure, power and cutting performance as other members of the Gemini family. The Gemini Pro is compatible with all sorts of materials including:

  • Chipboard
  • Adhesive foam
  • Multiple layers of fabric
  • Card
  • Craft metal
  • Leather

All the Gemini machines are capable of edge-to-edge cutting but this one can cut up to 12”x18” size materials perfectly.

The size of the Gemini Pro is relatively bigger than the previous models. It also costs more but it’s an amazing investment, especially if you are a frequent crafter who wants precise and clean work!

Gemini Machines Comparison chart

Plate SizeMachine Size (cm)Machine Weight (kg)Pass Through Time
Gemini PRO12" x 12"H - 25.6 cm
W - 53.2 cm
D - 32.0 cm
17.035 kg16 seconds
Gemini9" x 12.5"H - 14.2 cm
W - 35.7 cm
D - 19.6 cm
6.91 kg16 seconds
Gemini JUNIOR6" x 9"H - 13.8 cm
W - 27.1 cm
D - 19.4 cm
4.61 kg10 seconds
Gemini GO3" x 6"H - 11.3 cm
W - 16.2 cm
D - 19.6 cm
1.8 kg14 seconds

Pros and Cons of Gemini Machines

  • Small in size, consumes less space
  • Lightweight, can be carried along
  • Hybrid, no hand cranking required
  • Less manual work
  • Reverse, pause and resume function
  • Easily cuts the most intricate dies
  • Easy to setup the sandwich
  • Clear instructions

  • It's relatively a big investment so a good option for serious crafters
  • The size of the plates is a little huge
  • With heavy use, the unit might eventually shutdown

When to Buy Gemini Die Cutting Machines

The Gemini is an expensive hybrid machine, best to buy if you are a crafter who works with die cutting more often. It’s the best pick for someone who wants a manual die cut machine but without the crank.

Most of the functions in all three models are the same, the size varies though, so you should buy a size that’s perfect for your needs.

How to Use Gemini Die Cutting Machine

  • Turn the machine on by pressing the power button
  • Layer the die (blade side up) and card stock on the clear plate
  • Add the plastic shim, magnetic and top plate
  • Put this sandwich through the die cutting machine by inserting the platform combination into the front of the machine
  • The motor will start and pull the platform into the machine
  • It will stop automatically. Remove the platform from the back of the machine
  • Pause, reverse and resume if necessary

Note: The clear plate and top plate should be the only two plates to touch the rollers of your machine.

Gemini versus Sizzix Machines

Gemini vs Sizzix Big Shot series

The magnetic shim that arrives with the Gemini die cutting machine makes this machine better than all others. The magnetic shim is useful to help hold your die at place in the cutting sandwich. Gemini machines are a powerful tool that lets you work with leather, foam, mount board, balsa wood etc.

The large cutting platforms can easily handle A4 cards and can accommodate multiple dies at the same time. It is a perfect electric, hybrid machine, easily accessible and pretty easy to use.

Gemini machines provide precision cutting, this makes Gemini die cutting machines better than many others in the market. Also, it’s quiet and the motor makes no noise at all.

The star feature of this die cutting machine is that it would not let you force an incorrectly assembled sandwich into the machine. Hence, you will not break your machine, instead you’ll know how to use it correctly.

Gemini vs Sizzix Big Shot series
Sizzix Big Shot Die Cutting & Embossing Machine

The Sizzix Big Shot Series are manual die cutting machines that can handle A5 cutting width, this feature makes these machines different from other die cutting machines including the Gemini machines. The plates of this series can be used in all of the models.

The cutting sandwich plates are all tabbed together unlike the Gemini die cutting machines. This makes it more convenient. However, the size and structure of Sizzix Big Shot series is a little rough and not pleasing.

Unlike the Gemini machines, they are not as handy and small to be placed anywhere. Rather these machines are weighty and sturdy, not something you can store in your cupboard or carry along.

Also, unlike the Gemini machines, the Sizzix machines require the use of washi tapes. The features of Sizzix Big Shot series vary but most of these machines are similar. These machines aren’t as quiet as the Gemini, they make a little noise that may annoy a few crafters.

Gemini vs Sizzix Vagabond 2

The Sizzix Vagabond 2 is an electric die cutting machine like the Gemini die cutting machine. It’s a compact machine with a powerful, industrial motor that increases the life of the machine. It makes crafting easy, with a push of a button just like the Gemini.

Gemini vs Sizzix Vagabond 2
Sizzix Tim Holtz Vagabond 2 Electric Die Cutting Machine

This electric machine can emboss and cut a variety of materials, effortlessly. No cranking and pulling is needed, it’s a sturdy machine that can be placed on a desk/table and since it’s lightweight, it can be carried, replaced easily.

