How to Choose Your Embroidery Hoop?

Embroidery is like art with a needle. You can create some of the unique art with an embroidery hoop. But for making it impactful, choosing the right type of hoop is critical.

Hoops come in different shape, size, and material. So which one is right for you? This decision becomes critical.

So here is your guide to choosing the right type of embroidery hoop.

Embroidery Hoop Size

Embroidery hoops consist of two circular rings which are of different sizes.

Even though these two rings always vary in size (proportionate), but their overall size also varies according to the requirements. Their size can range from 3 inches to 14 inches.

How to Choose Embroidery Hoop
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Choosing right size depends on the type of project you are working on. It must cover your fabric thoroughly with some overhang so that your fabric doesn’t tighten too much.

Because it will create unnecessary tension in the fabric which will eventually result in the distorted pattern, it is recommended to remove your cloth from the hoop when not using it.

Embroidery Hoop Shapes

The embroidery hoop comes in three common shapes:

Round shape: It is the most commonly used embroidery hoop. It is used to create attractive free-motion embroidery.

Square shape: It can be used in the machine as well as for hand embroidery. It is highly polished and manufactured to highest quality standard.

Oval shape: You can use oval shape embroidery hoop for wider embroidery and quality projects. Its size is much more limited.

Different Types of Embroidery Hoop

Here are different types of embroidery hoop:

How to Choose Embroidery Hoop

Handheld: These are usually small in size, lightweight and affordable. Often used in small projects. These are portable, so you are not bound to work in a particular place.

Quilting Hoops are larger in size. They are more than of 12 inches. They are used to hand quilt the top, batting, and quilt back together.

Ballpoint painting:  This is helpful for the projects where the paint is used to give fabric more color with different texture. These type of hoops are made up metal with a metal lip which protects your hand from the paint.

Machine embroidery hoops: These are used to prevent bunching of fabric during machine embroidery. When you are choosing hoop for your machine, size is an imperative so keep this in mind and always use stabilizer.

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