Best Laser Engraver Cutters Under $500

You don’t need a large budget to get started with laser engraving and cutting. Finding a good, cheap laser engraver is not that difficult on the modern market, especially if you just need a laser engraving machine for home use and not for any professional purposes.

Top 7 Best Laser Engravers Under $500:

We’ve collected a list of what we believe are the best laser engravers under $500 to help you get started in your search.

Best Laser Engravers Under $500 in 2024
Best Overall
ORTUR Laser Master 2 Pro-S2-LF
  • Great balance of features and price
  • Long-lasting design that can work for a long time without failing
  • Advanced safety features make this model suitable for beginners and professionals alike
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Good Quality
Aufero AL2 LU2-4-LF
  • High-quality engraver for those looking for the best
  • Faster and more precise than most other models in this price range
  • Compatible with a wide range of software and file formats
Great Value
  • Automatic air assist simplifies your workflow
  • Expandable cutting area for larger projects
  • High-powered 5W dual laser
Good Price
  • Long list of supported materials
  • Easy to set up and work with out of the box
  • Watch your creations in real time as they are produced
xTool D1 Laser Engraver
  • High accuracy for precise images with a lot of details
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Protective design that keeps your eyes safe
Most Compact
LaserPecker 1 Pro
  • Very compact and lightweight, perfect for portable use
  • Integrated editing app
  • One of the easiest models to use
Best Budget
NEJE 3 N30820
  • Great budget solution for buyers looking to maximize the value of their purchase
  • Advanced safety features
  • Fast and reliable operation

Best Laser Engravers Under $500 Reviews

What is the best affordable laser engraver on the market right now? As you can see from the above summary, this depends heavily on your requirements and how you intend to use the engraver. Below, you’ll find some of the top-rated laser engravers under $500.

Even if you don’t find the ideal model for your needs on that list, it should still allow you to start your search with more confidence.

Best Laser Engraving Cutting Machines Under $500

1 – ORTUR Laser Master 2 Pro-S2-LF Laser Engraving Cutting Machine Under $500

ORTUR Laser Master 2 Pro Pro-S2-LF - Best Laser Engraver Cutter Under $500
ORTUR Laser Master 2 Pro-S2-LF – Best Laser Engraver Cutter Under $500
  • Advanced safety mechanisms to keep you protected
  • Easy installation

  • Height needs to be adjusted manually

If you’re looking for the best laser engraver/cutter under $500, the Laser Master 2 Pro by ORTUR is one of the best options on the market right now. Striking a good balance between reliability and price, this affordable laser engraving/cutting machine can do a lot of serious work. The ORTUR Laser Master 2 Pro is specifically suitable for hobbyists and those who want to sell their crafts but don’t have a large starting budget to work with.

The company has upgraded the model significantly over its previous iteration, focusing specifically on stability and safety. You will find several new features like flame detection and emergency stop, while the body of the engraver has gone through several iterations to make it more durable even under a lot of stress.

Another benefit of the Laser Master 2 Pro is that it’s more accurate than many devices in its price range while maintaining a high operating speed. The engraver’s motors can work at a speed of up to 10,000 mm/min, far higher than many other similar models. This is mainly owed to the improved motherboard design and the new ORTUR Laser 1.8 firmware.

The level of detail this machine produces is amazing, with a laser spot measuring just 0.07 x 0.06 mm. You can easily engrave images with a lot of fine detail and you won’t feel like anything is missing. And thanks to the advanced safety and protection features, you can confidently do that at a high speed without worrying about injuring yourself.

ORTUR Laser Master 2 Pro-S2-LF Specifications
Laser Machine Power20 W
Laser Output Power1.6 W
Engraving area400 x 400 mm
Engraving accuracy0.00081 mm
Laser Spot0.07 x 0.06 mm
Max. Engraving Speed10,000 mm/min
Engraving & Cutting DepthN/A
Air Assist NozzleYes
Eye ProtectionYes
Material CapabilityPaper, Wood, Acrylic, Cloth, Denim, Leather, Rubber, Cork, Plastic, Food
Warranty30-day return guarantee and a 1 year warranty


The best overall laser engraver in this price range – if you can afford it, look no further.

2 – Aufero AL2 LU2-4-LF Laser Engraving Cutting Machine Under $500

Aufero AL2 LU2-4-LF - Reliable Laser Engraving Cutting Machine Under $500
Aufero AL2 LU2-4-LF – Reliable Laser Engraving Cutting Machine Under $500
  • Great overall build quality
  • Lots of functionality
  • Sleek design

  • Has occasional problems with deeper cuts

The Aufero AL2 LU2-4-LF is a very reliable laser engraving cutting machine under $500 which delivers solid performance with almost no compromises. If you need a good laser engraver for wood and metal with a long-focus laser module, this is the choice for you.

