Best 3D Sublimation Vacuum Heat Press

So you have finally decided to venture into the wonderful world of 3D vacuum sublimation heat printing?

That’s awesome! Truth be told, trying to print on curved surfaces using regular heat presses is a sorry waste of time and effort.

So if you often find yourself sublimating rigid surfaces with curved and irregular shapes, you will need to think seriously about the 3d sublimation machine.

Best 3D Sublimation Vacuum Heat Press:

Just a couple of years ago, the ordinary sublimation press had taken the design world by storm and seemed untouchable.

Many swore by the sublimation press for smooth and striking images with nature’s own depth of color, decor that screams for attention, and designs so wonderful, they beg to be gifted.

And just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, innovation worked its magic and brought us the 3D sublimation vacuum heat press. A more efficient and convenient way of embedding the sharp images with vibrant pops of color on curved surfaces and irregular shapes.

Best 3D Sublimation Vacuum Heat Press
Best Overall
VEVOR Multi-Function 3D
  • 12-mug capacity
  • Highly intelligent with automatic inspiratory countdown
  • Far-infrared heating technology for even heat distribution
Good Quality
INTBUYING 3D Sublimation Heat Press
  • 12-mug capacity
  • Features Intelligent Digital Control with automatic inspiratory countdown
  • Durable and stylish design
Best Value
Techtongda 3D Vacuum Heat Press
  • Comes with several accessories and a complete starter kit
  • 12 mug capacity
  • Features a CISS Ink System with a non-clogging nozzle
WINUS 3D Sublimation Heat Press
  • Compact, lightweight, and portable
  • Designed for phone cases with a 2-case capacity
  • Comes with two molds for iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 cases.
Sunmeta 3D Vacuum Heat Press
  • Small and compact size
  • Designed specifically for cups and mugs only
  • Features Intelligent control system

Best 3D Sublimation Vacuum Heat Press

What Is a 3D Sublimation Vacuum Heat Press Machine?

3D sublimation vacuum heat press machines are heat presses used to print designs on to curved and irregular surfaces. This machine works by sucking out air to create vacuum pressure in the heated area where the blanks or substrates go.

The vacuum pressure combines with heat to snugly wrap the sublimation transfer paper around the curved item. This makes it possible and easy to fuse the design all the way around three-dimensional materials in a single press run.

The Pros and Cons of 3D Vacuum Press Over Regular Heat Press Machine

The 3d vacuum press boasts many draws which sets them apart from their ordinary counterparts, and several drawbacks alike, all mentioned in the 3d sublimation machine reviews guide below.


  • Can sublimate more than one item at a time. (two or more)
  • They are cheaper than oven system heat presses
  • It is possible to change the heating pads to suit the item you plan to decorate
  • With corresponding wraps, they work with a wide array of different shapes and sizes
  • The designs produced are smooth, crisp, and vivid and stunning with a soft feel and no discoloration or blur
  • Saves times and transfer paper you’d have used to press the front and then the back by doing it in just one design.


  • Can only be used on any plastic or sublimation-friendly material with a polymer coating
  • Does not work on dark-colored surfaces

When to Buy a 3D Sublimation Vacuum Heat Press?

The 3d sublimation vacuum machine should be your go-to option if you intend to print sublimation blanks or decorate stuff like mugs, cups, dishes and plates, pillowcases, phone cases, photo frames, ashtrays, computer mouse and mouse pads, caps and hats, puzzles, crystal ornaments, and key rings, among other curved and irregular items.

Best 3D Sublimation Vacuum Heat Press Review

Not all 3D sublimation vacuum presses are created equal, and there is dime a dozen options as far as the best 3D vacuum heat press go.

After thoroughly researching and testing every product we could find we found the following to be the most capable picks in their class.

They’re the very pinnacle of 3D vacuum sublimation and will not leave any designer disappointed. The most awesome combination of desirable qualities you can find in one product.

