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Welcome to Crafts Selection!

You buy a heat press and get excited about it. A few days later, you find it priced at a discount. Or it is the fancy copywriting that got you to buy a serger last year that you rarely use now. Either way, it can be frustrating to know that you got a bad deal, especially when you are shopping online.

At Crafts Selection, we strive to help you buy better. We help you choose and shop products through better deals. So that you not only save dollars on everything from sewing machines to craft supplies but also make calculated decisions about your needs.

In a world marred with information paralysis, how would you like a simplifier that unclutters online shopping, helps you find impossible deals, and shows you the way?

Welcome to Crafts Selection. We have guides, reviews, and best-of lists across sewing and crafting categories. And we have been doing this for years.

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Who We Are

Crafts Selection is a motley group of professional designers, crafters, testers, and reviewers who spend hours reviewing the latest sewing and crafting technologies. An eclectic group, we are made up of highly motivated individuals who are from different backgrounds but share the common passion for “all things craft” and art. We started Crafts Selection in 2017 with the sole aim of providing value to crafters around the world.

If one of our testers is a master crafter who specializes in Cricut products, another focuses on embroidery and serging and international brands. Along with our skilled writers and editors, our team produces detailed product reviews, buying guides, tutorials, and craft ideas regularly. This content not only keeps you updated about the latest technologies but also aims to help you make informed buying decisions.

This strong foundation – where a subgroup of testers and writers focus on only one category – allows us to publish informational and verified content across themes. Although we claim to be masters of “all things craft”, we produce content across the following six categories:

  • Sewing Products: Machines for sewing, embroidery, serging, cover stitching, quilting, applique, and more
  • Arts/Craft Supplies and Materials: Threads for sewing and embroidery; self-healing cutting mats; rotary and fabric cutters; sewing tables and cabinets; dress form; and more
  • Cutting Machines: Crafting tools from Cricut, Silhouette, Brother, Gemini, and more global brands; die-cutting machines; foil machines; vinyl machines; and more
  • Heat Press Machines: Heat pressing tools for everything from t-shirts to coffee mugs to pillowcases
  • Sublimation and Heat Transfer Printers
  • Laminators

Each of these categories is handled by a subgroup of testers, researchers, and editors who spend hours to weed through the clutter on the web and find the real, useful information. We then analyze this information and present the golden nuggets to you. This is why some of our reviews are hard-hitting and often differ from popular opinions on the web.

We cater to a diverse audience – from small business owners to home users to hobbyists and DIYers. The content mix ensures that anyone with an interest in crafting and sewing will find something useful at Crafts Selection.

Simply put, we convert our passion for sewing, crafting, and arts into creating guides. Detailed buying guides that help you make a better decision when it comes to purchasing sewing and embroidery machines, cutting machines, heat presses, laminators, and other crafting accessories.

Our Editorial Policies

Since our primary aim is to provide value, we largely depend on our group’s combined knowledge and experience in the fields that we work on. However, when it comes to newer products and technologies, we have to go beyond the product listings and marketing copy to detect and find merit.

This is why our researchers spend hours finding out the hidden answers to our questions, both via online and offline media. You cannot find everything about a new product online – especially with the smooth talk of PR that accompanies new launches. Hence, we talk to brick-and-mortar sellers, offline partners, and industry experts to get better insights and reach a well-rounded conclusion.

List of Editorial Policies

All our product reviews and guides are written after a thorough inspection of products, manufacturers, and sellers. If we find even a tiny conflict with an e-commerce seller, we make it a point to mention it in our reviews.

In that regard, here’s a list of our top policies:

  • All our final reviews precede thorough physical product testing
  • Before writing guides, we spend hours on offline and web research
  • All reviews include inspection of top e-commerce sellers of that product

In a nutshell, each written word in Crafts Selection is a product of testing, researching, and reviewing. You find the best and the most influential opinions on craft products here.

How We Do Things

We believe that for every mass-market product there’s a better alternative out there. In our aim to provide you with the best value, we spend hours finding that alternative. This is why our product comparisons are the most-viewed articles on Crafts Selection.

Our content is easily skimmable so that you can choose your pick in a matter of minutes. No need to go through large content blocks to buy a small accessory like a cutting mat or Cricut’s Smart Materials on which the jury is already out. We arrange our content in bullet points, tables, and quick pointers to save you time and effort.

What’s in It for Us

When we started in 2017, our sole aim was to provide valuable guides and tips to the global crafting community. Today, Crafts Selection has evolved into a regularly updated database of hundreds of product reviews, guides, and best-of lists. This has resulted in millions of pageviews from our loyal readers and new users who find us through search engines and other reputed places on the web.

Apart from the joy of helping out, we also gain nominal monetary benefits through affiliate commissions. Every time you click on a link on Crafts Selection and purchase a product, we get a small cut out of it. This is not an additional fee that you pay, but only a commission paid to us by the platform from its profits.

Meet Our Editorial Team

The editorial team at Crafts Selection is managed by Tamar Jones and Helen Hogsette. The duo has a combined experience of decades in the crafting field, which compelled them to create this website.

Tamar Jones, a professional designer and crafts enthusiast, acts as the editor-in-chief of Crafts Selection. She oversees all the content that is published on the website, primarily giving it her impeccable attention to detail.

Helen Hogsette is the site’s executive editor. She has over seven years of editing experience and possesses a natural flair for crafting. Although she swears by Cricut’s tools, she does not let favoritism come in the way of her product reviews.

To know more about the larger team, drop a line to Tamar and Helen.

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