Best Steam Press For Clothes Review of 2023

The desire to own the best steam press starts the moment you learn about its benefits over a traditional iron. In addition to being a combination of a steam iron and an ironing board, a steam press also boasts several other advantages.

Top 5 Picks for Best Steam Press:

Impeccably crisp and sharp pressing, ease of use, and highly customizability – there is no way you are going back to the traditional method once you own a steam press.

In a world full of misinformation and exaggerated pros (and never a mention of the cons), which steam press is the best?

Surely the world is getting anxious over Covid-19 and the best steam presses are definitely not on the priority list of anyone. But life goes on and you still need to wear a wrinkle-free shirt for that 12 o’clock meeting even if you are working from home. Don’t you? Pants are second priority, aren’t they?

Whether you are a working professional who believes in dressing tiptop, a fashion designer who always has a small heap of clothes around to press, or a laundromat owner, a good steam press for clothes is an essential device. And today we are going to help you find it.

Best Steam Press in 2023
Best Overall
Steamfast SF-680
  • Heats up in less than 3 minutes
  • Provides sharp and crisp presses in a few seconds with no wet spots
  • Digital controls with 5 settings (includes a non-steam option as well)
Best Value
Singer Magic ESP-2
  • Automatic shut-off with alarm that rings every 10 seconds that alerts you about overexposure
  • Digital control panel with 5 temperature/fabric settings
  • One-touch steam burst for more powerful ironing
Most Advanced
Elnapress EP850
  • Elna Vapojet system for natural heating (vapor generation) that helps in fiber regeneration
  • Jeannette sleeve boards to help press hard-to-reach areas in shirts and other clothes
  • Built-in LED lights for better visibility during night-time
Easy to Use
Steamfast SP-660
  • 10-ounce water reservoir
  • Heats up in less than 3 minutes
  • 5 fabric settings: nylon, silk, wool, cotton, linen
Speedy Press Iron Press
  • Extra-large ironing plate at 33.5 inches by 12 inches
  • 38 streams of steam for crisp and clear output on all types of fabrics
  • Function to set temperature, steam burst, and fabric type
Best Budget
Steamfast SF-623 Mid-Size
  • 5-ounce water tank
  • 5 easy fabric settings: nylon, silk, wool, cotton, linen
  • Steam burst option
Time Saving
Singer Intelligent Steam Press
  • Quick heating at less than 2 minutes
  • Large 27-ounce removable water tank
  • Option of continuous and burst steam
High Performance
Reliable Aria 350SP
  • Wide ironing plate at 32 inches by 11 inches
  • Anti-scale water filter in the water tank to avoid calcium build-up
  • 17-ounce water tank
Great Quality
Elnapress EP150
  • Silent operation
  • Elna Vapojet system produces natural vapor
  • Superior ironing board made of natural materials
Ricoma PSP-990
  • 5 temperature settings
  • Automatic shut-off and alarm feature
  • Comes with a sleeve pad

Top 10 Best Steam Press Machines of 2023

Best Steam Press Review 2020

Now that you have seen the 10 best steam press for clothes, it is time for their extensive reviews. If you already have a favorite, make sure you go through its specific entry below. Or, you can go through all these steam press reviews to further refine your choice.

1 – Steamfast SF-680 Digital Steam Press

Steamfast, as the brand name should suggest, is a pioneer of steam-based products. Around since 1999 and based out of Kansas in the United States, its extensive research in the field of steam power should be enough to convince you why it has a model at #1 on our list of the best steam presses.

Steamfast SF-680 - Best Home Steam Press
Steamfast SF-680 Digital Steam Press

Steamfast SF-680 Review

Our pick for the best steam press on the national market right now is a smooth steam machine that gets you crisp and clean presses. Throw any fabric and type of cloth at it and it will give you back a wrinkle-free, crunchy output that will make you sit and stare in awe. From jeans and pants to blouses and t-shirts, the Steamfast SF-680 can work on any cloth material.

Its 10-ounce (roughly 300 milliliters) water tank heats up in less than 3 minutes and presses even the thickest of denim in a few seconds. The temperature can be easily adjusted through fabric-based presets. You have a setting for nylon, wool, cotton, and linen. And for when you don’t want steam, select the ‘silk’ option and you will get a steamless iron even if the tank is filled.

The 25-by-10.5-inch non-stick surface can handle most types of clothes including trousers, skirts, and whole dresses.

If you are new to steam pressing, the instruction manual will help (but we are also sure you won’t need it). Because the SF-680 is so easy to handle, even your highschooler can operate it (but beware of burns). Weighing around 12 pounds, it has a very sturdy frame including a tough handle that also makes it easily portable.

