How To Build An Embroidery Frame?

Embroidering might be your passion but you should be aware of the tricks and handy tips to be a pro in this art, one of the main tricks among them is how to build an embroidery frame.

Building an embroidery frame when you can’t find a ready-made one at home is very easy. You can just make use of some household products to make the same.

Embroidery frame can be made quickly and easily at home even though it might sound tricky in the beginning.

How to Build An Embroidery Frame

What Do You Need to Build an Embroidery Frame?

Some simple household products can come in handy in preparing an embroidery frame. The only thing you must be sure of these items is that they are strong and they can hold your embroidery in place.

You will be surprised to hear what all things can help you in this arrangement. Things you will need to build an embroidery frame are:

  • Picture frame or four wooden bars of almost same length and thickness
  • Pegs
  • Plastic containers that are used for food storage
  • Lids of Canning jars
  • A sharp pair of Scissors
  • A Drill
  • Elastic strings or rubber bands

You have surely noted that all these things are very easily available at home. Basically, you can make a wealth out of waste.

How to Make an Embroidery Frame?

You can follow a few quick steps to build an embroidery frame. They are:

  • If you are using a food container then first drill a hole at the base of the container. Then you can use the pair of scissors to cut the base out
  • If you are using the photo frame then you have nothing much to do. But if you are using the wooden bars then make a square or rectangular frame work using board pins
  • You should keep in mind that your embroidery frame should match the size of your embroidery fabric and shape as well if possible
  • The next thing you should do once you have prepared the base of the frame is that fix your embroidery material on the frame
  • Stretch the material over the frame and use pegs or clips to secure the fabric on the bar and give it the right stretch
  • The stretch should be appropriate so that embroidery can be done easily using thin needles accurately
  • The right frame will help you have the best artwork and show you creativity on the fabric.

This is how you can prepare an embroidery frame at home within minutes when you have forgotten to get one from the market completely.

This way you do not need to spend any extra penny on buying wooden frames and you can also make the frame of the right size as per your requirement.

Making a handy embroidery frame using household materials is now a matter of few minutes. Make embroidery frames easily at home now.

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