Best Embroidery Sewing Machines 2024

Embroidery sewing machines are becoming quite popular these days. This combination makes a craftsman’s life a whole lot easier.

This is because it allows you to not only sew your fabric but also to embroider it. This level of multitasking saves both time, energy and money.

This machine is especially useful to someone who wants to turn their hobby into a business. Business owners can easily start mass production with this kind of machine.

Best Embroidery Sewing Machines of 2024:

Embroidery sewing machines come in different sizes, and prices. Anyone who wants to acquire one of these machines should definitely consider their budget.

Due to the rising demand for these machines, we have assembled the best embroidery sewing machines for each price range.

The Best Embroidery Sewing Machines in 2024

It’s not easy to choose an embroidery sewing machine. With the many top rated sewing and embroidery machines available in the market, making a decision can be quite frustrating.

The table below will help you quickly compare your options before moving on to our detailed embroidery sewing machine reviews.

Best Embroidery Sewing Machines 2024
Best Overall
Husqvarna Viking Jade 35
  • Large embroidery (240mm) and sewing (200mm) areas
  • Sewing advisor for quick operation
  • 70 embroidery built-in designs and 120 built-in stitches
  • Complementary PC software for creating/editing embroidery designs
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Best Quality
Janome Memory Craft 14000
  • Real-time PC connection for editing embroidery designs
  • 350 built-in embroidery designs and 400 built-in stitches
  • Spacious bed, easy to create and edit designs
  • Large color display screen
Best Value
Brother SE1900
  • For advanced sewers, home business owners
  • 240 stitches, 138 designs, 11 fonts
  • Large 5x7-in hoop, easy to create designs
  • Good price
Good Value
EverSewn Sparrow X
  • Remote control and operation via a handy EverSewn app
  • Can read most popular types of embroidery design files
  • 100+ built-in embroidery designs and 120 built-in stitches
  • Easy to use and navigate
Baby Lock Verve
  • Neat and clean machine design
  • LCD screen for easy information relay
  • Speed of up to 850 SPM and 400 embroidery stitches per minute
  • 70+ built-in embroidery designs and 191 built-in stitches
Brother LB5000S Star Wars
  • 80 embroidery designs, 103 stitches, and 9 fonts
  • Colorful LCD screen
  • USB support for directly viewing designs on the machine screen
  • Star Wars-themed accessories
Best Budget
Brother SE600
  • For beginners, intermediate sewers
  • 103 stitches, 80 designs, 6 fonts
  • 4x4 embroidery hoop, automatic thread cutter
  • Lightweight and portable, easy to use

Best Embroidery Sewing Machine Reviews 2024

Here are top 10 of the best embroidery sewing machines worth buying today:

#1 – Best Overall: Husqvarna Viking Jade 35 Sewing Embroidery Machine

Hearing the name of the Husqvarna brand instantly exudes a sense of authority and trust. Pioneering in manufacturing (chiefly arms and vehicles) since 1689, and moving to sewing machines in 1872, today the Swedish company is a leader in smart embroider and sewing machines. The Jade 35 is one of its best-selling models.

Best Embroidery Sewing Machine: Husqvarna Viking Jade 35 Review
Best Embroidery Sewing Machine: Husqvarna Viking Jade 35
  • Large embroidery and sewing areas with (enough space to the right of the needle)
  • Sewing advisor assists with all functions and features
  • PC software allows for easy design editing and creation
  • Very fast operation even with customized designs and stitches

  • Complicated operation; beginners will need visual walkthroughs

Feature Highlights

The Jade 35 is like a superheroine among modern embroidery machines. With every single bell and whistle that you can imagine in an advanced machine, this workhorse by Husqvarna Viking will act as your perfect embroidery partner. It is fast, user-intuitive, and packed with features to cater to both beginner and advanced users.