Steamfast SF-680 Digital Steam Press Review

Automatic shut-off, complementary spray bottle, measuring cup, and a pressing cushion, and steam burst option – there is plenty of additional features that just push up its efficiency by a few notches. Both when compared to other steam presses on this list and the traditional iron.

Use the Steamfast Deluxe Digital Steam Press as a household device or a work device, it will give you top-notch results without any wet spots or wrinkles.

Operating it is a real pleasure thanks to the neat design (stainless body), smooth controls, and a very good handle that also doubles up as a lock (through a pinch switch on the top). The light crunchy sound that you hear when you steam press a piece of wrinkled clothing is sort of an indicator of how good this machine handles your fabrics. It’s gentle and powerful at the same time.

Highlighted Features

  • 5 presets for different steam temperatures (excluding an option for minimum steam)
  • Large surface area of 25 by 10.5 (inches)
  • One-click steam burst for extra smoothening
  • Handle acts as a lock which prevents the flaps from opening when you move it around
  • Non-stick surfaces large enough to handle table cloths and whole dresses
  • Automatic shut off + alert (if kept idle for long)
  • Crisp, neat, and wrinkle-free ironing without any wet spots
  • Heats up in 3 minutes and presses in a few seconds
  • The fabric presets simplifies the pressing job further and save you time (compared to a manual setter)
  • One-click steam burst is good for denim and other thicker materials

  • May require slight pressure while pressing some thick materials like jeans


For those who like to use the best of the best, this best home steam press by Steamfast will be an ideal choice. It is intended for both professionals and first-time users and will stay with you longer than some of your fabrics will. Get it today!


  • While most fabrics (pants, t-shirts) do not require you to press on both sides, we recommend doing it for thicker fabrics like jeans and denim jackets
  • When pressing a printed t-shirt, make sure the printed part is face down
  • If you want a steamless press, select the ‘silk’ preset
  • If you’re new to steam presses, here’s a short read about its advantages

2 – Singer Magic ESP-2 Electronic Steam Press

Singer, with its pioneering technology since 1851, is one of the most reputed manufacturers of tools. Known for its sewing and embroidery machines, it is a household name in the United States and even around the world

Singer Magic ESP-2 - Best Electronic Steam Press for Garment
Singer Magic ESP-2 Electronic Steam Press

Singer Magic ESP-2 Review

At first look, this portable steam iron for clothes by Singer looks similar to the #1 product on our list. But it is when you dig deeper into its form and features you realize that this one here will give you more value for your money.


Through its heavy-duty body (heavier than the Steamfast steam press), it can iron all types of clothes. Throw a thick curtain or a denim jeans at it and the Singer will produce a steam-ironed press that is as crisp as a chip.

What makes it more valuable is the clever feature of a shut-off alarm that alerts you if you keep an item between the plates for too long. It rings the alarm every 10 seconds to avoid over-heating your precious garments. Most steam presses have this feature and a lack of it is a clear indication that it’s not a modern tool.

At 24-by-9 inches, this Singer Magic steam press is wide and long enough to fit one entire shirt of an adult. For other longer clothes and cloth pieces, you will have to press section-wise.

But because it gets heated up quickly and presses even more swiftly, you don’t have to spend hours ironing your set of clothes for the week.

5 settings for everything from nylon to linen, one-button steam burst, free accessories (spray bottle, cushion, and measuring cup), and automatic shut-off in case of no usage, it has got all the essential features that you look for in a household or professional steam press.

Surely, its weight is also a curse as it is bulky to carry around, but we are not complaining.

Highlighted Features

  • Alarm bell that alerts you about over-exposure
  • Heavy-weight built requires little pressure from the user to press garments
  • Affordable price for an advanced steam press
  • 5 settings press (nylon, silk, wool, cotton, linen)
  • One-button burst steam for quick results
  • Heats up quickly

  • Poor ergonomics; the power switch is located at the side which can cause accidental burns if you’re not cautious while switching the press off (especially when in a hurry)
  • Cotton preset may be too hot for cotton fabrics like shirts and pants


If you’ve been looking at a steam press as a calculated investment and don’t want to go wrong on the purchase, put your trust in Singer and get this heavyweight. It’s a solid machine with the usual kinks that get the job done.


We recommend using the wool preset first for cotton fabrics.

3 – Elnapress EP850 Heat Press

Elnapress is credited with the invention of the first iron press (in 1972). A blend of Swiss production and Italian design, it is no doubt a leader in the industry. This professional steam press is a definite example.

