Best Self-Healing Cutting Mats

Best Self-Healing Cutting Mats

If you’re a quilter, sewer, designer, art designer, photo cropper, or craft enthusiast, you will agree with us when we say that self-healing cutting mat is the unsung hero of a quality craft or design project. This mat provides an excellent work surface that yields quality results while preventing your … Read more

Best Sewing Tables and Cabinets

Best Sewing Tables and Cabinets 2023

Whether you are a sewing expert or just starting to sew, having a suitable table in your sewing room brings a lot of benefits. Even though it seems that any normal table could do, the reality is that they are not comfortable for working. Specialized sewing cabinets and tables help … Read more

Best Electric Rotary Cutters

Best Electric Rotary Cutters For Fabrics

Cutting fabric determines the seamless outcome once you sew it. A lot of concentration and mental focus goes into cutting the cloth. Many are the times that you try, but still, the cut does not come out as desired. One of the major reasons for this is using the wrong … Read more

Best Rotary Cutters

Best Rotary Cutters For Fabric and Crafts

Looking for the best rotary cutters to add to your sewing kit? Want to explore the latest technology in rotary cutting? Here’s everything you need to know. For the busy person in you, here’s a quick list of the best rotary cutters in the market right now. Check the top … Read more

Machine Embroidery Threads

Best Machine Embroidery Thread Reviews 2023

Using embroidery designs has become a common thing in the fashion and clothing industry. Regardless of whether you opt for free motion embroidery designs or computer-aided ones, your emphasis should be on the embroidery thread. If machine embroidery thread is what you are after then, you have come to the … Read more

Best Large Cutting Mats

Large Cutting Mats For Quilting and Sewing: Top 8 Reviewed

Whether laying out fabrics or cutting large patterns on a large fabric cutting board, you need a large cutting mat for sewing table that will protect your table and provide a lot of space for your project. While smaller cutting mats are great for tackling quilting and other different craft … Read more

Best Thread For Upholstery Sewing

Best Thread For Upholstery Sewing

The key to a strong stitch on a piece of upholstery is the combination of an industrial sewing machine and the right heavy-duty upholstery thread. Just having one of them is not enough. You need to have the best of both the worlds to create strong stitches, frills, and embellishments … Read more

Cheap Machine Embroidery Threads

Top 3 Cheap Machine Embroidery Threads 2023

Embroidery is a beautiful piece of art that can be perfectly accomplished by employing appropriate threads in a perfect range of colors. So it is quite a significant task to decide which machine embroidery thread to use. If you are looking for affordable machine embroidery threads, here are top-rated embroidery … Read more

Best Threads For Quilting

Best Threads For Quilting in 2023

Some quilters used cotton threads. Fashion professionals use silicone-coated polyester threads. Some others use silk threads for their applique projects whereas hobbyists and home users depend on regular nylon threads. The variety is just mind-numbing, especially if you are on the lookout for the best thread for quilting. While it … Read more

Best Adjustable Dress Form

Best Adjustable Dress Form of 2023

Are you a seasoned pro who wants to experience something new or are you just now intending to venture into the world of design? Regardless of your intentions, an adjustable dress form will be among the top tools you will require to pin all those unique and fantastic designs you … Read more