How To Choose Appropriate Fabric Cutting Board For Sewing?

The major problem sewer may go through is to get confused in between several things they need to buy for the next project. In the beginning, when we go to buy the fabric cutting board then usually we have no idea what to look for in the cutting board and how to choose the best one.

Fabric cutting board is the most important thing and the first step towards the fine stitched project.

How To Choose Appropriate Fabric Cutting Board For Sewing

If you are searching for the right kind of cutting board and don’t have any guide then here we are. We will help you in knowing things which you should consider at the time of buying a board and how you can choose the appropriate one for the longer use.

Things to Consider When Buying a Fabric Cutting Board

The Size

The first thing that matters when you are about to choose the fabric cutting mat is size. Another thing you need to keep in the mind is what is the size of the workspace you work in and if you are going to place this mat on the table then what is the size of the table? The cutting board must be fixed on the table and you must have a space to store it.

If you want to stay in budget and this is the time when you have to choose the one cutting board/mat to start the work with, then always make sure about the size you are choosing. Once you have the size description, you can make an easy decision to choose the appropriate one.

The Color

Another thing which you must consider at the time of buying a mat or board for the fabric cutting is to choose the right color. If you will choose the color which is the same as your project then definitely you won’t be able to differentiate between the fabric and the mat. I prefer to choose the color which can give you more options instead of creating confusion.

How to buy the right cutting mat for sewing
Consider the mat color

You can go for darker colors like black, green or orange. Colors like that can be seen through the fabric and you will get an idea.

At the time of choosing the cutting mat or board for the fabric, make sure you can see the markings through it and this is not going to create any other problem for you.


Before you make a decision to buy the fabric cutting board, look for the measuring units on it. In some countries, the metric system to explain the whole measurement system is a bit different.

Have a closer look and see whether you want that unit or not? If you are in the US, then in most of the cutting mats/boards you can see the measurements in inches.

How to buy fabric cutting mat
Consider the mat measurements

If you are in some other country then you can see the standard measurements on the mat which can create a problem for you if you are really not into the metric system. On the other side of the cutting mat or board you can see the different markings, so definitely you can also use the other side of the mat for the ease.

Cutting Mat Quality

Definitely quality is something that should never be ignored when you are buying something related to your sewing project. When we are talking about the fabric cutting mats/boards then compromise must be something which should not be between you and work. Some cutting boards come up with the 5 layers while some of them come up with the 25 layers.

If you will choose the high-quality fabric cutting mat then the company is going to provide the warranty for the product. Maybe you need to increase your budget a little due to the top-notch quality but the product will last longer and you can work in peace in your sewing area.

Rotating or Not

If you want to have something extraordinary in your workspace then choose a rotating cutting mat. Along with the sewing, if you really like to go for the quilting then rotating feature is the best one. This feature is basically introduced for the quilters but people use this rotating feature in the common sewing as well.

How to Choose Fabric Cutting Mat
Rotating Cutting Mat

The stationary bottom of the board/mat is slip-resistant along with the interlocking top cutting mat. This is not going to be a problem for you anymore if you want to have all in one at one cutting board.


There are just so many people out there who just love to travel and their hobby is to sew. They travel to inspire themselves and to work on the basis of ideas they have in the mind.

Of course for the travelers, this is not possible to fit the entire board into the bag and then take it out from the bag when you are in the traveling.

In this case, when you are buying a fabric cutting board/mat, you should go for the foldable. The foldable board will be easy to handle and fix in your bag. This mat is also convenient for the storage and this thing won’t occupy so much space in your sewing area.

Enhance the Life Span of the Mat

No matter at what mat you are working on, the precautionary steps need to be taken to enhance the life span of the product. To increase the life span of the cutting board/mat, you need to use it moisturized and fold it off once you are done with the cutting. If you want to keep your mat or board hydrated then soak it in the warm water and then start working for the great results.

If there are fibers on the board, then use dish detergent in the tub, keep the cutting board in the tub and start rubbing it with the help of the soft cloth. Don’t rub it too hard, keep the pressure light and your board will be ready to use again.


At the time of buying fabric cutting mats, people need to keep a few important things in mind to avoid any problem later. I hope all the beautiful sewers out there must pick the best board according to their work requirements and the product is going to last long.

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