Best Sublimation Printers

Best Sublimation Printers in 2020-2021

Sublimation printing is the next big thing. Over the past few years, several designers, DIY artists, and hobbyists have managed to carve out a niche in sublimation printing, a form of printing that combines the power of heat, pressure, and a special ink to imprint on surfaces such as fabrics … Read more

Best Heat Press Machines

Best Heat Press Machines in 2020

Whether you’re an avid DIYer, crafter, hobbyist, professional or beginner in the heat transfer printing world, you need the best heat press machine to plunge yourself into the endless possibilities of heat transfer printing. In this post, we will provide reviews on affordable, good quality heat press for beginners, hobbyists, … Read more

Things You Should Consider When Buying Ready-To-Press Heat Transfer

Things You Should Know When Buying Ready-To-Press Heat Transfers

The ever-rising popularity of custom decorated garments means they are here to stay. And if you are a new artisan who recently found a calling in garment design, ready-to-press transfers will be a versatile and straightforward yet a cost-effective way to bring life to boring garments. Ready to press transfers … Read more

How to Make Heat Press Transfers

How to Make Heat Press Transfers?

The craze and love for custom-decorated clothing and gear are quite understandable. And whether it is a custom t-shirt, jacket, cap or carry bag, or personalized decorations for your home, using heat press transfers always hits the spot. Nevertheless, the difficult process of turning the image, graphic, or text steals … Read more

Best 3D Sublimation Vacuum Heat Press

Best 3D Sublimation Vacuum Heat Press

So you have finally decided to venture into the wonderful world of 3D vacuum sublimation heat printing? That’s awesome! Truth be told, trying to print on curved surfaces using regular heat presses is a sorry waste of time and effort. So if you often find yourself sublimating rigid surfaces with … Read more

Best Heat Press Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals

Best Heat Press Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2020

Black Friday event is just around the corner again – the biggest sales event where you can find the best deals (the biggest price savings) on your favorite items. If you’re looking for some amazing heat press Black Friday deals 2020, we have got you covered! Best Heat Press Black … Read more

Helpful Tips to Use a Heat Press Machine for Beginners

Helpful Tips to Use a Heat Press Machine for Beginners

After investing a ton on your capable heat press machine, you may want to think you are good to go. However, those of us who have been around heat press printing projects for a while will probably understand how challenging a task it can be to use these design tools. … Read more

Best Mug Heat Press Machines

Best Mug Heat Press Machines of 2020

You will agree with me that the best mug heat press machine will not only be durable and efficient, but affordable too. It will also be easy to use for creating spectacular designs on mugs and will be an excellent way to brand your company and earn money for your … Read more

Best Hat Heat Press Machines

Best Hat Heat Press Machines in 2020

Are you searching for the best hat heat press machine to use at home? Do you need a hat press machine that is advanced and of high quality that can handle medium to large scale orders as a business owner in the hat printing business? No more searching. In this … Read more

Cricut Easy Press Review

Cricut EasyPress Review

I love printing at home, but like with everything else in my DIY journey, I always search for tools that are reliable and easy to use. That’s how I stumbled upon a Cricut Easy Press. This machine is created to deliver quick and professional results for iron-on projects. I researched … Read more