How to Effectively Care and Maintain Embroidery Machines?

Whether you are a housewife having an interest in crafts or an individual in the commercial embroidery business, knowing how to effectively care and maintain embroidery machines is a prerequisite for purchasing the machine.

Otherwise, you will soon be seen at the repair department of the product’s manufacturers. Being quite easy to handle even at the beginner’s level, the embroidery machines let you play with numerous colors and patterns, bringing out the artistic touch hidden deep inside you.

Care must be taken to increase the life span of the machine and to ensure proper functionality. Preventive measures are in the interest of the owner for technicians may turn out to be particularly expensive.

How to Effectively Care and Maintain Embroidery Machines

Tips and Tricks for Maintaining the Machine

A clean and properly maintained embroidery machine will unquestionably increase your production of embroidery work. However, certain wear and tear may occur in all machinery items no matter how much care is taken.

Here are some points that you should take note to make your machine last longer. Take care of these and you’re good to go!

  • Keep your machine covered at all times when not in use to prevent the tiny dust particles from entering the delicate circuits of the machine
  • Replacing the needle within a short span of time, say every 2 hours for commercial purposes, will produce a better quality of work with great finishing
  • Choose the perfect type of bobbin for your machine, which is the cylinder-like part on which the thread is wound upon. Clean the bobbin case to remove any dirt or lint accumulation
  • Clean the embroidery machine after every use to prevent a build-up of dust and lint
  • Thread and lint may get stuck in the machine. Regularly remove them to avoid any serious damages to the machine’s interior.
  • Lubricate the inside of the embroidery machine with religious regularity to increase the product’s efficiency
  • Remove any dust and other particles from the main supply area of the machine and its wiring to prevent any power failures
  • Clean the rotary hook of the machine at least once every month to ensure that nothing accumulates in the small part of the machine
  • Get the machine serviced by an expert technician after every 2 years
  • Replace thread every now and then as it tends to become old and brittle, reducing quality

What NOT to Do to Avoid Malfunctioning

Every product comes with its set of do’s and don’ts and embroidery machines are no exception. Have a look at what you need to avoid to have a durable machine.

  • Avoid inserting the needles and bobbin case incorrectly
  • Do not use bent needles on the fabric
  • Only use those adhesives specifically designed for embroidery purposes
  • Never keep the belt too loose or too tight as it causes the machine to become slow or make noises

How to Effectively Care and Maintain Embroidery Machine


Maintaining all products helps to make them perform much better with increased productivity and durability. Prevention is better than cure. Make it a habit to pay the due attention to your machine’s maintenance and care.

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