Elnapress EP850 - Best Steam Press for Shirts
Elnapress EP850 Heat Press

Elnapress EP850 Review

At first glance, it looks like a piece of medical equipment. And for the level of thought and design that has gone into its production, it is no less than a complex medical machine. Top of the line in steam presses in the US market, the EP850 is a peculiar product among its competitors.

The 24.75×10-inch ironing board is made from natural materials like the Finnish Birch (11 layers) whereas the heating show is tested for non-sticky ironing (Peraluman).

But the real USP is the Elna Vapojet system – that generates natural vapor and supplies it directly to the cloth being pressed. This not only aids in fiber regeneration but also makes the clothes look vibrant (colorful) and like-brand-new for a long time.

We believe that that is one of the unspoken requirements of any steam press: make fabrics look brand-new and shiny for a long time.

The natural heating avoids limestone buildup which is an extremely thoughtful function by Elnapress. This will come in handy if you run a laundromat and work with white fabrics.

Another reason why we love Elnapress is the Jeannette sleeve boards. Available in large and short versions, it is a special type of extension that you attach to the steam press to iron hard-to-reach areas like cuffs, collars, and sleeves.

It’s a proprietary invention by Elnapress and is named Intégrée as it easily attaches to the main system. This puts the EP850 in the upper league of most advanced steam presses in the world. It is the type used by top fashion designers and boutique owners.

Additional features include built-in LED lights for pressing in the dark (only available on this model), a silent mechanism, a body made of aluminum alloy and steel (to avoid rusting), and complementary dust cover.

There are very few products in the world that both do their job and spark joy every time you use them. During our testing, we found that the Elnapress EP850 qualifies as one of those products.

It’s an advanced system that gets everything right, and for that same reason, it remains one of the best-reviewed and wildly popular steam presses in the market.

Highlighted Features

  • Jeannette sleeve boards to aid in pressing hard-to-reach areas in a fabric
  • Elna Vapojet system executes natural heating of water and produces natural vapor that does not have limestone build-up
  • Regenerates fibers and reduces the effects of aging
  • The natural heating (vapor) system takes extra care of your fabrics and aids in fabric regeneration
  • Built-in LED lights are a great add-on
  • Sturdy, heavy-duty built, made of aluminum alloy and steel
  • Silent heating process
  • Electronic temperature indicator

  • Heavy at 26.5 lbs; limited portability


If you are a perfectionist like us, own a high-end boutique, are a fashion designer, own a laundromat, or just like to take extra care of the fabrics in your home, you should bring home this Elnapress steam press. It’s totally worth the money you spend on it – almost like it is when you invest on an iPhone. But only better.


  • Choose the Jeannette Intégrée sleeve (long and short) depending upon your needs. You can find more information about the board here on the Elnapress website
  • It is recommended that you clean the heating plate only with genuine Elnapress cleaning stick and oil. More information here

4 – Steamfast SP-660 Steam Press

Another great steam press by Steamfast, this model is easier to use and boasts of a lot of exciting features.

Steamfast SP-660 - Affordable Fabric Steam Press
Steamfast SP-660 Steam Press

Steamfast SP-660 Review

The only two differences between the SP-660 and the SP-680 are the iron board size (this is smaller) and, therefore, the weight. The SP-660 is more than a pound lighter than our #1 choice and comes with a 22×8.7-inch non-stick iron plate for your various pressing purposes.

Other than these differences, this easy-to-use model here has all the proprietary features of a Steamfast steam press. Its 10-ounce water tank is easy to fill and can heat in less than 3 minutes. This means you don’t have to refill it frequently and wait for the steam press to heat up.

The five fabric settings further make it a breeze to operate. You can simply select a preset and the steam press will control the temperature of the steam.

If you are going to buy a steam press for personal use, this is all that you will need to get your fabrics pressed. The non-stick ironing plates are great to add crispness to your shirts, skirts, and tops without damaging the fibers.

Steamfast SP-660 Steam Press Review

The automatic shut-off and idle alert features are default functions these days, but Steamfast gets it right. You don’t have to worry about burning your fabrics as the machine will alert you if you have closed the flaps for longer than average.

The steam-burst option is another handy feature to get a shirt quickly pressed if you’re in a hurry. There are two buttons on the handle for quick operation. The SP-660 also comes with a complementary spray bottle, pressing cushion, and measuring cup for your added needs.

As mentioned above, it has a slightly smaller ironing surface than SP-680 but that’s a negligible difference when you consider the price of this simple steam press.

