How To Do Chain Stitch?

Chain Stitch is a simple process of having a large number of stitches forming the pattern of a chain. Though it is regarded as an old technique, it still earns a name of being pretty popular worldwide.

When to Do Chain Stitch Embroidery?

Before learning about how to do a chain stitch, it is certainly important to follow what exactly it is meant for.

The purpose of doing a chain stitch is to fill up any kinds of shapes to make your work more creative or for the process of outlining.

How to Do Chain Stitch?

The formation of a pattern of chains will help you weave spirals or different structures you might want to create on your piece of work.

How to Do Chain Stitch?

Coming to how you go about it, it is necessary to pay keen attention to the number of steps below:

Step 1

You’ll have to begin with a really small stitch to weave all of it

  • For the purpose of getting a basic chain stitch, start by miniature, straight stitch on your piece of fabric, and ensure it is not bigger than a quarter of an inch or so. This will mark the start of the stitching process.
  • Get your needle to work from the back of the fabric, pushing it to the front, where the first hole is made.

Step 2

The next step marks coming back to fabric near the stitch you made and proceed

  • Get your needle through the back of the fabric at a close distance of the first hole you made, in line with it.

Step 3

Next, make a loop through the first stitch

  • Put the needle through the first stitch in the side.
  • Pull the thread so that it becomes very tight.

Step 4

Now you have got to bring the needle through the second hole that you made:

  • Bring the needle through the same hole as mentioned in step 2.
  • This should give the appearance of a slit or oval.
  • This is going to mark the first step of the linking of your chain stitch.

Step 5

Go below your stitch through the fabric

  • Now, all that you need to do is repeat the steps to complete your link of chains.
  • Take the needle from the back of your fabric to a point at a sufficient distance from the first link that you created.

Step 6

Now make a loop through the creation of the former link you have

  • You have to make the thread go through the both threads in the link of the chain that you have made.
  • Bring your needle through the same hole you went through. Now you have two links for your chain stitch.

Step 7

Repetition of the above steps

  • Now simply, follow the process above, to add more links to your chain.

Hence, by following the simple seven steps as listed above, you can make a wonderful piece of embroidery work on your desire of fabric, and perform the process of chain stitching quite artfully.

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