Throw any design or stitch or idea at it and the Jade 35 will get it done through its large 9.5×6-inch (240mm) embroidery hoop and proprietary sewing advisor function. It can cover large quilts and garments for your home decor projects.

And if you are a beginner in the field, the machine will set itself up with the best settings. We are talking switch type, length and width, and even thread tension.

While the advisor is clearly targeted at beginner and aspiring DIYers, the complementary and outrageously functional PC software is intended for advanced users like fashion designers. It’s like Photoshop for embroidery where you can design, edit, and tweak stuff as per your liking. Need to display a collection next month post the Covid-19 lockdown? The Jade 35 will toil for you.

The essentials are also present: one-step buttonholing, style and design selection via the digital control panel, LED lights for night-time working, collection of stitches and designs, sewing fonts, and automatic thread tension and cutter.

It also has eight presser feet and superior speed control that gives you complete authority over itself as well as your projects.

There is hardly anything that Husqvarna has omitted in what we like to call its best embroidery sewing machine for all users since the 19th-century. For some users, this “too many features” can be a concern. Which is why we don’t recommend this for users who are new to embroidery.

Useful Tips


If you are looking to invest in an all-in-one powerful embroidery-cum-sewing machine, your first choice should be the Jade 35. For once, an indie product is a superstar in the commercial arena. Get it today!

#2 – Best Quality: Janome Memory Craft 14000 Sewing Embroidery Machine

Janome is an industry favorite and its Craft 14000 is perhaps its best embroidery sewing machine for quilting and embroidery.

Best Sewing Embroidery Machine For Professionals
Best Quality Sewing Embroidery Machine: Janome Memory Craft 14000
  • Fast operation with superior speed control
  • Real-time PC connection for better editing
  • 350 built-in embroidery designs and 400 built-in stitches
  • Very large display screen for easy control
  • Bonus bundle contains every possible accessory

  • Complex mechanism
  • Embroidery editing will require some designing and software skills

Feature Highlights

Sometimes when you edit an embroidery design on your computer and then flash it on to your machine, it does not come out the way you wanted it to be. Either the size goes wrong or there is an issue with the alignment.

With Janome embroidery sewing machine 14000, you don’t have to worry about such situations. Its real-time PC editing function makes customized embroidery a convenient task.

But what really makes this model a perfect embroidery companion is the special bonus bundle where Janome has provided every single possible accessory. What do you need? A high presser foot for better handling? A magnifier to zoom in on minute changes? An adjustable LED work light? The Janome 14000 has everything you can imagine.

We also like the large color display screen (better than the Husqvarna model) that provides important details to you. It has a very high refresh rate which means your actions will be immediately displayed on it, giving you complete control and flow of the operation.

Along with a large embroidery area, a stainless-steel working plate, and adjustable needle holder, this best-quality embroidery qualifies in all the departments that we tested it.

But again, with more features comes higher complexity. Even for advanced users not familiar with Janome’s tools, it will take some time to get used to it.


If you are a Janome loyalist and are looking to upgrade your existing embroidery machine, check this out. It will stay with you for years thanks to the Japanese technology that promises reliability and longevity more than anything.

#3 – Best Value: Brother SE1900 Sewing Embroidery Machine

This Brother embroidery sewing machine is considered by many as a worthy upgrade from the SE400.

Even the Brother website promises that this machine guarantees the ultimate sewing and embroidery experience.

Best Value Sewing Embroidery Machine: Brother SE1900
Best Value Sewing Embroidery Machine: Brother SE1900
  • Built-in memory for more design storage
  • It enables designing of your own personal sewing stitches
  • It has a large embroidery field
  • Comes with a lot of accessories

  • Some designs that are on the included CD are outdated

Feature Highlights

With its 240 sewing stitches, 138 built-in embroidery designs, 10 buttonhole styles and 11 lettering fonts, it doesn’t disappoint. This machine also gives you the unique opportunity to design your own unique sewing stitches.

