Graphtec CE7000-60 PLUS Cutting Plotter Review

If you have been around vinyl cutting projects for a while, you probably understand how challenging a task it is to cut design material.

Thankfully, innovation presents efficient equipment as the Graphtec CE7000-60 PLUS Cutting Plotter to take your design skills to the most elite levels, improve your professional crafting arsenal, and get the job done in no time.

Graphtec CE7000-60 PLUS Cutting Plotter Review
Graphtec CE7000-60 PLUS Cutting Plotter

Achieving perfection is impossible, but this superb quality plotter leaves little to be desired. And as a loyal Graphtec CE7000-60 PLUS user, I can attest to five years of consistent straight and clean cuts.

Although this purchase price restricts it to those, who are willing to pay the extra buck, the professional vinyl cutting machine checks a lot of boxes from what you may require out of the best vinyl cutter for small business.

About the Manufacturer

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The CE7000-60 PLUS Vinyl Cutter is made by the renowned Graphtec manufacturers who are never compromising their productions’ quality and functionality.

Graphtec seems to have realized how testing it can be to trim design material and decides to offer a solution in this capable piece. The company took the time to create this cutting tool with your best interest in mind.

The CE7000-60 PLUS Vinyl Cutter flies high amongst its competitors and is a force to be reckoned with in the design world. It sits pretty as a worthy upgrade of its predecessor, the CE6000 series, and offers multiple added performance-enhancing features.

A couple of years back, such a professional vinyl cutting machine could only be found in large commercial entities. But today, with such affordable options, all the design information on the internet at our disposal, and more design shops popping up every day, it becomes a standard handy tool for small to medium-sized businesses. While this product may be a little pricy, it is in line with the professional quality plotter that it is.

Graphtec CE7000-60 PLUS Cutting Plotter Review

Design and Construction

Graphtec CE7000-60 PLUS Cutting Plotter Review
Graphtec CE7000-60 PLUS Cutting Plotter

Expect a lifetime of dedicated service courtesy of the industrial-grade materials used, durable construction, and rugged design.

The included industrial stand is robust to ensure the utmost stability and resistance to any form of pressure during use. With the 24inch cutting size, you have ample allowance for all the serious professional projects you intend to handle.

The design also includes a useful tool and accessory holder that will keep away all your design tools when you do not need them and provide easy access.


Your old vinyl cutter is not powerful at all. This reliable CE7000 plotter is.

Known for its performance, this unit boasts a rock-solid digital servo motor that can cough out a decent 450 grams of cutting force to smoothly and seamlessly cut through any thickness of design material.

So, trimming vinyl stickers, cardstocks, paper, home decor, greeting cards, apparel, and fabric should be quick and easy. If you like making decals and custom home decor, then consider yourself covered.

Graphtec CE7000-60 PLUS 24" Professional Vinyl Cutter Plotter Review
Graphtec CE7000-60 PLUS 24″ Professional Vinyl Cutter Plotter

The CE7000 comes with tools for contour and die-cutting. Besides the convenience of effortlessly creating decals that can easily be plucked out from the roll media, this also lends to your cutting blades’ longevity.

The manufacturer included its proprietary Advanced Registration Marking System (ARMS 8.0). This function relies on LED sensors to detect the cut material’s registration marks and ensure the utmost precision when cutting. This makes it easy to smoothly cut through metallic, high gloss, glitter, and high-intensity reflective materials.

You’ll be amazed at how the Graphtec’s Datalink Barcode System interprets cutting data from your computer or portable USB storage, access all necessary files, ensure appropriate cut settings, and automatically initiate the cutting process. This makes for a hand’s free operation and lets you sit aside and relax while the plotter does the hard job for you.

Software and Connectivity

Worry not about creating, editing, and customizing your designs. The manufacturer is generous with its proprietary Graphtec Pro Studio software for design and cut graphics and free Cutting Master 4 plug-in for Adobe & Corel Users to keep you covered.

Not to mention that this plotter works with both Windows PC and Apple computers, so your platform should limit you in any way.

You also get $200 worth of purchase from So Fontsy Design Store. In the store, you will get countless designs and fonts for commercial applications and personal use alike.

The best part is that you do not need a computer to trim your cut material. The USB thumb drive support allows you to connect a portable USB drive with cut information directly to the included USB port, and upload and cut jobs without needing to plug into a system.

The makers were innovative with the Ethernet connectivity allowing you to transfer data using TCP/IP protocols and provide more connectivity options. You also will get a 9.5 feet long USB cable for connecting to your computer.

Ease of Use

Graphtec CE7000-60 PLUS Cutting Plotter Review
Graphtec CE7000-60 PLUS Cutting Plotter

Operating this unit is touch-of-a-button easy. You will find it easy to access buttons for adjusting the speed and force to your specifications.

Besides, the button control panel is a comprehensive backlit display that showcases all your settings.

You need no special skills, tools, or to enlist a friend’s aid to put it together and get it up and running. The package includes different manuals to guide you through set up, cutting blade installation.


The hitch I realized is the four-figure price clause. The price maybe is a little steep and challenging to achieve for the budget shopper, but it is well worth the sacrifice.

But if we brought the price out of the equation, it is the perfect professional vinyl cutting machine.

  • Includes a stand
  • Contour cutting and die-cutting functions
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Free design and cut software
  • Multiple sizes available

  • Slightly pricey

Graphtec CE7000-60 PLUS Cutting Plotter Review
Graphtec CE7000-60 PLUS Cutting Plotter Accessories
  • Graphtec CE7000 PLUS
  • Stand
  • Pen Adapter
  • Staedtler Lumocolor Pen
  • Roll Feeder
  • Tool & Accessory Holder
  • Loupe
  • Vinyl Scraper
  • X-Acto Knife
  • USB cable
  • Cutting Master 4 Software
  • CE7000 Machine Training Video
  • Set Up Manual
  • Drivers CD
  • Cutting Blade Manual
  • Safety manual

In Conclusion

Vinyl cutters are essential to any professional designer’s arsenal, and you should not compromise on the quality of the gear you use. The CE7000 will provide neat and precise cuts, get the job done swiftly every time, and hold up to a lifetime of daily use.

If you are still contemplating how to start a vinyl cutting business and whether or not you really need the Graphtec CE7000 vinyl cutting machine, we would advise you to go for it.

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