Highlighted Features

  • 10-ounce water tank
  • The machine heats water in less than 3 minutes
  • 5 fabric settings (nylon, silk, wool, cotton, linen)
  • Automatic shut-off feature helps save energy
  • Alert system can prevent fabrics from burning due to over-exposure
  • Light machine at around 20 pounds
  • Two steam burst buttons for quick steam press
  • Affordable and easy to use

  • Some users have reported that the machine takes more than 3 minutes to heat


A middle-of-the-range product, this Steamfast steam press again gets everything right that is meant for use in households, small garment showrooms, and boutiques. If you have never used a steam press before, this should be your first purchase. It’s easy to operate and provides a rich seam to your fabrics.


We recommend filling the water tank only with required water if there is a long interval (days, weeks) between pressing sessions to avoid condensation. There is no way to empty out the reservoir.

5 – Speedy Press Oversized Iron Press

A UK brand, Speedy Press has been in the industry for over 40 years. It is known for its extra-large (oversized) steam presses. This one here is the Ultra XL edition, the largest steam press in the market right now.

Speedy Press Oversized Iron Press - Best Steam Press for Bed Sheets
Speedy Press Oversized Iron Press

Steam Press Review

Whether you are in the hospitality business, own a high-end restaurant, or run a large laundromat, you need a steam press that:

  1. Is large enough to iron large drapes and curtains
  2. Can heat up water quickly and presses even more quickly

This oversized iron press by Speedy Press does both of that with so much power (100 pounds of pressure) you can press multiple pieces of cloth together. The large 35.5×12-inch ironing plate is perfect for tablecloths, six- or nine-yard saris, bedsheets, and extra-wide drapes.

And if you are worried about its handling of different types of fabrics, don’t be. The 5-setting steam press can take care of all types of clothes, transform them into wrinkle-free, shiny clothes that look younger and richer, and even carry out dry pressing.

The 38-stream steaming is powerful enough for the most obstinate of garments – making it a great choice for large-scale textile factories as well.

The best thing about this model is that you can press multiple items in a single press. Want to expedite the towel pressing? Put 5-6 towels at once and increase your speed and productivity.

The digital touch screen, although with smaller touch sections, is large enough to understand all the controls. The option to set the steam burst steam at automatic or manual is what we particularly like because it takes away an extra step when you are in a hurry.

You can change the temperature (depending upon the fabric type), change the steam burst option, and even play with dry/wet pressing. If you are wondering, wet pressing is essential for heavier clothes like denim and quilts.

Weighing 33 pounds – the largest on this list so far – this Speedy Press model has a ‘heavier’ advantage over the four models we reviewed above.

Although not entirely portable, the weight can aid in better ironing as you don’t have to apply much pressure. The machine itself will stay in position when you are operating it to meet a deadline.

All in all, it’s a heavy-duty oversized iron press that has a fantastic output for all your garment pressing needs. The little things like automatic shutdown, alerting mechanism, measuring cup, and spray bottle add to its relevance in the modern world.

Highlighted Features

  • Extra-large ironing board at 33.5 inches by 12 inches (largest)
  • Allows ironing of multiple items in a single press
  • Automatic and manual steam burst option
  • High steaming pressure of 100 pounds
  • Wide ironing board for pressing items like tablecloths and drapes
  • Ability to change temperature, cloth type, and dry/wet steam
  • 5 individual settings

  • Does not fit regular stands; will require specific Speedy Press stand (see tip)


For large-scale steam pressing, this Speedy Press extra-large steam press is second to none. It’s professional, fast, and easy to use – a very rare combination for a heavy-duty product like this. Get it today!


You can choose the Ultra XL version with a stand if needed. Check it out on the Speedy Press website.

6 – Steamfast SF-623 Mid-Size Steam Press

Third Steamfast fabric steam press on this list, you already know the relevance and importance of the brand. This one is a cousin of the above two brands, perfect for household and small business usage.

Steamfast SF-623 - Inexpensive Fabric Steam Press
Steamfast SF-623 Mid-Size Steam Press

Steam Press Review

The top five steam presses on this list catered to users who have advanced requirements. This model by Steamfast is a middle-of-the-range machine that is perfect for home use.

It’s budget-friendly and comes with all the bells and whistles needed to simplify your ironing needs and make your wardrobe look fresh and younger.

The 5-ounce water tank is half of what is available on the other two Steamfast models on this list. Although this may require frequent refilling – if you do your laundry daily – we think it should take care of the needs of a household of 5-6 members.

