GCC AR-24 Craft Vinyl Cutter Review

Let me guess: you are a pro or DIY enthusiast who has had a fair share of poorly-made, knock-off vinyl cutters. If not, you are a new hand in a quest for a reliable and premium-quality craft vinyl cutter without having to sell a kidney.

Thankfully, the introduction of well-made vinyl cutters at moderate costs, like the GCC AR-24 vinyl cutter, makes it a more exciting time to live for hobbyists, DIY lovers, pros, businesses, and more.

This equipment passed all the tests we subjected it to with flying colors, loyally answered the call of duty, and consistently gave precise and satisfying cuts.

GCC AR-24 Vinyl Cutter Plotter Review
GCC AR-24 Inch Vinyl Cutter for Crafts
About the Manufacturer

If you have been around DIY equipment for vinyl projects for a while now, then the name GCC World shouldn’t sound alien to you. The company has been making killer equipment for DIY and craft projects for a long time now, so it’s no surprise that the GCC AR-24 Vinyl cutter well too.

The manufacturer continues to serve the budget DIY community and artisans alike with this modern, superb quality vinyl cutting tool at an easily affordable price point.

I must accent to approaching products from the company with some slight skepticism only to be taken by surprise after realizing how amazing their products are. Likewise, I found it hard to fault the AR-24 since it accurately and quietly does its job and does much more than you will ever demand from it.

GCC AR-24 Vinyl Cutter Plotter Feature Review

GCC AR-24 Craft Vinyl Cutter Review

There are plenty of reasons to invest in the GCC AR-24, next are good reasons why you should check out this piece;

Design and Construction

The GCC AR-24 feels as solid as it looks and will take a beating and withstand a lifetime of daily use. The robust paint coating used will defy scratches, rust, wear, and elements and hold its shine for decades to come.

Compact, this desktop vinyl cutter will fit into just about any tight space without eating up much real estate. It is also lightweight and portable and convenient to carry with you wherever you wish to use it from.

If you care about good looks, you will be thrilled to know that this piece sports a sleek and striking identifiable look that adds a sense of style to any space.


Do not be deceived by the minimalist design that meets your eyes. This thing packs a punch. It is among the best vinyl cutter for beginners, and as long as you restrict it to leisure seekers DIY crafters, and light commercial applications, you will do just fine.

Powered by stepping motor with 250 grams of cutting force, the machine will effortlessly slice through every heavy vinyl material you have in mind.

So, you get sufficient oomph to tackle all the light vinyl cutting projects you throw at it.

GCC AR-24" Craft Vinyl Cutter Review
GCC AR-24″ Craft Vinyl Cutter

The AR-24 makes up in quality where it slacks in cutting speed. Although the 15.7ips (400 mm/sec) cutting speed is a little on the low, you will still enjoy making flawless and accurate cuts.

You will enjoy handling a varied range of craft projects, all thanks to the generous cutting width of up to 23.6 inches.

Additionally, a built-in 1mb memory buffer lends to speedy processing of the data from the computer before cutting.

The manufacturer recommends cutting materials that are no thicker than 0.8mm to prevent damaging the blade and compromising with the quality of the output.

Moreover, the manufacturer wants to offer smooth and accurate cuttings, prevent wastage of your valuable material, and save you the extra cost. So they included a stable drum which promises 1-meter tracking.

Exclusive Features

It was thoughtful of the manufacturer to feature a convenient grooved cut-off tool. This innovative design is efficient in ensuring straight lines when cutting and reducing any possible wastage of the material.


You will find a USB port should you want to plug in, create, and upload designs from your computer.

Also, the GCC AR-24 comes with serial port making for dual-port connectivity and providing extra versatility and flexibility for designers. Better yet, the cutting equipment is compatible with both 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows 7, 8, 10.

Ease of Use

Using this cutting tool couldn’t be easier. You will get an easy-to-use control panel with 10 Control keys and 2 LEDs that let you select the settings that work for you with just a couple of touches. The builders of this capable unit also included a simple yet interactive VLCD software that makes it a cinch to use.

So, you need not be techy or enlist the aid of a friend to use the GCC vinyl cutter.

Besides, the vinyl cutting machine comes with a “one-click” Windows driver that lets you edit your signs easily, directly from the CorelDraw software to the plotter.


While we all yearn for expensive high-end products, our wallets may disagree. Thankfully, at a tiny fraction of the price of its premium competitors, the AR-24 Vinyl Cutter delivers best-in-class quality.


It will be biased of this post should I finish it without mentioning the areas where the manufacturer compromised or failed.

One notable limitation of this otherwise splendid piece is its cutting speed. The makers seem to be sacrificing on the pace for the maximum quality of the output. That’s not all. MacBook users will want to note that the GCC AR-24 is not compatible with macOS.

GCC AR-24" Craft Vinyl Cutter Review
GCC AR-24″ Craft Vinyl Cutter
  • Backed by a three-month warranty
  • Reasonable price
  • Dual-port connectivity
  • Sleek, attractive and portable design

  • Incompatible with MacOs

What’s Inside the Box?
  • 45-degree blade for standard vinyl cutting
  • Tweezers
  • USB cable
  • Cutting Pad
  • Safe Media Cutter
  • GreatCut Cutting Software

Final Words

The fantastic features of the GCC AR-24 are too exciting for what the plotter costs and the equipment is worth checking out. This product is tighter than the competition, not just in terms of affordability and unblemished performance, but also when a little style is appreciated.

Despite the compact build, the AR-24 features a distinctive, unique design and is packed with performance-optimizing features. Well worth the bargain!

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