Best Cricut Black Friday Deals 2023

If you enjoy crafts, arts, scrapbooking, and garment decoration a lot, you’d be forgiven for wanting to own one of Cricut machines.

However, if you’re considering buying one of Cricut machines or you’ve just learned about them, their not-so-affordable price tags might shock you. Why should they cost that much?

Well, Cricut machines are very easy to use and are one of the most streamlined, high-end machines on the market, but they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg if you shop smart.

Cricut Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals 2023
Cricut Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals 2023

In this post, we’ll share with you some of the best Black Friday sales 2023 on Cricut machines as well as the best Cyber Monday Cricut deals and show you where and when to hunt for some jaw-dropping discounts.

We are also listing sales on Cricut accessories. If you want the best deals on Cricut tools, vinyl, cutting mat, and more, you’ll also find them all here!

Make sure to check out my post on the best Cricut machine and find out which is the most suitable Cricut machine for your needs.

We will be updating these posts many times for Black Friday so check back often.

More Cricut Christmas deals 2023 are revealed below. Read on!

Best Cricut Cutting Machine Black Friday Deals 2023

Following are the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on Cricut cutting machines you can find at

We’ll update this page often to bring you the latest Cricut machine deals of 2023.

Black Friday Cricut Cutting Machine Deals 2023
24% OFF
Cricut Explore Air 2
  • Can cut 100+ types of material
  • 2X faster cutting and writing
  • Comes with embedded Bluetooth
22% OFF
Cricut Explore Air 3
  • Cut 100+ types of material
  • Compatible with smart materials
  • Cut faster Explore 2

Bookmark this page and check back regularly as we update this post based on the availability of new Cricut deals.

Black Friday Cricut Heat Press Deals 2023

Get the best discounts on Cricut heat presses with the following Black Friday deals.

Black Friday Cricut Heat Press Deals 2023
48% OFF
Cricut Easy Press 2
  • 9-in x 9-in size ideal for basic t shirts, tote bags, pillows, aprons, and more
  • Even heat distribution, super easy to use
  • Lightweight and portable
40% Off
Cricut AutoPress
  • Creates professional-grade results
  • Large 15 in x 12 in heat plate
  • Easy, effortless to use
37% OFF
Cricut Easy Press Mini
  • Ideal for small heat transfer projects
  • High quality, compact and portable
  • Easy to use, heat up quickly
34% OFF
Cricut Hat Press
  • 5 in x 3 in, the curved, ceramic-coated heat plate provides edge-to-edge heat
  • Adjustable time and temperature
25% Off
Cricut Mug Press
  • Print on 11-16 oz mugs with sublimation coating
  • Quick operation, easy to use
  • Safety-conscious and compact design

Best Cricut Tools & Accessories Black Friday Deals 2023

Breathtaking creations begin with the right tools and accessories. Cricut has a large variety of Cricut accessories such as Knife Blade, Scoring Wheel, Cutting Mat, tools, etc. on sales with amazing discounts.

You can get some jaw-dropping Cricut Black Friday deals 2023 on Cricut accessories, cutting tools, mats, and new blades on or Amazon.

Best Cricut Tool & Accessories Deals 2023
43% OFF
Cricut EasyPress Mat
  • Provides smooth and even surface
  • High quality mat, durable
20% OFF
Cricut Easy Press Mat 16x20-in
  • 16-in x 20-in size ideal for larger iron-on projects
  • Also great for pressing sewing projects
  • Useful, high quality mat
55% OFF
Cricut Single Scoring Wheel
  • Creates extra-deep score lines on crafting materials
  • Use with Cricut Maker machines only
52% OFF
Cricut Ultimate Fine Point Pen Set
  • Write and draw with Cricut Explore machines
32% OFF
Cricut 2004227 Bonded-Fabric Blade, Multicolor
  • Used With Bonded Fabric And Fabric With An Iron-On

Cricut Knife Blade Black Friday Deals

Cricut Cutting Mat Black Friday Deals

Other Cricut Tool Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Cricut Tool Deals

Best Cricut Materials Black Friday Deals 2023

Cricut also offers amazing Cricut Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday deals on vinyl and cutting materials. Remember, you can get incredible discounts on Cricut Vinyl and Materials at Amazon or, especially when you buy in bundles.

