A Stumpwork Tutorial For Starters

In improving your embroidery skills, you should try to experiment with the other tapestry styles so you could practice creating an intermediate level of embroidery art. Usually, embroidery involves a flat form of stitches that emphasize the image and designs. The modern way of producing a finely-detailed, fashionable, and high-quality … Read more

Hand Embroidery Basics: How to Use Embroidery Floss?

Picking a great selection of embroidery floss to your creation matters. The vibrant, lively, and vivid hues of different strands have a tantalizing, amazing, and artistic effect on your fabric. Moreover, your potential skill, artistry, and talent as a fashion designer, upholsterer, or a simple hobby dressmaker can be achieved … Read more

Types Of Embroidery Threads

If creativity is the only thing on your mind and all you think about is stitching and embroidery for a starter then you must be acquainted with the embroidery threads. There is a huge number of threads available in the market and all of them would be really appealing but you … Read more

Types of Embroidery That You Should Know

Many of us are aware of different stitches and almost all of us have come across embroidery work at some point but how many of us have gone deeper? There are different types of embroidery and do you know them? Embroidery business has become a very well-known all around the … Read more

How to Choose Your Embroidery Hoop?

Embroidery is like art with a needle. You can create some of the unique art with an embroidery hoop. But for making it impactful, choosing the right type of hoop is critical. Hoops come in different shape, size, and material. So which one is right for you? This decision becomes … Read more

How To Do Chain Stitch?

Chain Stitch is a simple process of having a large number of stitches forming the pattern of a chain. Though it is regarded as an old technique, it still earns a name of being pretty popular worldwide. When to Do Chain Stitch Embroidery? Before learning about how to do a … Read more

Enhance Your Skill: Try These 6 Hand Embroidery Stitches

What are embroidery stitches? Embroidery stitch is the movement of the needle and thread in an artistic manner and style. You can blend the simple textile with various embroidery techniques to produce a voguish fabric and designs. Working out with embroidery begins at the smallest unit of stitch but eventually, … Read more

How To Make A French Knot Embroidery?

Embroidery is a fun and interesting hobby or craft creation to do. This is because of its ability to bring out the most creative and the best artwork that an individual can do through the use of embroidery. One can create different images, silhouettes, and shapes in different colors that … Read more

Effective Way on How to Embroider by Hand

Working with a textile is a constant practice. You should learn the basics first on how to embroider by hand so that you will be guided with your embroidery career. Expand your knowledge in tapestry by trying out the various stitches and combine these tailoring techniques to come up with … Read more

How To Choose Hand Embroidery Needles?

Embroidery needles are titanium-coated sharp pointed objects used for needlework projects. When picking the appropriate needle, it should correspond to the thickness of both the fabric and thread that you’re going to use in your project. Sometimes, you don’t know which needles are perfect for your embroidery stitching and you … Read more