Juki Exceed F600 Quilt and Pro Special Review

The Juki HZL-F600 Quilt Pro Special is a computerized sewing machine that will give you the creative freedom that will help you complete your project with style.

Whether you are a pro in sewing or a beginner the Juki HZL-F600 will provide you with numerous features that will enable you to complete your sewing and quilting project with a professional touch.

Juki Exceed F600 Quilt & Pro Special Review
Juki Exceed F600 Quilt & Pro Special

Juki HZL F600 Quilting Machine Review

The Juki HZL Exceed F600 Quilt & Pro Special is a machine whose workmanship can best be appreciated by an individual who has been sewing long enough to understand the level of work that went into making it.

It is true to say the machine is user-friendly and the design is ideal especially to an experienced user who seeks to upgrade quilting or a sewing machine.

There are various reasons why you should buy this machine, first is the extra-large extension table that will allow you to handle large, cumbersome sewing projects like coats and quilts.

As much as it is a firm machine that can handle heavy-duty jobs, it is also capable of handling delicate tasks like sewing baby clothes, lingerie and dainty blouse with equal results.

Juki HZL Exceed F600 Sewing Quilting Machine Review
Juki HZL Exceed F600 Sewing Quilting Machine

There is no possibility that the user will get bored of using decorative stitches or the stitch sequence repeatedly since there are more than 600 stitch options available.

Furthermore, handling monogramming and embellishing sewing projects on the Juki HZL Exceed F600 Quilt & Pro Special is as simple as using the pressing the start/stop button and using the memory sequence function.

Below are top features of the Juki HZL-F600 Quilt Pro machine:

Direct Stitch Pattern Selection

The Direct Select Mode is used to select the frequently used stitch patterns. It is important to note that patterns, stitch setting, and recommendations for the best presser foot are available on the machine’s LCD screen display.

On the other hand, the keypad will allow you to quickly select letterings when adjusting settings.

Customization and Control

There are various ways you can customize and control this machine, for instance, the automatic thread trimming where you can program the needle in a down or up position.

You can as well change the volume of the machine buzzer, set the contrast of the LCD screen and customize the language used.

Box Feed

The JUKI adopted the box feed system because it provided not only beautiful seams but also outstanding feed performance.

The box feed system eliminates materials shifting and shrinking therefore, providing superior stitch quality in a variety of heavy and lightweight fabrics.

Capable of Sewing a Width Range of Fabrics

This machine has no problem handling heavy fabrics like denim, leather or canvas. Extra lightweight fabrics do not shrink when sewed with this machine.

Industrial Quality Buttonholes

The machine has a unique sensor method (HZL-F series) which can sew beautiful buttonholes regardless of the overlapped sections or the type of material. The machine comes with 16 types of buttonholes which you can adjust the cutting width.

Foot Controller with Thread Trimming Function

The HZL-F series allows you to trim both the bobbin and needle thread automatically by simply pressing the heel side of the foot controller.

You can also concentrate on your project while cutting the thread at the same time because you can trim threads with a button located at machine body.

Perfect Stitch and Needle Placement

With this feature, you can move the position of a complete pattern without changing the width.

Knee-lifting Lever

The knee-lifting liver raises and lowers the presser foot. The liver raises the presser foot up to 12mm.

Wide Sewing Space

This feature enables makes the machine more comfortable when working with large projects.

Dual LED Light System

This is a combination of 2 bright lights that allows the user to view fine details of the project.

Juki HZL F600 Summary

Juki HZL F600 Review

  • Ability to handle both delicate and heavyweight fabrics
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Large extension table
  • Reasonable price

  • The drop feed control button is hard to access


My only complaint about the machine is the position of the drop feed control. This is probably because I am one of the few people who insist on having all control functions at my fingertips. Removing an accessory case every time I want to access a control function is a huge drawback for me.

Bearing all these in mind, I still consider the Juki HZL Exceed F600 Quilt & Pro Special as one of the best quilting and sewing machines I have reviewed. I will definitely not hesitate to recommend this machine to anyone seeking to add a new machine in their collection.

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