Cricut Black Friday deals happen every year and this year is no exception. Check the list below to see the best deals available on Cricut materials, including iron-on (heat transfer vinyl), infusible ink, smart materials and so on.

Best Cricut Material Deals 2023
51% OFF
Cricut Everyday Iron On
  • 12-in x 2ft HTV Vinyl for T-Shirts, bags
59% OFF
Cricut Premium Removable Vinyl
  • Removable adhesive vinyl for decals, labels, and wall decor
15% OFF
Cricut Glitter Iron On Vinyl Sheets
  • 1 roll 12 inch x 19 inch Glitter Iron-on
61% OFF
Cricut Smart Holographic Iron On Vinyl (13 in x 3 ft)
  • Apply easily with Cricut Heat Press or any other household iron press
27% OFF
Cricut Joy Smart Holographic Iron On Vinyl
  • Used with Cricut Joy machine, easier to weed and apply
22% OFF
Cricut SportFlex Iron On Vinyl
  • Made specifically for polyester and nylon activewear

That’s it for now, be sure to check back frequently as we continue to update this post with the latest Cricut deals.

Cricut Lighting Tools Black Friday Deals 2023

Best Cricut Lighting Tool Deals 2023
50% OFF
Cricut Bright 360 Ultimate LED Table Lamp
  • 27x39 inch lamp, clear and bright light
21% OFF
Cricut BrightPad Go
  • 5 brightness settings of even LED light reveal hard-to-see cut lines

Cricut Maker Black Friday Deals 2023

Presently, you can get the machine for the lowest Black Friday price starting at $249 at Amazon and as low as $249.99 at

Cricut also offers awesome deals on Cricut Maker bundles where you can save up to $250 only for this Black Friday sales event. Superb!

Cricut Maker Black Friday Deals

The Cricut Maker is one of the fastest, smartest, and most powerful cutting machines from Cricut. The machine comes in a sleek, convenient, and ready to use design and can cut 300 and more materials with astounding agility and precision.

It handles tough stuff like balsa wood, leather, and matboard as well as delicate materials like paper, vinyl, sewing patterns, and fabrics with effortless precision, thereby placing more creative power and DIY possibilities than ever at its user’s fingertips.

The machine’s power, precision, range of tools, ease of use, and its Adaptive Tool System that automatically controls the blade’s pressure and direction make it one of the best cutting machines on the market. With Black Friday Cricut deals, you can get the Cricut Maker at the best price.

Quick Tip

Black Friday deals are limited-time deals. Check out Amazon Black Friday deals page for thousands of deals on a wide range of products.

Cricut Explore Air 2 Black Friday Deals 2023

Amazon has a great deal on Cricut Explore Air 2 with the price only $169 but for limited time only! Be hurry when supplies last.

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is a new generation plotter and cutter with lots of functions and features that make crafting easy, fun and satisfying. The machine can cut more than 100 types of materials with great precision, which makes it suitable for hobbyists and professional crafters.

Cricut Explore Air Black Friday Deals

Just like the Cricut Maker, the Explore Air 2 features Bluetooth connectivity, a dedicated app that supports different platforms and an easy to use software that makes crafting as easy as a breeze.

Cricut Easy Press Black Friday Deals 2023

Right now, you can get awesome Cricut EasyPress Black Friday deals on Amazon starting at $39.

Cricut Easy Press Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

The Cricut Easy Press is your best bet if you are looking for a fast and reliable way to complete your iron-on projects. Cricut heat press machines come in various sizes, with user-friendly designs for professional-grade performance and precise temperature control settings to provide you with the actual amount of heat you require.

