Cheap Machine Embroidery Threads

Top 3 Cheap Machine Embroidery Threads 2022

Embroidery is a beautiful piece of art that can be perfectly accomplished by employing appropriate threads in a perfect range of colors. So it is quite a significant task to decide which machine embroidery thread to use. If you are looking for affordable machine embroidery threads, here are top-rated embroidery … Read more

Machine Embroidery Threads

Best Machine Embroidery Thread Reviews 2022

Using embroidery designs has become a common thing in the fashion and clothing industry. Regardless of whether you opt for free motion embroidery designs or computer-aided ones, your emphasis should be on the embroidery thread. If machine embroidery thread is what you are after then, you have come to the … Read more

Hand Embroidery Basics: How to Use Embroidery Floss?

Picking a great selection of embroidery floss to your creation matters. The vibrant, lively, and vivid hues of different strands have a tantalizing, amazing, and artistic effect on your fabric. Moreover, your potential skill, artistry, and talent as a fashion designer, upholsterer, or a simple hobby dressmaker can be achieved … Read more

Types Of Embroidery Threads

If creativity is the only thing on your mind and all you think about is stitching and embroidery for a starter then you must be acquainted with the embroidery threads. There is a huge number of threads available in the market and all of them would be really appealing but you … Read more

How To Choose The Best Machine Embroidery Thread?

How To Choose The Best Machine Embroidery Thread?

You bought your first embroidery machine, but a question comes into your mind “How to Choose the Right Machine Embroidery Thread?” When you visit a store, there are a lot of choices that you have. And you can easily get confused due to the choices that are available. But if … Read more

How To Use Metallic Embroidery Thread?

Metallic embroidery thread adds a whole new touch to your embroidery designs. It comes in strong and intense colors that are sure to catch the eye. This is why more and more people are resorting to the metallic thread for embroidery purposes. The most popular shades in this genre are … Read more

Hand Embroidery Basics: Types of Embroidery Floss

Embroidery is the legendary craftsmanship originated from the manual tailoring of our ascendants through using vibrant, lively, and vivid colors of threads. Now, the modern creative sewing comes with various patterns, computer-generated designs, and different types of textiles and weaving strands. This state-of-the-art pursuit can be an amazing hobby, business … Read more