GCC Professional Expert II LX Vinyl Cutter Review

Had it not been for an article I read in my favorite design magazine, where an expert recommended the seamless GCC Professional Expert II LX Vinyl Cutter to a reader, I would never have owned this capable piece.

Being the curious type, I decided to try out this plotter. I’d been using GCC equipment for years, and this is my third cutter from the manufacturer. Like its siblings, this top of the line cutter has not disappointed. It has since been consistent with excellent cuts and incredible outputs.

GCC Professional Expert II LX Vinyl Cutter Review
GCC Professional Expert II LX Vinyl Cutter

The GCC Professional Expert II is a beautiful blend of excellent performance, robust construction, and simple, clean looks. This pick may not be the cheapest there is, but most serious shoppers can still fit the budget to buy it, so no one is left behind

About the Manufacturer

GCC usually builds its products to present the best balance between reliability, affordability, and durability, and the GCC Professional Expert II LX Vinyl Cutter is a prime example of that.

The Professional Expert II is nothing short of the premium quality GCC has always produced. The company dares to portray pure class’s meaning without sacrificing on functionality, affordability, and longevity with this plotter.

The manufacturer has managed to meet and far exceed its audience’s expectations with the latest modern technology, useful features, and ergonomic design all in a compact unit. The makers bring you this pick as an ideal choice for personal use and small business setups.

Despite lying on the lower end of the price scale, it is up to par in matters of precise and fluid, top-quality cutting.

GCC Professional Expert II LX Vinyl Cutter Plotter Review

Design and Construction

GCC Professional Expert II LX Vinyl Cutter Review
GCC Professional Expert II LX Vinyl Cutter

Sturdy in its construction, the plotter will run smoothly for decades giving service to the desired level. The materials used are industrial grade and will stand up to wear, elements, and vigorous use.

The company understands that a lot of space isn’t possible for most people. So they design this desktop vinyl cutter compact so it will not eat up much real estate and easy to carry around.

The 24-inch cutting width will let you handle small to medium-sized projects, making it the best vinyl cutting machine for home use and commercial application.

How creative of the builders to incorporate a grooved cut-off tool in the design?

You will enjoy the convenience of cutting your finished jobs in clean, precise, and super straight fashion and avoid any wastage of material.


The 350 grams of downforce promises the same level of extra-deep, superb quality cutting and speed even when gliding through thick vinyl. Fret not if you intend to work on long projects or deal with large orders.

The cutting speed of up to 400 mm per second means the cutter will quickly slice through materials without slowing you down.

The graphics you will get are fascinating and out-of-this-world, all thanks to 27.8 ips cutting speed. Perfect if you are on a quest for a vinyl machine for shirts, vinyl, and signs.

GCC Professional Expert II LX Vinyl Cutter Review
GCC Professional Expert II LX Vinyl Cutter

Better yet, with three meters tracking ability, you can expect clean and accurate cuts with beautiful straight edges and fine details.

Additionally, the tracking ability will reduce the wastage of materials and save you additional costs. I am yet to meet a sign maker or designer who does not find delight in the contour cutting this thing offers.

As one of the top vinyl cutters, the GCC Expert II LX model provides a standard Automatic-Aligning System (AAS II) to ensure accurate contour cutting.

The system detects the registration marks on images produced digitally using functions like 1st-mark auto-detection, 4-point positioning, segmental positioning, and multiple copies.

Connectivity and Software

Inside the package, you will get a USB Cord and serial ports for connecting to your computer for extra flexibility and versatility.

Taking about computers, the unit also comes accompanied by special VLCD software for creating and editing whichever type of project and expert level you have in mind. The software is a cakewalk to use for newbies and old hands alike courtesy of its intuitive and interactive interface.

Did we mention that you also get free plugins to pair the plotter with CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator CS? This gives you access to ready-made designs and lets you sit aside and watch while the software does all the hard job.


One downside is that the plugins provided with this purchase are only compatible with Windows 7 users or later.

Therefore, shoppers using Apple computers will need to switch to a compatible device. You will also have to install the software, drivers, and plugins to sync this unit with your computer.

  • Onboard cutting tool
  • Contour cutting ability
  • Three-meter tracking ability
  • Free software and plugin

  • The plugin is compatible with Windows PC only.

The GCC Professional Expert II LX versus The GCC AR-24

The GCC Professional Expert II LX has managed to keep up with the other vinyl cutters from the manufacturer.

There is no much difference with its brothers as the GCC AR-24 plotter. GCC included most of their proprietary technology with several notable add-ons as the 3m contour cutting ability for Expert II, whereas the AR-24 offers 1m tracking.

The onboard cutting tool and VLCD software are among the features that carry on with this model.

What’s in the Package?

  • GCC Professional Expert II Vinyl cutter
  • Aligning System for Contour Cutting (ASS II)
  • Cutting Blade
  • Cutting Blade Holder
  • Roll Feeder Attachment for tabletop use
  • Cutting Strip
  • Vinyl Trimmer
  • Weeding Tweezers
  • USB Cord
  • Power Cord
  • Installation CD
GCC Professional Expert II LX Vinyl Cutter Review
GCC Professional Expert II LX Vinyl Cutter
Wrap Up!

If you are genuine about getting yourself a new vinyl cutter for home use and light commercial use, the GCC Professional Expert II LX deserves a special place in your cart and everyday design life.

It a top-quality plotter that is consistent, efficient, and speedy in delivering and fair in the price. You’ll indeed wish you bought it years ago! Would we recommend this to you? Of course, we would.

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