Their maneuverability, portability, ease of use and storage and compatibility with other brands of iron-on materials make them a must-have tool in any workshop.

Cricut EasyPress Mat Black Friday Deals

For the best heat transfer results, it is essential to have a Cricut Easy Press Mat that you’ll use along with your Cricut Easy Press machine.

The Easy Press Mat protects your surface area and provides an even and smooth surface for a flawless application of heat transfer materials to create a lot of crafts with your Easy Press machine.

Hurry up and grab the best deals before they are sold out!

About Cricut

Cricut is a top American brand that specializes in the production and marketing of innovative crafting equipment and accessories. Their line of products includes cutting plotters, heat press, vinyl, infusible ink, and other crafting tools, materials, and accessories that make creating fun and easy.

The brand is not only committed to the production and marketing of amazing products and machines that make DIY projects fun and easy, but it is also passionate about providing the best services to its customers. The devotees of Cricut products talk about how they are either making money by turning their hobby into business or saving money by making their own team t-shirts and greeting cards.

If you enjoy crafts, arts, scrapbooking, and garment decoration a lot, you’d be forgiven for wanting to own a Cricut machine. However, if you’re considering buying one of Cricut machines or you’ve just learned about them, their not-so-affordable price tags might shock you. Why should they cost that much?

Well, Cricut machines are very easy to use and are one of the most streamlined, high-end machines on the market, but they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg if you shop smart.

With the best Black Friday deals and sales on Cricut machines, materials and Cricut tools in this post, you can easily find yourself the best Cricut machine at the most affordable price.

Tips to Get the Best Cricut Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

Visit Cricut store

Cricut official store is the best place to buy or find Black Friday sales on Cricut machines. However, you might be able to find lower prices on Amazon.

We’ve got you covered! Bookmark this page as we update the deals as soon as we find them. However, you need to choose wisely by comparing the prices and considering the package, items, and return policy before you make your purchase.

Set a budget

Sometimes, Cricut offers amazing deals that can be better before Cyber Monday and Black Friday. The deals are not always possible to compare since we do not get a lot of prior notification about the specific Cricut prices and Black Friday deals.

To beat this, you can set a budget for what you’d love to pay for Cricut machines and accessories on Cyber Monday or Black Friday. The moment you find a Cricut deal that beats or matches your budget, buy it as soon as you can so you won’t have to worry about finding the deal any longer.

Buy accessories and materials on sales

Buy Cricut vinyl, tools, accessories, and materials that you need when you find them at jaw-dropping prices, even if you are yet to buy your Cricut machine.

We know that the machine’s prices will drop, and there will be amazing Black Friday sales on Cricut machines, and that would be a great chance for you to grab the machine.

Save more with machine bundles

The Black Friday deals, as well as the Cyber Monday deals on Cricut machines, tools, accessories, vinyl, and other Cricut materials, might not last. Take advantage of the great prices when you see them before they are out of stock.

Remember, buying in a bundle is beneficial, you stand the chance of buying at a more discounted rate with lower shipping cost.

Get early access to deals with Amazon Prime

Sign up for Amazon Prime Membership if you haven’t already. This membership program offers exclusive benefits such as unlimited FREE 2-day shipping, early access to deals and sales, access to kindle books, and access to thousands of movies and TV episodes for just $99 per year. However, you can sign up for sales for a 30-day free trial and cancel the subscription after.

For extra discounts or cashback on Amazon deals, grab one of Amazon’s credit cards. For instance, the Amazon Store Card offers 5% cashback on Amazon, while the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card offers 5% cashback on Amazon with a massive $70 welcome gift card.

Some deals may happen before Black Friday or Cyber Monday. But don’t despair, we have got you all covered! We will find and post any amazing Cricut deals available as soon as we find them.

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