Hotronix Auto Cap Heat Press Review

Are you into the heat printing business? Do you need a heat press machine that can customize caps?

Look no further! The Hotronix Auto Cap Heat Press is a great choice for your business.

It allows you to make full uniform customization for your customers, especially those who would love to make souvenirs.

With its automatic opening feature, you can apply beautifully designed logos on baseball caps, softball caps and several other types of caps or headwear.

Hotronix Cap Heat Press Review
Hotronix Cap Heat Press Auto Open

Just like the name connotes, the Hotronix Cap Heat Press Auto Open is one of the best cap heat press specially designed to decorate and apply logos on caps of all sizes, shapes and styles.

However, it can also be used for designing and decorating fan wears, spirit wear and all kinds of souvenirs that can be customized.

It is easy to use and has so many great features that distinguish it from the rest of its counterparts.

Hotronix Auto Cap Heat Press Review

1 – Perfect for Decorating Caps of All Sizes

The Hotronix Cap Heat Press is the ideal solution for heat applying logos on caps of different sizes. This is made possible with the presence of one of its unique features, the standard lower platen.

Additional cap platens enable heat pressing on caps of various sizes such as full or low crowns caps, oversized caps and so on.

2 – Promotes Multi-Tasking and Prevents Over-Application

Best Cap Heat Press: Hotronix Auto Cap Heat Press
Best Cap Heat Press: Hotronix Auto Cap Heat Press

The patented magnetic auto-open feature is a unique feature of the Hotronix Cap Heat Press. This special feature gives room for multi-tasking and allows its users to decorate multiple caps at the same time.

It also allows you to multitask without over-application.

3 – Secures Cap and Creates an Even Surface

The Hotronix cap heat press machine has an advanced feature which is a hold-down device. This advanced feature secures the cap and creates a smooth surface making it very easy to use and operate.

Compared to its other counterparts, it is an easy-to-use cap heat press.

4 – Sophisticated Digital Control

Heat press machines without the latest digital control do not suit business operations. This added advantage makes it suitable for commercial use.

With the latest digital control, managing your printing job will be done easily and in return give out an accurate outcome.

5 – Easy Portability

Hotronix Cap Heat Press Auto Open Review
Hotronix Cap Heat Press Auto Open Review

You may think for a machine that has a lot of special features, moving the Hotronix Cap Heat Press around will be a stressful task, but in the real sense of it, what you think is the direct opposite.

The Hotronix cap heat press machine has a compact size that allows for easy portability.

6 – Long-Lasting Design

The Hotronix cap heat press machine is designed specifically in America. It is known for its long-lasting and extraordinary quality.

Other than its durability, this machine is also scratch-resistant. So acquiring this special machine will be a lifelong investment.

7 – Warranty Policy is Enticing

The warranty policy for this product is an enticing one. It has a more flexible warranty policy than most of its counterparts.

The warranty covers One (1) year part warranty, Two (2) years on the electronics, Five (5) years on casting and welds, and a lifetime warranty on the heater block.

Top Features of Hotronix Auto Open Cap Press
  • Digital time, temperature and pressure control
  • 3.5×6” Standard Lower Platen
  • Automatic Opening Release/Magnetic LockDown
  • UL/ULC/CE approved
  • 3/8” Silicone pad
  • Quick change lower platen
  • 3/4” Upper floatation heat platen
  • Teflon Coated Heater
  • Auto-release opening
  • Platinum RTD heat sensor
  • Space-saving clamshell design
  • Integrated pressure sensor
  • Laser quality steel framework

  • Very costly


On a final note, we highly recommend the Hotronix Auto Cap Heat Press as one of the best cap heat press for your cap printing projects. You can purchase additional cap platens to aid multitasking and help you decorate on low-profile, oversized, low and full crowns.

Most importantly, when making a purchase, ensure that you look out for a blue to get the exact Hotronix®.

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