Additionally, its built-in memory allows you to import purchased embroidery designs. This will definitely inspire your creativity. These designs are transferable using a USB memory stick since this machine has a built-in USB flash drive port.

This Brother SE1900 embroidery sewing machine has a 5” by 7” embroidery field that enables you to create large designs. Its LCD touchscreen and automatic thread make it convenient and easy to use.

The main drawback of this machine is that some of the designs in the CD are outdated. In spite of this minor drawback, the Brother SE1900 is still regarded as the best embroidery machine for home business.

Useful Tips

  • You will need to get your own thread because the thread provided is not the one on the list of pre-loaded patterns

Every crafter looking to start a serious business should own this Brother SE1900 sewing and embroidery machine. Its many features, functions, and accessories make it worth every penny.

#4 – EverSewn Sparrow X Sewing and Embroidery Machine

EverSewn is an underdog in this field but don’t underestimate it for the American brand is known to manufacture easy and comfortable embroidery machines. Sparrow X is the best example.

Best Embroidery Sewing Machine For Home Use
Best Embroidery Sewing Machine For Home Use
  • Remote control allows for monitoring from meters away
  • Comes with free EverSewn Pro app for better design and stitch handling
  • Can work with most popular design files
  • Simplified navigation; best for beginners and embroidery students

  • Not automatic thread tension
  • Display is an 8-bit basic screen
  • Small work area (4.75x7 inches)

Feature Highlights

Best for those looking at a tight budget yet something that allows them to explore their creative side, this embroidery and sewing machine by EverSewn is mixed with easy-to-use essential functions and competitive features.

One of its best features is app-based remote control where you can not only edit and make your own designs but also control/monitor your machine.

Say you have triggered an embroidery design on a pillow cover and it will take 10 minutes for the machine to finish the design. You can move out of the machine desk and take care of other activities while the machine continues with the work. You can monitor its operation via the app which will also give you an estimated time of completion (ETA). How convenient is that? Especially for busy fashion designers and tailors.

EverSewn Sparrow X Sewing and Embroidery Machine
EverSewn Sparrow X Sewing and Embroidery Machine

There is no built-in display; rather it makes up with an 8-bit display and thee free EverSewn Pro app that you can access via a smartphone or a tablet. We recommend an iPad or a wide-screen tablet so that you can visualize your work in a better way.

The machine can process most popular design files (EXP, PES, DST) without compromising on the output. You will always get clean, perfect stitches and designs.

The Sparrow X does have its issues, though. The need to set up the tension before every task is a real pain. Compared to the above three models, this is its biggest drawback. But it does make it up with other essentials like sharp thread cutter, speed control, and a good-quality stitch plate.

With 100+ embroidery designs and 120 stitches, it is the best affordable sewing and embroidery machine in the US market right. The EverSewn quality and superior customer support are the other reasons to bring this home.

Useful Tips

  • The instruction manual is not really helpful. We recommend going through the YouTube and Vimeo video channels of EverSewn for better walkthroughs. They also contain unboxing videos and reviews
  • EverSewn also has a great repository of fancy accessories. Check them out here.

They say a good and affordable machine is hard to come by. We tend to disagree as EverSewn has given us a hybrid: the Sparrow X.

#5 – Most Compact: Baby Lock Verve Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Another underdog brand on this list, Baby Lock is known for its range of top-rated compact sewing and embroidery machines.

Compact Embroidery Sewing Machine: Baby Lock Verve Review
Compact Embroidery Sewing Machine: Baby Lock Verve
  • LCD screen displays critical information while operating the working
  • Clean built, user-intuitive interface
  • Built-in elements: 70+ embroidery designs, 191 stitches, 11 fancy fonts

  • 4x4-inch embroidery area may be small for large projects

Feature Highlights

The first thing you notice about the Verve embroidery sewing machine is its neat and clean built. It is not clunky and does not look like you’ll need to refer the manual for every other move. We think aesthetics has some effect on how we accomplish our sewing and embroidery projects. In that regard, Baby Lock hits the right spot.