1 –  VEVOR ST3042 Heat Press Multi-Function 3D Sublimation Machine

VEVOR ST3042 - Best 3D Sublimation Vacuum Heat Press
VEVOR ST3042 Heat Press Multi-Function 3D Sublimation Machine

Not quite a heat press by normal standards, the VEVOR ST3042 3D multi-function sublimation heat press machine is practical nonetheless. The jack-of-all-trades in this niche.

The machine sports a robust and rugged build and prides itself on the magnesium alloy construction that leaves no one in doubt who’s king, and will defy wear, chipping, or breaking. The company also took time to neatly finish and paint the unit giving it a modern yet professional look that will add a sense of style to any space.

We were awed by how this thing functions as if it’s got a brain of its own. I am almost certain that you will like the highly intelligent with automatic inspiratory countdown.

As soon as the 3d multifunction sublimation machine is done with the temperature regulation and transfer, it will deflate automatically. Furthermore, a bright and intuitive LCD control panel will give you easy access to settings.

Designers who handle large quantity orders have a reason to be excited. This capable unit offers an enormous furnace area that can accommodate an impressive 12 mugs. This means efficiency and speedy delivery will save you frustrating rants over slow printing when you have to print a large number of mugs.

Did we mention the surface design of the upper and lower concave and convex dots which significantly improves the heating area? Also, the far-infrared heating technology lends to even heat distribution.

So, every section of the surface reaches the same temperature for consistent and accurate designs. Accompanying the machine is a roll of adhesive tape, a tape sit and a pair of gloves to protect your precious hands from burns.

  • The high-efficiency air filter protects the vacuum pump
  • You get a free pair of gloves
  • Large capacity

  • Large and bulky

VEVOR ST3042 Heat Press Specifications
Up Heating Power1300W
Vacuum Pump150W
Vacuum Flow0.188CBM
Size26 x 23 x 14 inches
Item Weight48.4lb/22 Kgs


If you are on a quest for a versatile investment that will yield long-term value, then here you go. The VEVOR multi-functional 3D sublimation vacuum machine is the best overall package and the number one performance-rated design equipment as far as 3D vacuum sublimation goes.

2 – INTBUYING 3D Vacuum Sublimation Heat Press

INTBUYING 3D - Good Quality Vacuum Sublimation Heat Press
INTBUYING 3D Vacuum Sublimation Heat Press

The next good vacuum heat press worth drooling over is the INTBUYING 3D Vacuum Sublimation Heat Press. The performance is up to bar, the build quality exceptional, and the price fair considering its caliber.

There is quite a bit of metal involved in the structure of the heat press. The outermost shell is made from tough, flame resistant and heat-insulating materials that will stand up to the heat and wear, and give you the service you need for months upon months.

The best part is the units are sufficiently large to press items of all sizes with a lot less restriction. You’ll not need anything more than the 12 mug capacity for a majority of use cases, whether you choose to go pro or prefer doing decors for personal items.

The company also aims to make matters more straightforward with the Intelligent Digital Control with automatic inspiratory countdown. The machine deflates automatically when the temperature regulation and transfer is finished.

INTBUYING 3D - Good Quality Vacuum Sublimation Heat Press

How thoughtful of the builders to include an automatic shut-down feature. You need not worry should you forget to switch off the press. It will automatically go off after 15 minutes of inactivity keeping you safe from burns and other accidents.

Installing this piece is painless and using it is a cakewalk. The 108°flip design also makes for easy loading of the print material.

That’s not all. The manufacturer had your safety in mind when they included the activated carbon filter to prevent toxic gas produced during the heat press transfer process from getting to the outside air. The machine is also CE certified.

Like other top-quality products in its class, this one also offers high-temperature resistant gloves and high-temperature heat tape. You also get a rubber clamp and high-temperature silicone film.

  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Comes in a safe shock-resistant packaging
  • You get 4 rolls of heat tap

  • Lacks an LCD display

INTBUYING 3D Heat Press Specifications
Up Heating Power1300W
Down Heating Power1300W
Vacuum Pump150W
Vacuum Flow33L/min
Size18.5x 23.2x11.4inches
Item Weight52.73lbs/ 23.92kg


The INTBUYING 3D vacuum sublimation heat press does not just receive a decent amount of hype, but it also walks the talk. Save for 3D sublimation on curved items, this well-made device can handle almost everything sublimation flawlessly. Would we recommend this to you? Of course, we’d.

