How to Do Dye Sublimation Printing

How to Do Dye Sublimation Printing

People are embracing custom decorated items now more than ever. The fashion-conscious generation of the day is crazy about custom-decorated apparel and other merchandise. Opportunely, innovation has worked its magic and brought us sublimation printing. A new way of producing designs that penetrate the surface of the substrate to produce … Read more

How to Convert a Printer to a Sublimation Printer

How to Convert a Printer to a Sublimation Printer

Sublimation remains the top choice among many elite design professionals for the simple reason that the product decorating technique ticks all of the crucial boxes in matters of quality and long-lasting heat transfers. You get crisp and vibrant designs that almost pop at you, and will stand up to fading, … Read more

What Is Sublimation Printing and How Does It Work?

What is Sublimation Printing and How Does It Work?

With the demand for printed products at an all-time high, sublimation prints stand out and set new heights as far as customization of blank products goes. Sublimation decorations are preferred by many decorators for their no-feel texture and long-lasting images. Moreover, you get bright and colorful images that will make … Read more

Best Ways to Make a Mask Without a Sewing Machine

5 Ways to Make a Mask Without a Sewing Machine

Let’s face it. Covid 19 seems to be here to stay. The World Health Organization, WHO, and the Center for Disease Control, CDC, recommend pairing face masks with frequent hand-washing and strict social-distancing for effective prevention of the spread of the disease. Consequently, the demand for protective facial masks at … Read more

Things You Should Consider When Buying Ready-To-Press Heat Transfer

Things You Should Know When Buying Ready-To-Press Heat Transfers

The ever-rising popularity of custom decorated garments means they are here to stay. And if you are a new artisan who recently found a calling in garment design, ready-to-press transfers will be a versatile and straightforward yet a cost-effective way to bring life to boring garments. Ready to press transfers … Read more

Best Portable Photo Printer Reviews

Best Portable Photo Printers 2021

These days, since photography may involve a lot of movement and travel, continuous improvements and innovations have made photography even better with the portable photo printer. Compact and lightweight, the mini photo printer offers the flexibility of taking them with you everywhere you go and printing photos on-demand. Ideal for … Read more

20 Easy Hand Sewing Projects for Kids to Do in Summertime

20 Easy Hand Sewing Projects for Kids to Do in Summertime

Sewing can be such a fun and rewarding experience for kids of different ages and summer provides a wonderful opportunity to develop some sewing skills. There are about 20 easy hand sewing projects that kids can do compiled in this article. Most of the steps here are just overviews, so … Read more

How to Make Heat Press Transfers

How to Make Heat Press Transfers?

The craze and love for custom-decorated clothing and gear are quite understandable. And whether it is a custom t-shirt, jacket, cap or carry bag, or personalized decorations for your home, using heat press transfers always hits the spot. Nevertheless, the difficult process of turning the image, graphic, or text steals … Read more

Helpful Tips to Use a Heat Press Machine for Beginners

Helpful Tips to Use a Heat Press Machine for Beginners

After investing a ton on your capable heat press machine, you may want to think you are good to go. However, those of us who have been around heat press printing projects for a while will probably understand how challenging a task it can be to use these design tools. … Read more

Sewing Threads: Essential Guide For Beginners

Apart from fabric, sewing threads are probably the most important components of sewing. Whether by hand or by machine, no sewing project can be carried out without the thread, yet most people don’t consider taking their time to select the best sewing threads as an important factor in achieving success. … Read more