Potential Heat Press Issues and Solutions

Potential Heat Press Issues and Solutions: Complete Guide

Operating a heat press machine is a work of skill and science. You need to know the basics of the heat press science to create excellence. The only problem is that heat press machines sometimes err. The only way to navigate those potential heat press issues is to troubleshoot and … Read more

Burlap Bunnies

25 Fun & Easy Burlap Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Burlap is a classic fabric that manages to give even the most modern of homes a rustic feel. This makes it one of the most common fabrics for decoration. One of the best things about burlap is that it’s very easy to make crafts using it. In this piece, we … Read more

Best Sewing Machines For Kids

Best Sewing Machines For Kids and Teenagers 2024

The art of sewing checks all the boxes for a kid’s activity. It’s an art, a life skill, enhances concentration and motor skills, and doesn’t have the “screen-time” issue. Your kids can stitch for hours and not harm their eyes. Over that, they will learn something new. It’s a fantastic … Read more

Gemini Die Cutting Machine

Gemini Die Cutting Machine: Should I Buy and Which One to Buy?

If you are a crafter, you’ll love die cutting and embossing machines. It’s one of the best tools you can have that would make your creativity live in an easy way. You can write designs and make shapes on different materials like cardstock, paper, fabric, etc. Gemini die cutting machine … Read more

Best Silhouette Machines To Buy in 2019

Best Silhouette Machines To Buy

Whether they are used for cutting, stamping or even 3D printing, all Silhouette machines have one thing in common; they are highly efficient. These machines come with cutting edge software and a bunch of features that make using them a breeze. Needless to say, Silhouette machines are loved by crafters … Read more

Beginner Guide to Sewing Machine Needles

Starting something new is never easy. Sewing may seem easy, but any beginner will tell you that it takes a lot of work. There is a lot to learn in the sewing craft so don’t be too hard on yourself if this is your first project. Once you decide to … Read more

How To Make An Embroidery Thread Tassel?

Crafting is incomplete without tassels. A statement of this sort lies out of contradictions as tassels are ornaments used for decorating art and fabric, more often than expected. Tassels are layers of threads placed parallel to each other to create art that in turn is used for enhancing another piece … Read more

8 Basic Stitches for Hand Embroidery

Embroidery is an artistic craftsmanship that involves your creativity, passion, originality, uniqueness, and knowledge as to different ideas of stitches and how you will apply them in a textile. It is important to keep the basic stitches as your fundamental learning so you are able to stitch marvelous designs when … Read more

Best Fabric Cutting Machines

Top 8 Best Fabric Cutting Machines 2024

Every quilter, designer, and decorator knows the importance of owning the best fabric cutting machine. Although some may choose to use scissors, some fabrics are just too tough to be cut this way. As for rotary cutters, it’s just way too easy to get injured while using them. Additionally, there is … Read more

Best Embroidery Machine For Beginners

Best Embroidery Machine For Beginners 2024

As a consumer, finding the best embroidery machine for beginners that suits your needs can be difficult in today’s competitive and choice-spoiled market. So, to make your task easier, I have created this comprehensive guide containing some best beginner embroidery machine reviews. Whether you are looking for a basic embroidery … Read more