3 – Techtongda 3D Vacuum Heat Press Machine

Best Value: Techtongda 3D Vacuum Heat Press Machine
Techtongda 3D Vacuum Heat Press Machine

If you have been waiting for a price drop in this category but still desire the same stellar performance, then the Techtongda 3D Vacuum Heat Press Machine is your best bet. The machine is praised for first-rate quality and performs more than deserving of the price range where it lies.

The sturdy machine is as tough as it gets. It is a product of flame retardant and thermal-insulated aluminum and iron and it’s pretty much ready for every harsh environment.

It promises military-like durability and resistance and passed our longevity tests with flying colors. You can’t help but notice the interactive control panel for making adjustments and LED screens to showcase your settings.

You need not go through the trouble of decorating your cups one after the other when this 3D sublimation has an ample 12 mug capacity. Another feature that sets this picks apart from the competition is the CISS Ink System.

Best Value: Techtongda 3D Vacuum Heat Press Machine

All thanks to the non-clogging nozzle, you get eye-popping pictures with crisp details, vibrant colors, and distinct arrangement. The ideal heat press machine for phone cases, mugs, plates, tiles, picture frames, and more.

It has left a mark as the best 3d sublimation machine for the money courtesy of the pocket-friendly price point and a generous offering of multiple free supplies to get you started. Inside the package, you will find high-temperature gloves, a hose, sealing strip, and three silicone cup clips.

Better yet, you get a complete kick-start kit comprising of three rubber clamps for mugs, six pairs of varied types of sublimation mugs, two sublimation plates of different sizes, two ceramic tiles, two rolls of heat tape, and a tape holder.

  • Includes all the necessary supplies
  • 15-minute auto shut-off function
  • Includes an active air filter

  • The flimsy lid wobbles

Techtongda 3D Specifications
Up Heating Power1300W
Down Heating Power1300W
Vacuum Pump150W
Vacuum Flow33L/min
Size23.6x 18.5x12.2inches
Item Weight52.9lbs/ 23.5kg


There is much better quality out there but if you are out for real value, superior functioning capabilities, and countless add-ons, this is certainly one to consider. Perfect if you are just getting started, on a tight budget and you are stuck in your search.

4 – WINUS 3D Sublimation Vacuum Heat Press

WINUS 3D Sublimation Vacuum Heat Press Reviews
WINUS 3D Sublimation Vacuum Heat Press

Who said that design enthusiasts who are constantly on the move cannot enjoy creating professional-quality prints?

WINUS went to the drawing board and kept some of what people love in ordinary presses while implementing newer technology in the WINUS 3D Sublimation Vacuum Heat Press.

The sweet spot here is the compact and lightweight design that lends to portability. It is a breeze to slip the unit into your backpack and carry it along with you without weight you down.

The minimalist construction of the mini 3D press machine makes this pick the best heat press for a phone case, with a reasonable 2-case capacity.

If good looks excite you, you will want to know that the design is stylish, commands respect, and steps up your game in matters of style.

To save you the frustration of fiddling around if you are new to this game, the manufacturer included Intelligent temperature control with convenient features such as digital temperature control, one key to finish, and automatic statistics of the processing capacity.

Who has time to fiddle when there’s important crafting to do? These assisting functions make it a cinch for you to print your designs. Even more, you get an LCD automatic control to assist you through use.

Expect a vacuum machine film, an upper and lower rubber seal strips, heat resistant gloves, and two molds for iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 cases.

  • Compact, lightweight, and portable
  • Includes one key to finish function
  • Comes with phone case molds

  • Limited to small items

WINUS 3D Specifications
Up Heating Power
Down Heating Power
Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Flow5L/Minute
Item Weight


The mini 3D sublimation vacuum press is the type any on the go designer would be content to use. It is a pleasant blend of function meets portability that very well serves the purpose of a portable sublimation heat press.

