Beginner Guide to Sewing Machine Needles

Starting something new is never easy. Sewing may seem easy, but any beginner will tell you that it takes a lot of work. There is a lot to learn in the sewing craft so don’t be too hard on yourself if this is your first project. Once you decide to … Read more

How to Thread a Brother Sewing Machine

How To Thread A Brother Sewing Machine In A Perfect Way

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What is a Low Shank Sewing Machine and How to Choose It?

What is a Low Shank Sewing Machine and How to Choose It?

A presser foot is a pertinent part of a sewing machine since it holds the textile while stitching the fabric. It stabilizes the textile so that during the sewing part, the textile will be steady and not affected by the machine’s movement. If you’re wondering what shanks to use with … Read more

4 Factors to Consider When Purchasing Your First Sewing Machine

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Easy Guide on How to Sew With a Sewing Machine

Learning how to sew with a sewing machine can be a viable skill for you as an individual. You can stitch any type of fabrics in any kinds of threads and designs if you know how to get into the sewing machine basics. A proper way of getting to know … Read more