For a compact machine, it has a large enough working area for all types of embroidery and sewing projects. You won’t be able to work on large quilts and bedsheets, but anything shorter than a full dress can be easily worked upon using the Verve.

Apart from the usual bells and whistles, it has a functional needle threader, 70+ built-in embroidery designs, 191 stitches, and speed control. The embroidery speed of 400 is one of the best we have seen in models in this price range.

The LCD screen is not touch-friendly but gives you critical information while working. All in all, for a home user, this compact, user-friendly embroidery machine will be a boon. It is fast, does not lag (owing to its user-intuitive design), and is easy to navigate. What more do you need in a beginner model?


Looking for a compact yet powerful workhorse for all your home sewing and embroidery projects? Are you a hobbyist looking to take up professional embroidery? This Baby Lock Verve machine will be perfect.

#6 – Brother LB5000S Star Wars Sewing and Embroidery Machine

By now we all know the authority of the Brother brand in the textile world. With this Star Wars edition, it has really gone out of its way to a galaxy far, far away to bring us an easy-to-use smart 2-in-1 machine.

Brother LB5000S Star Wars Sewing and Embroidery Machine
Brother LB5000S Star Wars Sewing and Embroidery Machine
  • 80 built-in embroidery designs, 103 stitches, and 9 fonts
  • Complementary Star Wars templates
  • Colour LCD screen and control panel are easy to navigate

  • None

Feature Highlights

The LB5000S is best known for its color LCD screen and easy control mechanism. Apart from the Star Wars-themed body, the control panel on this embroidery machine is pretty spot-on, giving you a sense of enjoyment while working on it.

Remember we mentioned the role of machine aesthetics in our work? This machine takes it up a notch if you are a Star Wars fan. It has character and logo faceplates to help you embroider Star Wars elements into your fabrics.

Need the iconic Star Wars logo on your bedsheet? Go right now and sew it on your favorite item. The large working area helps you work on longer fabrics, but you should note that the embroidery area is just 4 by 4 in inches. This standard area, however, will be enough for most fabrics.

This is an intermediate embroidery and sewing machine, but it has all the features of an advanced kit. The collection of built-in designs and accessories will help you extend your creativity.

So, this is not just for DIYers and home users, but can also be used for fashion designers and boutique shop owners who want a user-friendly machine to assist them on various tasks: from sewing a torn tank-top to adding frills on a frock to embroidering for home décor. You name it and the Brother brand will deliver.

Useful Tips

  • You can download more Star Wars-themed designs from

The Star Wars theme just adds to the looks of this Brother sewing and embroidery machine that allows you to sew and embroider with ease without limiting your creativity. Get it today!

#7 – Best Budget: Brother SE600 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Brother is known for its innovative and stylish machines. It is one of the leading manufacturers of sewing, embroidering and quilting machines.

Best Embroidery Sewing Machine For Beginners: Brother SE600
Best Embroidery Sewing Machine For Beginners: Brother SE600
  • Lightweight and portable
  • It’s versatile
  • It has computer compatibility

  • The hoop cannot contain big projects

Feature Highlights

This particular affordable sewing embroidery machine can sew, quilt and embroider.

Versatility is its second name. It comes with a bilingual manual and built-in tutorials. This proves it to be an easy-to-use embroidery machine.

Additionally, it has 103 built-in sewing stitches. It also has 80 built-in embroidery designs, 120 frame pattern combinations and 6 lettering fonts.

Its large color touchscreen LCD and automatic thread cutter make it very convenient.

The Brother SE600 is computer compatible, allowing you to import designs from your PC. It also allows you to import designs downloaded from and other websites.

If you still need other designs, this machine also comes with an embroidery card slot which you can use with Brother embroidery cards.