5 – Sunmeta 3D Mini Sublimation Vacuum Machine

Sunmeta 3D Mini Sublimation Vacuum Machine Reviews
Sunmeta 3D Mini Sublimation Vacuum Machine

If the compact size of this Sunmeta 3D mini sublimation vacuum machine for cups got you here, be comforted for it also serves just right. The company seems to understand that a lot of space isn’t possible for many people.

Therefore, they designed this thing compact so you can set it up in any tight space or corner without eating up much real estate. It is a perfect compact 3d vacuum press for mugs if you live in a small apartment or have a workshop with space constraints.

Aside from that, the machine relies on a far-infrared heating tube to produces a glowing print that will outlast the decorated mug. As you’d expect from a device in its class, it boasts outstanding practical features like an Intelligent control system.

Not to forget an easy to use control panel with an LED display gives you quick access to time, temperature, and other settings. That’s not all. The company promises a laudable 100,000 hours’ lifespan.

The price is still well within the comfortable reach of the budget shopper making it great for amateurs, and veterans alike.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Additional color options available

  • Only compatible with cups

Sunmeta 3D Sublimation Vacuum Specifications
Up Heating Power
Down Heating Power
Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Flow10L/Min
Item Weight6kg


You will be amazed at how small this thing actually is, yet it still manages to deliver impressively and outshine devices five times its size. Sunmeta did a remarkable job of balancing between functionality and the compact size, not to the detriment of quality. Highly recommended.

How to Use 3D Sublimation Vacuum Press

Apart from selecting the ultimate top quality pick, you want to make sure that you know how to use it well. More often than not people tend to purchase a top tier 3D sublimation press only to use them incorrectly and end up with poor quality outputs that are unable to satisfy their requirements.

But not anymore. This detailed guide contains a bounty of proven steps and strategies on how to use 3D sublimation vacuum press correctly and efficiently. Carefully read through and consider all the factors.

Printing Mugs With a 3D Vacuum Press

Needed Supplies

  • 3D vacuum press
  • Blank mug
  • Mug or cup molds
  • Transfer paper with the image
  • Pair of scissors
  • Heat transfer tape
  • Mug wrap
  • Heat resistant gloves
  • Lukewarm water

Step By Step Guide

Best 3D Sublimation Vacuum Heat Press Reviews

  • Take your image on the sublimation transfer paper, trim it along the edges using a pair of scissors.
  • Wrap the transfer paper around the cup, ensure it is straight, firm, and well-positioned.
  • Apply transfer tape to the edges of the transfer material
  • Put the mug into the mold
  • Set your temperature and time to match the instructions on the transfer paper.
  • Give the press about 10 minutes to preheat.
  • Open your heat press and put the mold with the mug inside the press.
  • Hit the vacuum button to suck out air and ensure a tight fit and then the time button. Ensure the timing starts to count.
  • Once complete, the vacuum will release. Wear protective gloves, lift the lid and silicone cover of the press and remove the mug.
  • Lift one edge of the transfer paper and check if all is well. If the design has been correctly transferred to the plate, remove the paper, and allow the mug to cool.
  • Put the mug into lukewarm water to cool the mug and end the sublimation process.
Printing a Phone Case With a 3D Vacuum Press

Before you learn how to make a personalized phone case, you will need to identify the type of phone that the case belongs to. This is crucial in determining the type of mold you will use. There is a different mold for every type of phone.

Needed Supplies

  • 3D sublimation vacuum press
  • Blank phone case
  • Compatible Phone case mold
  • Sublimation transfer paper with the image
  • Transfer tape
  • Pair of scissors
  • Pair of gloves

Step By Step Guide

  • Remove any protective paper on the phone case.
  • Snap the mold into the phone case.
  • Trim the transfer paper with the image using a pair of scissors leaving half an inch of bleed space around.
  • Wrap the transfer paper all-round the case, like you’d wrap a present.
  • Cut a slit on the corners, tuck in the sides and wrap the case around. Ensure the transfer paper is neatly wrapped around the case.
  • Secure the transfer paper over the edges with a heat resistant tape
  • Power on the 3D vacuum press and set the specified temperature and time settings
  • Allow it to heat for about 10 minutes before opening the lid and putting it in the phone case.
  • The phone case back where the image is supposed to be transferred onto should be up
  • Lock it and press the power button and then the vacuum button to suck out air and make for a tight hug around the case.
  • Hit the timing button and wait for the timing to countdown.
  • Wear your protective gloves, open the lid of the press, and remove the phone case.
  • Unwrap the case carefully. If you have a cooling mold, slide the case into the cooling mold to cold it down, end the process and help the case restore its tight fit around the phone.
Printing a Plate with a 3D Vacuum Press

