Graphtec CE-50 LITE Vinyl Cutter Plotter Review

There’s never been a more exciting time to be a DIY enthusiast or artist. Just a few years back, no one would have ever thought that innovation such as the Graphtec CE-50 LITE Vinyl Cutter could’ve made vinyl cutting so simple one day.

It is entirely up to par in terms craftsmanship, delivers satisfactorily as advertised, and lives up to its promise. The delivery is prompt and accurate as long as you restrict it to light to medium applications

I was scouting through the crowded market for the best vinyl cutting machine for T shirts when I bumped into the GCC CE-50 Lite vinyl cutter. I decided skeptically to give it a go.

Graphtec CE-50 LITE Vinyl Cutter Plotter Review
Graphtec CE-50 LITE Vinyl Cutter Plotter

After acquiring the plotter for my new sign shop, I ran my keen eye over it and threw the most demanding of cutting tests at it. It managed to meet and by far surpass my expectations with eye-catching graphics and clean and smooth edges.

You need not waste your precious money on the understocked and inept vinyl cutting machine when the market offers this reasonably priced yet capable pick. It may not be the cheapest out there, but the price point is still within the budget shopper’s comfortable reach.

About the Manufacturer

Graphtec is a well-known and reputable electronic giant in this business and requires no introduction in the vinyl cutter industry. The manufacturer routinely scores high in the quality and value departments, and they nailed it again with the CE-50 Lite plotter.

The company matches up to its reputation as one of the top manufacturers in this space with yet another of the best plotter cutter. This exciting design tool genuinely shines as far as quality vinyl cutting goes. They offer the CE-50 Lite plotter for those of us who have less money to spend but still want a great plotter.

The plotter has drawn a significant amount of attention from shoppers looking for medium-performance plotters.

Most features in its earlier siblings still live on in this model, although a few notable add-ons are eminent—a worthy addition to any handyman’s kit.

Graphtec CE-50 LITE Vinyl Cutter Plotter Review

Graphtec CE-50 LITE Vinyl Cutter Plotter Review

Design and Construction

Just from a glance, you can tell that this thing was built to take a beating. It sports a rugged industrial-grade construction that can hold up to intense day-to-day use for a lifetime.

Its compact and minimalist design means you can squeeze it onto any tight space without eating up a lot of real estates. Perfect if you are dealing with space constraints.

You cannot help but notice the sleek and clean design will add a sense of style to any setting. New hands and intermediate designers need no more than the 11.5-inch cutting length by 16.5-inch cutting width for their small to medium projects.


Graphtec CE-50 LITE Vinyl Cutter Plotter Review
Graphtec CE-50 LITE Vinyl Cutter Plotter

The 20-inch premium blade brags of the ability to conquer and cut through thicker materials like a knife slices through butter. You will enjoy working on various materials, including paper, craft paper, standard vinyl, and heat transfer vinyl, paint mask, cardstock, and more.

If power appeals to you, then it is hard to beat this level of muscle. Trust the 210 grams of downforce to effortlessly slice through thick material like a pro without wasting your time and material. A decent figure for the minimalist equipment car that it is.

You will get to complete the task at hand faster and focus on other vital projects. Other features worth mentioning are the numbered blade holder, which makes for the most accurate and clean cuts.

Software and Connectivity

If you are new to this game, fret not about spending extra on design software. The manufacturer is generous with free Graphtec Pro Studio Software and Cutting Master 4 Plugin to create countless designs.

Did we mention that the cutting tool is usable with a host of other software like Sure Cut A Lot, SignBlaser, and SCAL?

You also get $100 worth of access to So Fontsy store and enjoy playing with the thousands of personal and commercial designs and fonts.

It comes with pieces you may not have even thought about including in your arsenal. You get a free roll feeder and Vinyl Trimmer.

As you’d expect, the Graphtec vinyl cutter also comes with a USB connecter for plugging into your computer. The seller wants to help you cut back on additional costs.

So they include 10 Rolls of 12 Inch by 6 Feet of Oracal 651 and an Oracal Custom Swatch Book to get you started.

Ease of Use

The manufacturer wants to make it a cakewalk for you to use this thing. So, they included an intuitive and interactive 4.3-inch LED touchscreen display to give quick access and allow for easy switching between different modes and settings.

Also, you will get a user manual inside the package to guide you through use.


One area where that needs work is the software on runs only on Windows computers. Shoppers who swear by Apple computers and other operating systems will need to make arrangements for an additional Windows computer.

Additionally, the cutting length and width are a little on the low and may restrict the cutting tool to small to medium-sized projects. The user guide manual is also shallow in detail and videos on its use are limited, making it difficult for the less tech-savvy to operate.

  • LED touchscreen display
  • Compact and portable
  • Free design software
  • Reasonable price

  • Software is limited to Windows PC.

What’s In the Package?
  • Graphtec CE-50 Lite Cutter Plotter.
  • USB Connector.
  • Roll Feeder
  • Vinyl Trimmer
  • Set-Up Manual.
  • Graphtec Studio Software.
  • Cutting Master 4 Plugin.

Wrap up

Graphtec CE-50 Lite Cutter Plotter wouldn’t feature on our post if it weren’t for the tight and detailed quality cuts and consistent performance that it is known for. It performs like a champ without costing you an arm. Simplicity is the surest way to go.

The company is a genius at keeping their product basic and simple while still maintaining the class and elegance at world-class standards and offering high-end plotters’ cutting quality. Highly recommended for novices, small shops, and medium-size shops.

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  1. I have had my CE 50 for nearly two years and still haven’t mastered the art of using the plotter. I had numerous problems with the software not connecting and when I looked for help online it appeared a lot more people were having the same issue.
    Thankfully, I still have my Brother Scan and Cut as its easy to use and learn. I am sick to the back teeth of the CE 50 Lite , its been nothing but trouble with setting up and using.


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