This embroidery machine also comes with features that help you to edit and customize designs. These features allow you to rotate, increase the size of and reduce the size of these designs.

To make your sewing easier and more convenient, this machine provides a quick-set drop-in bobbin system. The 25-year limited warranty that comes with Brother SE600 is an added bonus.

Accessories included with this machine include a 4” by 4” embroidery hoop, an embroidery arm, a free arm, an accessory compartment, accessory feet, embroidery bobbin thread, USB cable, power cord and an accessory bag.

This affordable sewing embroidery machine is sure to give your projects a classy, high-end look. The major drawback to this machine is that the 4” by 4” hoop limits the size of projects.

Useful Tips

  • You will need to buy a side cutter presser foot, stabilizer, additional embroidery threads and extra needles before you start
  • This machine can be hard to set up if you have never used a Brother machine before. You will need to research on how to set up and use this machine

The Brother SE600 Sewing and Embroidery Machine is easy on the eyes, reliable, full of features and very affordable. This is definitely a machine you should look into getting.

#8 – SINGER SE300 Legacy Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Singer has been a force to be reckoned with in the sewing machines business for time immemorial. To most people, Singer is synonymous to sewing.

From this established company comes the Singer SE300 Legacy sewing and embroidery machine.

SINGER SE300 Legacy Sewing and Embroidery Machine Review
SINGER SE300 Legacy Sewing and Embroidery Machine
  • It makes very little noise
  • A large variety of sewing stitches and embroidery designs
  • Produces good quality stitches
  • Has USB connectivity

  • There is no form of cover for the exposed parts of the machine
  • There is a steep learning curve

Feature Highlights

The Singer SE300 Legacy has 250 built-in stitches, 200 embroidery designs, and 6 alphabet options. This machine has a very high stitching speed. It sews at 800 stitches per minute and embroiders at 700 stitches per minute. Quite the time-saver, don’t you find?

Its LCD touchscreen enables you to adjust the machine settings while its bright LED lights illuminate the stitching surface.

This machine comes with complementary software which is easily updatable. Additionally, it is easy to transfer files to this machine by use of the available USB port.

This Singer sewing and embroidery machine also has an automatic needle threader. This is the ultimate sewing time saver. An upper thread sensor is also incorporated into this embroidery sewing machine. It warns you when the thread is about to run out.

The accessories that come with this machine include a large embroidery hoop, a small embroidery hoop, an all-purpose foot, thread spool net, lint brush and a USB embroidery stick.

Unfortunately, this machine is too complicated for some people forcing them to take a lot of time getting the hang of it.

Take a closer look at the parts and accessories that come with the Singer Legacy machine here:


This Singer SE300 is quite beautiful, and although it takes time to get used to it, it is worth it. You should definitely try it out.

#9 – Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000

Whether you sew, quilt or embroider, this Janome embroidery machine is what you are looking for.

 Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000 Embroidery and Sewing Machine
Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000 Embroidery and Sewing Machine
  • It has built-in memory of 4MB
  • PC adaptability
  • Comes with 338 built-in embroidery designs, 425 built-in stitches
  • Spacious workspace for large embroidery projects

  • Its many features may deem overwhelming for beginners and therefore lengthen the learning period

Feature Highlights

It is difficult not to notice the large stainless steel workspace. In fact, this machine has more workspace than any other Janome.

You can easily create and edit designs on the machine LCD touch screen or connect it to a computer and use the computer screen. This machine allows for easy design transfer using a direct PC connection or the use of USB.

The Janome 12000 has an internal memory of 4 MB which helps you save all your designs. It also has 425 built-in sewing stitches, an automatic threader and a thread cutter with a memory function.

Embroidering with this machine is made easy and efficient by the 338 built-in embroidery designs, 10 fonts with European characters and speed adaptability. This machine supports several embroidery formats like JEF and JEF+. Janome MC 12000 comes with large hoop size up to 9.1″ x 11.8″

The Janome Memory Craft 12000 comes with a declutch bobbin winder and a Zig Zag feature for free motion quilting. Quilters will be especially thrilled by this. This machine can make high-quality quilts and is quite durable due to its solid and sturdy nature.