There are five settings for different types of fabrics, of which cotton and wool are the most common. They provide enough steam to straighten wrinkles and turn your fabrics crispier. The 20×8-inch ironing board is big enough for common garments like shirts, blouses, pants and trousers, skirts, whole dresses, and table linens.

The machine shuts off automatically when not in use and is extremely portable (unlike the Speedy Press model we reviewed above). At less than 12 pounds and a snap-on lock in the handles, you can carry it around if you are a traveling fashion designer.

Overall, we like the suave looks of this compact steam press as it easily blends with your household or shop or laundromat.

More importantly, it does its job with finesse and produces firm outputs regardless of the type of fabric. A true helping hand to check one item of your daily chore list.

Highlighted Features

  • 5-ounce water tank is easy to fill and gets heated in less than 3 minutes
  • 5 fabric settings: nylon, silk, wool, cotton, linen
  • 2 steam burst buttons for quick pressing
  • Small in size (20 inches by 8 inches) that is suitable for most types of everyday garments
  • Portable; weighs only 12 pounds
  • Automatic shut-off feature prevents power wastage
  • Inexpensive

  • The small ironing plate may not be suitable for long items like drapes


If you are a homemaker and are looking for your first steam press, then this Steamfast product is a great choice. It’s easy to use, lightweight and compact, and falls within your budget.


If you want to use starch or any other liquids for your steam pressing, we recommend using the complementary spray bottle. Do not fill the water tank with any liquid other than (tap) water. Also, make sure you cover the ironing plate with a light cloth to avoid any special liquid from damaging the steam pores.

7 – Singer Intelligent Steam Press

Sometimes you want to own products only from your favorite brand. You’re lucky if you are a Singer loyalist because it also manufactures fabulous, time-saving steam presses like this one.

Singer Intelligent - Good Home Steam Press for Clothes
Singer Intelligent Steam Press

Steam Press Review

We have discussed steam presses that heat water and produce steam in about 3 minutes. What would you do if you want it in half the time?

This Singer Intelligent Steam Press is the answer to that. Its 27-ounce water reservoir can produce heat in less than 2 minutes whereas the ironing plate gets heated in 90 seconds. Perfect for boutique shop owners, fashion designers, and hospitality service providers.

The large tank also means that you don’t have to refill it frequently, especially during those heavy project days where you have to press tens and tens of different fabrics in a short span of time.

The 26-inch wide ironing plate is wide enough to cover all types of fabrics: from shirts and pants to tablecloths and drapes to dresses. The option of continuous and steam burst options is a godsend because then you can save more time on those tasks where you are pressed for time.

It’s quite heavy at 26 pounds (but not as heavy as the Speedy Press model, #5), so portability might be an issue.

But Singer makes it up with cosmetic improvements (easy lock and mode selector panel), a better heating coil, and overall ergonomics to aid in faster steam pressing.

One major highlight of this model is the handle which is cushioned and soft on your hands. When you are opening and closing the plates repeatedly, your palm tends to get tired.

But not with this Singer model that is made to make your life easier. More than anything, it gives quality, fresh, and long-lasting output.

Highlighted Features

  • Fast heating and steaming (it takes less than 2 minutes)
  • Option for continuous and burst steam
  • Large 27-ounce water tank
  • Fast heating
  • The water tank is removable unlike other popular steam press models. You can also clean it periodically to avoid limestone and dirt build-up
  • Wide 26-inch ironing plate

  • Weighs 26 pounds; not portable


Lead a fast life? We all do. Then you should invest in an equally fast steam press that does the job in the shortest time possible. This is a great home steam press for clothes.


Singer recommends using distilled water, but tap water is also an option. Just make sure you clean the water tank (which is removable on this model) frequently.

8 – Reliable Aria 350SP Steam Press

Just like Speedy Press, Reliable Corporation is also a pioneer in the garment care sector since 1955. A steam press is its flagship product and this model here one of its most popular.

Reliable Aria 350SP - Good Digital Fabric Steam Press
Reliable Aria 350SP Steam Press

Steam Press Review

Packed with mind-blowing features that elevate the activity of steam pressing into a pleasurable experience, this Reliable steam press does what is intended of it and a little more.

Apart from the usual stuff that’s a default in most modern steam presses, this one here has a large water tank that can carry 17 ounces of water. This is higher than the average (especially in the Steamfast models above). This means that you don’t have to refill it every now and then.

The padded ironing plate is 32 inches by 11 inches long. This is, again, larger than the average size, helping you steam press most fabrics: from denim jeans to tablecloths.

