How to Embroider With a Sewing Machine?

In this era where everything is on your fingertips, sewing has become much easier as you think it can be. There was a time when people used to have needle and thread in one hand and they used to complete the whole work.

Now thanks to all the advanced technologies that you just have to upload the embroidery design on the machine and it will work for you.

How To Embroider With A Sewing Machine

You must learn about how to work with the embroidery machine and how you can in a few simple steps, create the best design. Today we have come up with something different.

This is not possible that all the sewers have an embroidery machine along with the sewing machine. Some people can’t invest at this stage and I used to be one of them.

The good news is that if you have a good sewing machine for home use then you can do embroidery with it as well. This is not a big deal at all.

In this blog, today we are going to help you in understanding how you can create the best embroidery design by your sewing machine and by following few steps you will be able to create your own designs.

How to Embroidery With A Sewing Machine?

#1 – Get Necessary Tools

Definitely, there is a difference between embroidery machine and a sewing machine but we can always use a sewing machine as an embroidery tool. To make this workout, you need a few tools.

Get the necessary sewing and embroidery tools
Get the necessary sewing and embroidery tools

Have normal sewing tools around you so you can make it work other than that have a template of the embroidery design you need on the fabric.

For example, if you need to embroider letters on the fabric then you must have the template of the letters and later you can start working on it. With the letters, you must have embroidery thread and needle.

Once you have all these things, this is the time to leave the panic behind and sit on your sewing machine as a confident sewer.

#2 – Choose The Right Feed Dogs

If you don’t know much about the feed dogs then I recommend reading the manual of the sewing machine. Before you attempt anything unusual on the sewing machine, you need to get familiar with the whole mechanism so, at the time of handling it, you don’t have to waste so much time here and there. Read the manual carefully to learn more about feed dogs.

Lower down the feed dog as this thing is going to give access to the user to sew with the free movement instead of pulling the fabric again and again towards you.

If you are unable to lower down the feed dog then you can also use a few tricks to cover it up. Use any useless credit card or piece of a card box to make it stop.

#3 – Using Stabilizer

When you work with the embroidery machine then, of course, it’s important to use the stabilizer on the embroidery area to stabilize the fabric. During the embroidery work, you need to focus on the design as compared to fabric nature.

Before you attempt embroidery, prepare the fabric and use different things on it like weights to pin it down.

You can use different kinds of stabilizers. I recommend using one which can be dissolved in the water at the time of washing so the fabric can get back to the original shape.

Before you place the fabric under the needle, use the stabilizer and your fabric will be ready to get the embroidery done.

#4 – Use An Embroidery Hoop

When you are working with the standard machine to create the embroidery design then the first thing which should be done is to create the hoop.

If you are attempting it for the first time then let me tell you the importance of the hoop. As embroidery thing is a little different than the normal sewing and project we do in our spare time and it needs attention.

Use a hoop to embroidery with a sewing machine
Use a hoop to embroidery with a sewing machine

Hoop plays an important role in embroidery. Hoop makes your work easier and you don’t have to stretch the fabric by your hand once it is set.

So no matter if you are working with the standard machine or embroidery machine, hoop needs to be there to handle the fabric and you just have to focus on the template and embroidery design.

#5 – Embroidery Thread and Needle

As a sewer, we all understand the importance of the needle and thread. If the thread is not according to the nature of the project then, in the end, we are definitely going to lose the finishing and professional look of the work.

Never use ordinary thread when it comes to the embroidery because later you will be able to complete the design but it’s not going to be long-lasting.

Always use a rayon thread which is just not going to look great but it will also help the sewing machine in finishing garment the way you want it to be.

You can use other threads as well as cotton polyester, but the thread must have the ability to provide strength to the whole design. The design must be felt by fingers.

Other than the thread, use appropriate needle too so you don’t have to go through the breakage problem in the middle of the work.

#6 – Outline and Template

Now place the template on the fabric and start running machine all over it. You use several designs for the embroidery purpose like a zigzag.

Zigzag stitches are one of the most used and suitable styles for the embroidery purpose and you will end up loving the look. The zigzag look is going to create a solid line for the rest of the design.

Once you have created the outline and you are satisfied with the overall shape of the template, this is the time to fill up space.

Start using the machine to create the whole picture and keep your pace slow because this will help you in creating the best thing and fast pace will just mess things up for the embroidery.

#7 – Hide the Ends

Now once you are done with the whole embroidery thing, it’s time to move on to the last part and that is finishing. We all know the importance of finishing and without this thing, how you are supposed to show the garment to anyone?

When it comes to the embroidery then finishing is quite a serious subject because you are not supposed to leave the revealing ends and threads in the fabric.

The tail of each thread which is at the back of the fabric is going to connect to the rest of the threads. You have to insert the thread into the needle and then pull it at the back of the fabric.

Tie them all together and trim the edges of the thread. Now you are done with the embroidery like a pro with the standard sewing machine.


Embroidery is such a fun thing to do because you can play with lots of colors and you can work with the beautiful shiny threads and that brings beauty to the work. You need to stay confident in sewing no matter what project you are working, you will finish the project like a pro.

I hope the guide above is going to help you in creating the best embroidery design using your sewing machine.

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