Here, you will need to invest in a plate mold to prevent the plate from flattening when heat and pressure are applied.

Needed Supplies

  • 3D sublimation vacuum press
  • Blank polymer plate
  • Plate mold
  • Sublimation transfer paper with the image
  • Transfer tape
  • Pair of scissors
  • Pair of gloves

Step By Step Guide

  • Trim the sublimation transfer paper.
  • Take the plate and wrap the transfer paper around the plate and ensure it takes the shape of the plate.
  • Secure the edges with heat resistant tape and remove any wrinkles on the paper.
  • Power on the press and allow it to preheat for a couple of minutes.
  • Open the lid and place the plate with the transfer into the press. Ensure the side with the image is facing upwards.
  • Close both lids and press the vacuum button to remove air. Press the timing button to begin counting down.
  • Once the time is up, put on your protective glove and remove the plate from the press.
  • Peel the transfer paper to remain with the finished design.
Printing T-shirt With a 3D Vacuum Press

Those looking for how to print T-shirts with 3d sublimation press machine will want to know that you will need a smooth pad.

Needed Supplies

  • 3D sublimation vacuum press
  • Blank t-shirt
  • Sublimation transfer paper with the image
  • Transfer tape
  • Pair of scissors
  • Pair of gloves

Step By Step Guide

  • Put a smooth pad inside the t-shirt to prevent the ink from flowing to the other side
  • Place the image you intend to transfer facing downwards and stick it on the t-shirt using a heat resistant tape
  • Set the temperature to about 190° and the timing to four minutes. Allow it to preheat for several minutes
  • Put the t-shirt with the smooth pad inside and the transfer paper attached, into the 3D sublimation vacuum
  • Press the time button and wait for it to count down
  • Put on your protective gloves, pull out the garment, and remove the transfer paper.

Time and Temperature Settings for 3D Sublimation Machine

Mug160 – 180 °C3 minutes
Plate160 – 180 °C3 minutes
T-shirt180 – 190 °C2 minutes
Hat/cap180 – 200 °C3 minutes
Aluminum190 – 210°C3 minutes
Mouse Pad190 – 210°C3 minutes
Pillow/cushion180 – 190 °C2 minutes
Ribbon180 – 190 °C2 minutes

Tips You Should Know When Using a 3D Sublimation Vacuum Press

Best 3D Sublimation Vacuum Heat Press Reviews

  • Sublimation is only applicable to materials that are made of plastic or polyester, or have a polymer coating. Ensure the items you have in mind meet this condition.
  • Never use 3D sublimation presses with ordinary transfer paper and ink. Always use sublimation transfer paper and sublimation ink.
  • The materials you chose should also be heat resistant to prevent melting, wrinkling, or damage when exposed to the high temperatures in the press.
  • Avoid touching newly transferred items with your bare hands. The finished items are usually hot and may burn your hands. Always wear heat resistant gloves or mittens to keep your hands safe.
  • Like any other design procedure, always test print on blank paper or discarded apparel to prevent wastage of transfer paper and blank material
  • Always check to ensure that your vacuum tubing is connected to the top tray
  • Be very keen on sharp and rounded corners. Sometimes the paper can be rough and cause the image or pattern to be cut out.


Choices in the best 3d vacuum heat press are vast and varied. Choose wisely. Though innovations for three-dimensional printing are bound to be released soon, the listed 3D sublimation vacuum presses continue to trend and amongst the crème de la crème for now.

Just ensure the option you settle for will offer a plethora of benefits, suit your needs, and provide the right value for your money.

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