But what really works for Reliable – especially it being as popular as other brands – is the digital LED thermostat. It shows you a temperature (in Celsius) in the control panel and that is exactly the temperature of the steam coming out of the pores.

Nothing less, nothing more. You can now adjust the temperature according to the type of fabric, where cotton requires extra steam, and silk/nylon requires less.

Another great feature – and this we love too much – is the anti-scale filter in the water tank. Most US households tend to fill the water reservoir with tap water that contains numerous minerals and which can cause calcium build-up in the tank.

Reliable’s thoughtful way of avoiding such a scenario is installing the anti-scale filter in the tank which you can easily clean and replace whenever needed.

These little things – when added with the added comfort of steam pressing for that professional finish on all your garments – make this Aria 360SP model by Reliable a valuable entry in our list.

Sometimes you have to look at manufacturers that are pioneers of certain products. In this case, Reliable is a close second to Speedy Press.

Highlighted Features

  • Digital LED thermostat for proper temperature management
  • Childproof safety locks
  • Anti-scale filter in the water tank
  • The water tank is large enough (17 ounces) and has a filter to minimize calcium build-up
  • Wide ironing board to allow multiple products to be pressed at once

  • Very heavy at 39 pounds


If you need power, style, and innovation – you go with Reliable and enjoy years of intelligent steam pressing. It does not get better than this at least as far as technical modernization in a laundry product is concerned. Get it today!


  • Here’s Reliable’s take on Ironing 101
  • The childproof safety locks on this model are extremely useful. Take note of them and use them if you had kids around to avoid accidents
  • More tips on steam pressing by Reliable can be found here.

9 – Elnapress EP150 Ironing Press

We love Elnapress, so we thought of featuring its most compact model as well. This here is compact as it gets, you can even stow it away in any corner of your house or shop.

Elnapress EP150 - Best Automatic Steam Press Machine for Patchwork
Elnapress EP150 Ironing Press

Steam Press Review

With almost the same features available in the EP850, this compact still boasts of great quality and features that would put an advanced Steamfast to shame. Let’s see how.

Firstly, its most conspicuous feature is the silence of the machine. 95% silent than a traditional iron, it just does not make any noise while doing its job, making us fall for it even more. This means you can switch it on and operate it even early in the day when the kids and spouse are sleeping. How many times have you thought of a silent household machine?

Next are the Elnapress defaults: the ironing plate made of natural materials like Finnish Birch and Swedish pine, Vapojet system that produces natural vapor to avoid limestone build-up and which goes straight into the fibers of your garments, and rich aesthetics.

The 24.75×10-inch ironing board is enough for most everyday items like tops and jeans, but if you need more space, you can invest in the Jeannette sleeve board by Elnapress. It’s a handy item that we discussed in detail while reviewing model #3 on this list. See above.

Made in Italy, this compact, high-quality Elna steam press is a pleasure to own and operate, gives your garments a professional look with its fiber regeneration technology, and can handle all types of fabrics you throw at it. This will be a great first steam press for your home or your small boutique shop.

Highlighted Features

  • Silent operation
  • Natural vapor effect is easy on fabrics
  • High-quality ironing board made of natural materials that stay the same for years
  • Lightweight at 23 pounds; easily portable or stowed away in a corner
  • You can sit and operate this machine
  • Best automatic steam press machine for patchwork

  • None


If there is one thing that Elnapress can guarantee then it is the great-quality output that your clothes will receive as they come out crisp, clean, and professional out of this compact machine. A great new addition to your household, a top-quality steam press for clothing.

10 – Ricoma PSP-990 Steam Press Iron

Intended for small business owners, this durable steam press by Chinese textile and apparel industry leader Ricoma is a great choice for everyday use.

 Ricoma PSP-990 - Professional Garment Steam Press
Ricoma PSP-990 Steam Press Iron

Steam Press Review

If you haven’t heard about Ricoma before, the only thing to know about the Chinese company with presence in more than 150 countries is this: it has been regularly featured among the top companies manufacturing tools for the apparel industry. The PSP-990 steam press iron is one such example, and one of their best.

Equipped with 5 temperature settings, the PSP-990 is capable of handling all types of fabrics. From jeans to t-shirts to drapes, it can handle all and turn them into crispy versions that have a renewed surface.

Ever worried about dulling of denim due to overuse or over-pressing?

That worry can be set aside with this Ricoma model as it boasts of a peculiar steam supply technology that switches on and off automatically depending upon the type of fabric you are pressing. For example, it will press harder on a denim jeans but not on a cotton t-shirt.