It’s an amazing machine for those with limited range of motion or weakness in their hands. The Vagabond 2 works perfectly with the smallest dies to emboss folders wider than 6” (A5). The machine looks cute apparently as well, like a well-travelled suitcase!

This machine comes with a solo and shim platform, if the sandwich is made incorrectly, it may damage the machine hence follow the directions/instructions while you make one. It can cut fabrics, leather etc including thicker materials like matboard and grungeboard.

The Gemini die cutting machine has relatively larger platforms than the Sizzix Vagabond 2, this makes Gemini a better choice for crafters who do a lot of die cutting and embossing at once.

The intricate dies have a better pressure in the Gemini, this makes Gemini a better option for intricate die cutting and embossing. The Vagabond, however, is quicker than Gemini when you pass the sandwich through it. Also, the Sizzix Vagabond 2 can handle the thicker dies whereas the Gemini cannot, at all.

In short, the Sizzix Vagabond 2 has the ability to cut a variety of dies whereas the Gemini has larger platforms and can cut multiple dies at once.

Gemini versus Cricut Machines

Cricut Joy, Cricut Explore Air 2 or Cricut Maker – All three are smart, electronic die cutting machines that can take a width of 5.5 to 12 inches. It works with apps on Mac, iOS, Windows and Android. A smart die cutting machine that allows you to be creative on paper crafts, vinyl decals, leather crafts iron-on, sewing objects and balsa models.

Cricut Maker Electronic Cutting Machine
Cricut Maker Electronic Cutting Machine

You can layout your project on a mobile or computer with this machine, making this one among the most convenient die cutting machines. It helps you design for free with simple design apps.

Cricut machines have powerful blades, including rotary blades for fabrics that cut through the fabric precisely giving you an accurate cut.

Cricut machines can cut over 300 materials from delicate papers to fabrics whereas Gemini machines can cut thin materials better. The thicker ones cannot go through the Gemini machines.

Also, the smart design makes it more convenient than the Gemini. However, the model Cricut Maker, that’s the best version of Cricut machines can only work when connected to the Cricut cloud software. This restricts the opportunity to explore more while you craft and design!

Gemini machines are known for their durability and reliability. On the other hand, Cricut machines are relatively less durable and reliable. Again, the exceptionally large platforms of Gemini machines wins because it helps you cut multiple dies simultaneously.

For intricate designs as well, the Gemini is the most favorite among crafters because of the high amount of pressure it exerts. Gemini is compatible with embossing folders and dies of other brands and is easy to use. They are more like manual so crafters who love manual machines would prefer Gemini while the Cricut machines are loved by beginners/professionals who prefer smart devices.

Both the Gemini and Cricut machines are compact machines, consuming less space and can be placed anywhere on the desk or table. They are lightweight and easily replaceable.

Gemini Machines FAQs

How to use a Gemini die cutting machine?

It is easy to use, and works with just a simple push of the button. Put the sandwich through the die cutting machine. Follow the instructions on how to make the sandwich in the booklet so you do not damage the machine.

What can be cut with a Gemini Machine?

Gemini machines are the best for intricate designs. It can cut heavyweight cardstock, vinyl, foil and multiple layers for fabric.

How do you flatten a Gemini plate?

Gemini plates can be flattened with hot water. Pour hot water on them and bend it against an object with modest pressure to straighten it. You can also soak it in hot water and put a little weight over the plate so it flattens.

How to unjam Gemini Die Cutting machine?

If the Gemini die cutting machine jams, try holding the power button for 10 secs. If the plate starts to move, keep holding the button. If this doesn’t work, try holding the pause button for at least 10 secs. If this doesn’t work either, try holding the power and pause button at the same time.

Can I use a Gemini Machine for cutting fabric?

Yes, you can use it for cutting fabric.


The Gemini is ideal for you if you have trouble putting just the correct pressure to cut craft materials. It has an auto-feed and push button mechanism that requires almost no hand work. You will like its sleek and simple design that’s pretty easy to use and is a crafter’s best friend.

You can do a lot with just a small, compact machine so be as imaginative and creative as you want to be and get your hands on this one because you’ll love it!

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  1. If I get the Gemini does it come with all the plates that I need or do I have to buy extra stuff could you please email me

    • Hi Jodee,

      If you buy the Gemini machine at Amazon via this link, each machine includes:
      All Plates Needed
      1 3D Embossing Folder
      1 Multi Media Die Set
      3 Papercraft Die Set
      Power Cord
      User Guide


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