It can work with different types of fabrics like knits, natural fibers, leather, suede and even plastics. Accessories that come with this machine include but are not limited to 43 feet, a quilt kit and 4 embroidery hoops.

These embroidery hoops come in different sizes, therefore, allowing you to create designs of a variety of sizes. The sizes of these hoops are 9.1” by 11.8”, 9.1” by 9.1”, 5.5” by 5.5” and 3.1” by 1.6”.

Unfortunately, although this machine comes with a bunch of features that set it apart, it also has drawbacks.

The major one is that its many features can overwhelm beginners. This makes it more difficult for them to learn how to use this machine. However, it comes with a manual and tutorials to help in the learning process.


With its versatility, stability, and tons of features, it is safe to say that the Janome 12000 is the best sewing machine for quilting and embroidering.

#10 – Bernina Bernette Chicago 7

**This product is discontinued by its manufacturer.

This sewing and embroidery machine combo is the first Bernette machine that can both sew and embroider. It is undoubtedly one of the top-rated sewing and embroidery machines.

Best Embroidery Sewing Machine For Intermediate Sewers: Bernette Chicago 7
Best Embroidery Sewing Machine For Intermediate Sewers: Bernette Chicago 7
  • Has 100 inbuilt embroidery designs
  • It is able to customize designs
  • Compatible with Windows Operating System

  • A bit noisier than its counterparts

Feature Highlights

The Bernette Chicago 7 comes with several amazing features like a semi-automatic needle threader, automatic buttonholes, 7-mm stitch width and a total of 200 built-in sewing stitches. These features enable accurate stitching while saving time.

This machine is very light and therefore portable. It also comes with 100 built-in embroidery designs and one alphabet. If the designs are not enough, you can import other designs by using its USB port.

Additionally, the machine has a needle thread monitor to ensure the embroidery process stops when the needle breaks or when there is no more thread available.

There is also a bobbin checker which always checks the condition of the bobbin before embroidery begins. Both these features ensure an efficient embroidery process.

This machine stitches at a speed of 800 stitches per minute and has a start button that allows for sewing without the use of your feet. This embroidery sewing machine has a 10-year warranty on its mechanical parts.

Although the Bernina Bernette Chicago 7 provides high stitch quality, it suffers a major setback when it comes to noise reduction. It is noisier than other embroidery sewing machines of its caliber.

Useful Tips

  • Even if the machine was already previously set to embroidery mode, it has to be reset each time it is switched on

Although the Bernette Chicago 7 produces good quality stitches, it still has some problems here and there. Given that this is Bernette’s first attempt to combine the sewing and embroidery functions in one machine, there is still room for improvement.

It, however, is a good start and would be a good buy for advanced beginners.

Best Embroidery Sewing Machine Review


For many advanced users and professionals, the best sewing and embroidery machine is the Janome 14000. This is because it comes with a lot of high-end features and can perform a lot of functions. It can literally perform any task you could think of.

Best Overall
Janome Horizon Memory Craft 14000
Janome Horizon Memory Craft 14000 Best Embroidery Sewing Machine For Advanced Users
9.8 Outstanding

This machine best illustrates how much emerging cutting-edge technology has improved the manufacture of sewing and embroidering machines. With its versatility and high-quality stitches, the Janome Memory Craft 14000 is what every sewing professional needs.

Those with sewing businesses, especially those starting fashion houses, or other mid-sized brands, could benefit from this machine. It may have a high price, but it definitely is worth it.

However, if this machine is too pricey for you, the Brother SE1900 is a good choice too.

For beginners and occasional users, there’s no doubt that Brother SE600 is the most favorite embroidery sewing machine.

So, what are you waiting for?!

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