The modest 22.5×9-inch ironing plate is enough for most sizes of a garment. And for shirts, it comes with a sleeve pad so that you can cover the entire sleeves and cuffs and not leave a single section of the shirt.

It shuts down automatically if you keep it idle for more than 10 seconds or leave the flap open for 15 minutes. The alarm function – which is missing in some of the models above – alerts you in case of overexposure which the model takes extra care to avoid in the first place.

All in all, Ricoma is a trusted brand and has been around for years. This durable product is solid proof of that claim.

Highlighted Features

  • 5 different temperature settings
  • Convenient carrying handle for easy portability
  • Comes with a sleeve pad to aid in shirt pressing
  • Automatic shut-off and alarm feature
  • Durable built; will last for years even after daily use

  • Does not have a digital control panel


As mentioned above, this Ricoma steam press is aimed at small business owners who would want to purchase in bulk. It is affordable, durable, and does a spot-on job at steam pressing for professional output. Get it today!


We recommend getting the nifty table for this product. Check it out here.

Steam Press Buying Guide and FAQs

Answers to all your burning questions about steam presses. Skim through the below sections before making your final decision.

What is a Steam Press?

A steam press is an advanced form of an iron press that makes use of water vapor, heat, and pressure to press a piece of fabric.

A steam press provides wrinkle-free and uniform results thanks to its combined effect of steam and pressure. It can be used on any type of fabric and can press multiple layers at once.

A commercial steam press is a relatively large pressing device that is typically at 20 inches wide and weighs anywhere between 20 pounds and 40 pounds. It follows the same operating principle of a traditional iron but has better output because of the steam diffusion, larger pressing area, and low effort.

One of the biggest advantages of a steam press over traditional methods is that you can sit and perform the activity.

What is a Steam Press?

The main component of a laundry steam press is its heating mechanism which converts water into steam. This generated steam is evenly diffused via small pores on the heating plate. While the steam flows through the fibers of the garment and loosens them, the heat and pressure aid in flattening the wrinkles and straightening the entire garment.

There are different types of steam presses available in the market. The variations are in size, weight, controls, and features.

How Does a Steam Press Work?

A steam press is made up of the following major components:

  • Heating plate (soleplate)
  • Ironing board
  • Steam generator (+ water tank)
  • Control panel

The heating plate is usually the top flap and fixed to the handle. You have to press this flap onto the garment to release the steam and execute the press.

The ironing board is where you spread out the garment (e.g.: a white shirt). The dimensions and shape of the heating plate and ironing board are the same to maintain the uniformity of the application.

The steam generator is another important component that converts the water into vapor and streams it to the heating plate. The small pores on the heating plate diffuse the steam on the fabric.

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This combination of steam, heat, and a little bit of pressure is what has a straightening effect on the garment making it wrinkle-free, crisp, and professional.

As you might know, steam also has a regenerating effect on certain fibers which help give your garments a natural look.

The control panel can be used to change temperature and other settings. Different steam press models have different features such as steam burst, water filter mechanism, and handle lock for portability. These have been discussed in the above reviews.

How to Use a Steam Press?

Using a steam press is simple. Following is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Switch ON the steam press. Let it heat (about 2-3 minutes)
  2. Choose the temperature preset depending upon the type of fabric. If you’re unsure, start with the lowest setting (nylon or wool)
  3. Spread out the cloth to be pressed on the ironing area
  4. Once the steam press signals that it is heated up, press down the heating plate on the cloth
  5. Hold it for a few seconds and then release
  6. Inspect all parts of the exposed cloth for wrinkles. If you don’t see any wrinkles, move on to other sections or flip the cloth
  7. Repeat the process till the cloth is 100% steam-pressed

This is the general process on which you can use your steam press. Depending upon the type, brand, and model of your steam press, there may be additional steps. We highly recommend going through the instruction manual before operating your machine for the first time.

Best Steam Press Review

In that regard, here are a few tips to make this task easier:

  • Study the control panel of your steam press thoroughly. Get accustomed to the temperature settings and other features like steam burst, automatic and manual steam, and the capacity of the water tank
  • Study the temperature settings properly so that you can easily select the desired temperature level for different types of clothes. If nothing works, we recommend choosing the ‘Cotton’ preset which is often the safest
  • Keep the water reservoir amply filled if you intend to do a lot of pressing in one go
  • Do not keep the water reservoir filled for long durations of inactivity (e.g.: if you don’t intend to use the steam press for a few weeks/months)

Again, we strongly believe that you can save a lot of time if you go through the instruction manuals of your model. If it didn’t come with your purchase, here are quick links to user manuals (pdf) of all the top steam press brands:

