How To Thread A Brother Sewing Machine In A Perfect Way

Brother sewing machines are the long established and most popular sewing machines of all times because of their patented technology and quality parts to produce efficient stitches.

In this article, we will tackle about the steps on how to thread a Brother sewing machine.

How to Thread a Brother Sewing Machine

First of all, you have to master the different parts of the Brother sewing machine because these are relevant in following the threading steps.

Thereafter, you may now start your threading guide by thoroughly reading this threading process.

Fixing the Spool of Thread and Winding Up the Bobbin

As the first step before you start sewing, you should set-up your spool of thread, bobbin, and thread because these steps are a crucial part of the threading process.

Just follow this guide and learn how to do the first move!

1. Locate Your Spool Pin and Place the Thread

How to Thread a Brother Sewing Machine
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Turn on your sewing machine, place the thread on the spool pin which is usually located on the upper right part of your machine.

Now, locate the thread guide and wrap the thread from the spool pin up to the thread guide.

Check the spool of thread if it rotates in a clockwise direction and looks if the thread pass over the left side of the thread-guide then brings it back towards the machine.

2. Position the Bobbin

Get your bobbin and insert the tip of the thread to the bobbin’s hole. Make sure to pass it from the inside going out of the bobbin hole.

Measure at least 2 to 3 inches length of the thread through the bobbin’s hole.

Thereafter, place the bobbin on the bobbin winder and properly attach the thread connecting to the spool pin.

You may slide the bobbin winder so that it will be properly locked in its place.

3. Thread the Bobbin

Press on the paddle so that it will thread around the bobbin multiple times.

Then you may release your foot from the paddle/controller. You may also trim excess thread on the bobbin.

How to Thread a Brother Sewing Machine
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4. Wind the Bobbin until Full

Press the paddle again and gradually let the thread circulate until it winds on the bobbin. Continue pressing and operating the sewing machine until the bobbin is full with thick thread.

If the desired thickness of the thread has already been winded up on the bobbin. You may now cut the thread and remove the bobbin.

Also, don’t forget to lock again the bobbin winder in its place after removing the bobbin.

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Steps in Threading the Needle

You just learn how to thread the bobbin and how to properly install as well as move it from the bobbin winder.

The next set of steps will teach you how to thread the sewing machine’s needle.

1. Lift the Thread Take-up Lever

Way to Thread a Brother Sewing Machine
Lift the Thread Take-up Lever

To uplift the thread take-up lever, rotate the handwheel of the sewing machine then you will notice that the thread take-up level will rise from its position.

Make sure to rotate the handwheel in a counter-clockwise position.

In addition, you should turn off your sewing machine at this time to avoid any injury or damages.

Also, as you turn the handwheel, you should simultaneously do this by pressing the paddle/controller.

2. Rotate the Stitch Selector and Set the Tension Control

Make sure to properly set up the tension control and stitch selector. It will be effective if you’ll be able to rotate the thread without damaging it or losing its rotation.

Make sure to complete the first set of steps before performing this activity.

As a summary, locate your spool pin, place the thread, position the bobbin, thread the bobbin and wind it up until it’s full and thick with thread.

Thereafter, you may now proceed with this step.

3. Guide the Thread Along the Take-up Lever

You may now pull the thread going to the take-up lever and make sure it is properly locked on the take-up lever.

Make sure to use the paddle and handwheel when pulling the thread so that it will smoothly flow all over the paths where the thread was carefully installed and positioned.

In addition, check whether the thread was properly positioned from the spool pin going to the thread guide until it reaches the tension control, stitch selector, and take-up lever.

Then, you may now insert the last tip of the thread inside of the eye of the sewing machine’s needle.

Take a look at below instruction video on how to thread a Brother sewing machine:

Things You Should Know When Using Your Sewing Machine

1. Getting to Know Your Machine

It is important that you have to know the features and functions of your sewing machine.

Generally, most of the parts of the sewing machines are somehow similar as to each other. However, it will take time for you to recognize a specific location and function since the brands and models differ as to their physical appearance.

2. Check the Settings of Your Sewing Machine

How to Thread a Brother Sewing Machine
Check the Settings of Your Sewing Machine

You may check your manual in setting up your sewing machine. The higher its version, the more advanced are its settings.

Make sure to read the manual as thoroughly as you can so that you will never miss anything with regards to its functions and parts.

Take note to fix the settings of your sewing machine first before doing the threading and operating the machine.

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3. Memorize the Parts of the Sewing Machine

This might take time for the beginners but I’m pretty sure that you will get it immediately.

You should memorize the parts, functions, and location so that you can determine the parts whatever brand or model it is.

You will have the primary background of the sewing machine and it will help you in choosing the perfect sewing machine for you.

4. Check the Overall Sewing Machine Before Using

How to Thread a Brother Sewing Machine
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Have a regular monitoring of your sewing machine, let’s say about 2x to 4x a week so that you will be able to see if the steel parts have no rust and unnecessary damage.

The sewing machine should be well-maintained and rust free.

You might also consider the machine’s oil which is enough to lubricate the steel parts so that it will not cause any tangles on the thread while winding and stitching.

What Have You Learned About This Topic?

Have you completed reading all of the contexts?

If yes, you may now have the sufficient knowledge in dealing with sewing machines especially in threading the bobbin and needle.

This article will also remind you of some few tips on how to properly use your sewing machine before and after use.

In addition, you were able to learn the proper steps in threading the bobbin which includes locating the spool pin, threading the bobbin, and winding the bobbin.

You have also learned on how to thread the needle which consists of lifting the thread take-up lever, rotate the stitch regulator, set-up the tension control regulator, and guide the thread from the spool pin until it reaches the eye of the needle.

Hopefully, you have learned a lot in this blog segment and feel free to give your comments. Enhance your sewing skills by referring back to the basics.

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