How To Store an Ironing Board? Easy Ideas For Small Space

Ironing boards are nothing strange to all of us, they are essential elements for every home. However, it can be awkward to find ironing boards’ storage spaces that are big enough and completely accessible.

Sometimes this problem can create a nightmare for minimalists and those who live in small houses/apartments.

So, let’s get flexible and creative while finding the best solution on how to store ironing boards with this article below!

How To Store an Ironing Board

1. In a Cabinet

Among people who live in limited-space apartments, built-in cabinet ironing boards are a popular choice as they are great space savers. These ironing boards are attached to the wall in an empty drawer once installed.

How To Store an Ironing Board - In a Cabinet
How To Store an Ironing Board – In a Cabinet


  • You have the freedom to choose where to install them because built-in ironing boards are completely hidden and flat.
  • Save your space perfectly as they can be flipped up and tucked back into the cabinet when not in use (obviously!).
  • Have easily foldable legs, so say goodbye to all the complicated setting up processes every time you do your ironing.


  • Once you install them, you can hardly be mobile. If you have them in the kitchen, then you’ll always have to be there to do your iron. In addition, if you have them in the bedroom, there’s no other place you can iron your clothes than your bedroom. So consider your most comfortable spot before permanently installing them.

2. Behind the Door

Another option that you might love to consider when mentioning “space-friendly”, is over-the-door ironing boards – the space-organizing items that fit over the top of your door. This type of storage is inexpensive, easy to install, and can handle particularly heavy ironing boards. Don’t worry about the gap between the hooks and the doors as they are made thin, and of course, reliable and firm.

How To Store an Ironing Board - Behind the Door
How To Store an Ironing Board – Behind the Door


  • You can take off the hangers and set them up anywhere in your home, which allows you to have that mobility and flexibility. The most suggested places are usually your bedroom and laundry room, but anywhere that is convenient for you should work out.
  • When you need to iron, you’ll only have to fold down the board from the hangers and directly iron the clothes by the door. That’s it! Only a few seconds to set up these over the door ironing boards.
  • Not only save up your space, but this kind of storage also allows your ironing boards to be “transparent” and perfectly blended into home decor.


  • Before choosing over the door ironing board, ensure your behind-the-door area is wide enough to let the board completely fold out for use (and space for you to stand and do your ironing too).
  • Don’t forget to have these hooks fixed properly, otherwise, they can fall off and damage your board.

3. On the Wall

Ironing Board Storage Ideas - On the Wall
Ironing Board Storage Ideas – On the Wall

If you’re looking for a simpler version of built-in ironing boards, try wall-mounted ironing boards instead! You only have to get a wall anchor and a wall-mount organizer, which are readily available in any hardware store, to install a great wall-mounted ironing board for your home.


  • You can get a wall-mounted ironing board anywhere on your wall, surely it won’t take you a lot of space. However, we suggest you choose carefully where the board should be placed. Consider how wide the board will extend when opened, and how much space you’ll need to do the ironing. Don’t forget to think about the comfortable height if you don’t want to hurt your back, too!
  • These folding boards can be very handy because all you have to do is pull them down and pull them back up when you’ve finished your task. Get rid of those struggles to get them all set up!


  • They are only suitable for not-too-heavy ironing boards. If you have a big size and heavy ones, choose another method.
  • As you will put some pressure on the board when using it, make sure it is firmly secured or else it would possibly pull away from the wall.

4. Inside a Drawer

This solution of ironing board storage has blown a new atmosphere to users, which comes up with an ironing board that slides in and out of a drawer. You can call it a retractable or folding ironing board. If your house already suffers from space crunch, a drawer-mount folding ironing board would be very helpful.

How To Store an Ironing Board - Inside a Drawer
How To Store an Ironing Board – Inside a Drawer


  • Retractable ironing boards are simple to access and can be neatly put away. For sure they won’t leave the area of any clutter when being used. Thanks to this technique, they have been finding space in so many houses/apartments.
  • This system can be used in closets as well as kitchen cabinets, so you can choose your favorite spot to install one!
  • Besides helping you save so much space, retractable folding ironing boards can make the area look neat and clean as they blend in with the cabinets.


  • You might sometimes find that your drawers can not fit the regular-size or big-size ironing boards, but smaller sizes instead. So make sure you have all the measurements of your drawers before buying ironing boards or choosing this method.

5. In the Closet

Here is a very simple way to get rid of your ironing board: hide them in your closet! I mean, we all think of this way before searching for any further information, don’t we?


  • There is no need to buy any accessories or tools because the storage is available itself. However, make sure you get your wardrobe well-organized and not overly full to make room for your ironing boards.


  • The size of your closet and ironing board are huge considerations to take. Once they are not fit, you know what to do, find another solution in this article.

6. Between the Wall and the Washing Machine

There is always a gap between the wall and your washing machine/dryer, and you can take advantage of it! Fold your ironing board up and slot it down into this unused space.


  • Save space and take advantage of this unused gap.
  • Quick and convenient, because you don’t need to spend money, time or effort doing this.


  • Well, the only problem you might have is that your washing machine/ dryer may get hot and could cause a fire hazard. So remember to check the temperature of these machines when using them before placing your ironing board alongside.

7. Under The Bed/Couch

Besides storing ironing boards in your closet, you can choose to store them underneath your bed/couch.


  • You almost don’t have the same problem as putting the ironing board in the closet, because the average ironing board is around four feet in length and always smaller than your bed.
  • If you don’t have enough space underneath your furniture, don’t worry, you can also hide your ironing boards behind the couch, sofa or recliner.


  • You know, underneath the bed or any kind of furniture are the places where we rarely remember to clean them up. Choosing to store your ironing boards under the bed/couch will also mean you have to do the cleaning more frequently and carefully. This might take you a little more time and effort, on the other hand, it’s free!


Ironing can always be a chore, but storing your ironing board doesn’t have to be. We hope these ironing board storage ideas will help you be more creative and flexible with your choices. And if they do help, don’t forget to share this information with those who might need them as well!

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