Steam Press Vs. Conventional Iron

There are plenty of benefits of using a steam press over conventional iron. Some of these advantages are listed below:

  • 10x Wider Surface – The ironing surface has 10 times more space, allowing pressing of long fabrics such as drapes and tablecloths
  • Professional Look – Clothes ironed through a steam press not only last longer but also get a professional finish without wrinkles and crease lines
  • Remove Stubborn Wrinkles – A steam press can thwart all types of wrinkles and lines that a traditional iron cannot straighten. It also makes cuffs and collars sharp and crispy-looking
  • Reduces Ironing Time – The diffusion of steam reduces the time and effort required to press any given garment. Once heated, a steam press can iron a garment in a few seconds
  • Presses Multiple Layers – A steam press can iron multiple layers at once (e.g.: Elnapress claims to be able to press 6 layers of fabrics at once)
  • No More Slouching – You can perform steam pressing sitting down. This can prevent slouching and neck pain or back pain
  • Easy to Use
  • Increases Fabric Life
  • Safer
  • Presses Multiple Garments at Once

The ease of use, sheer convenience, and professional output at the comfort of one’s home or shop are the critical advantages that convince users to buy a steam press in general. In the US, it is a rewarding investment for everyone from homemakers to fashion boutique owners to hotel managers to hospitality service providers.

Differences Between a Steam Press and Clothes Steamer

When purchasing a steam press online you are bound to come across a machine called clothes steamer.

It is basically a handheld steamer that releases steam through tiny pores. This steam is directed on a piece of fabric typically hung on a hanger. The steam goes through the fibers of the fabric and straighten them out.

A clothes steamer is usually used by fashion designers and hospitality service providers for two main reasons:

  1. To give a final touch to already pressed garments (e.g.: suits)
  2. Quick jobs for their patrons (exhibition purposes)

There are several differences between a garment steamer and steam press but the biggest one is that the former does not come in contact with the fabric. The steam is sprayed from a short distance of a few inches.

On the other hand, a steam press works via direct contact. Sometimes, if the settings are not proper, this contact can damage or leave marks on the garment.

Best Steam Press Review

Additionally, a steam press is not suited for certain types of fabrics such as corduroy (velvet), suede, faux fur, satin, polyester, jersey, graphic printed garments, and leather. In such cases, a garment steamer is a better choice. It is also highly portable and power-efficient.

However, a garment steamer does not stand a chance in front of the ease, quickness, and the professional output of a steam press. Therefore, in most cases, they go hand in hand where either is used for slightly different purposes.

How to Clean and Maintain a Steam Press?

Much like how easy it is to use a steam press, maintaining it is also easy and straightforward. Here is a step-by-step guide to cleaning your steam press:

  1. Unplug the steam press from the power socket
  2. Use a light cloth to wipe all outer parts and sections of the machine. Cover heating and ironing plates, the control panel, backside and underside, and areas around the water tank. If there is visible dirt, use a damp cloth to wipe it off. Make sure the damp cloth does not go near the electrical cord or the control panel
  3. If the water tank is removable, wash it thoroughly using soap water (the Singer Intelligent Steam Press above at #7 has a removable water tank)
  4. Run a damp cloth on the pores of the heating plate to remove steam residue and lint. Leave it open to dry for a few minutes
  5. Fill the tank with distilled water and run the machine on full steam for a few minutes. This will dampen and flush out any deposits in the soleplate or its pores. You can use water and vinegar solution (4:1) for this purpose instead of distilled water.

It is not how you take care of your steam press but how often you do it that matters. For daily use, a monthly maintenance check and cleaning would be enough.

Tips to Take Care of Your Steam Press

These are safety tips that will help you extend the lifespan of your steam press:

  • If you use starch-based liquid or other solutions, cover the heating plate with a light cloth to avoid an accumulation of tiny particles on the steam pores
  • While pressing white garments, wipe the heating and ironing surfaces thoroughly to avoid marks and blemishes
  • Use a dust cover
  • Use distilled water whenever possible


We hope this guide has helped you find the best steam press for home use or business use. If you’re still on the fence, you can be sure that these are the top steam presses in the United States market right now.

We have not only covered the best brands like Elnapress, Steamfast, and Speedy Press but also considered different models and ranges to suit your needs.

If we had to choose the top three out of the lot, we’d pick these:

If you have specific needs, we are sure you have gone through the pros and cons of the remaining seven models on our list. Go ahead and bring home a steam press today!

Let us know which one you ordered so that our fellow readers can benefit from your wise choice.

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