The engraver can work at up to 10,000 mm/min thanks to its fast 32-bit motherboard. It’s sturdy and durable and won’t start falling apart after a couple of weeks of rigorous use like some other models on the market. And with the large 390 x 390 mm cutting area, you can realize most of your projects without any complications.

This model is great for users who want flexibility. It works with various operating systems – including Mac, Linux, and even older versions of Windows – and supports a wide range of file formats. You don’t need to perform any complicated setup operations.

This also makes the AL2 LU2-4-LF ideal for scaling up your operation quickly. If you anticipate an increased volume of orders and want to be able to keep up with them, this engraver can help you accomplish that easily. As long as you have enough room to work with, of course.

Safety has clearly been a high priority in the design of this engraver, with additional protective features to keep your eyes safe. The kit comes with a pair of goggles included as well. And with the great variety of supported materials, you can easily use this engraver on a number of different projects with ease.

Aufero AL2 LU2-4-LF Specifications
Laser Machine Power16 W
Laser Output Power4,5-5,5 W
Engraving area390 x 390 mm
Engraving accuracy0.00081 mm
Laser Spot0.07 x 0.25 mm
Max. Engraving Speed10,000 mm/min
Engraving & Cutting DepthN/A
Air Assist NozzleYes
Eye ProtectionYes
Material CapabilityPlastic, Food, Tile, Acrylic, Aluminum, Leather, Denim, Ceramic
Warranty30-day return guarantee and a 1 year warranty


Great quality at an acceptable price, worth the investment.

3 – SCULPFUN S30 Laser Engraver and CNC Cutter Under $400

SCULPFUN S30 - Laser Engraving Machine for Jewelry
SCULPFUN S30 – Laser Engraving Machine for Jewelry
  • Great value for its price
  • Fast operation
  • Cuts through many materials easily

  • Need to be careful with packing the air hose to prevent wrinkles

Maybe you’re looking for something more specific – like a laser engraving machine for jewelry? In that case, definitely check out the SCULPFUN S30. This is an advanced laser engraver packed full of useful features that can help you no matter if you’re a beginner or a bit more experienced.

Take advantage of the 0.08 x 0.06 mm compressed spot to add precise, vivid details to your engravings. The 5 W dual laser output combines two separate high-density beams into one, allowing the machine to cut through materials like 5mm-thick wood with ease.

The air assist system is activated and disabled automatically, which can help streamline your workflow even further. The system will shut off when you’re engraving but will run when you’re cutting, improving the speed of the cutting operations without affecting the quality of your engravings.

The engraving area measures 400 x 400 mm by default, but can be extended to 935 x 400 mm and even to 935 x 905 mm with the use of an expansion kit. The largest option should be plentiful for most projects, including many commercial applications.

Finally, the SCULPFUN S30 is designed to last a long time. It’s clear that the company has put a lot of effort into perfecting the physical build of the machine, and you can rest assured that any of your issues will be addressed by the professional customer service. Many parts are easy to replace, including the lens – the package even includes one free replacement to get you started.

SCULPFUN S30 Specifications
Laser Machine PowerN/A
Laser Output Power5 W
Engraving area400 x 400 mm
Engraving accuracy0.005 mm
Laser Spot0.08 x 0.06 mm
Max. Engraving SpeedN/A
Engraving & Cutting Depth15 mm for wood
Air Assist NozzleYes
Eye ProtectionYes
Material CapabilityWood, MDF, Cardboard, Plastic, Leather, Steel, Ceramic, Stone
WarrantyOne year


Good value for your money if you need more advanced functionality.

Best Laser Engravers Under $400

4 – ATOMSTACK A5 Pro Laser Engraving Cutting Machine Under $400

ATOMSTACK A5 Pro - Good Laser Engraver Under $400
ATOMSTACK A5 Pro – Good Laser Engraver Under $400
  • Great price
  • Easy to get started with
  • High power

  • No auto-home feature

The ATOMSTACK A5 Pro is the perfect laser engraver under $400 if you’re looking for affordability with no compromises. The machine runs faster than some of the above models, operating at 11,000 mm/min, while maintaining great stability and a precise output at all times.

And with an engraving accuracy of 0.01 mm, you can easily bring some of your more creative works to life without having to invest in a more expensive model.

The compression point is not as precise as in some of the above models, measuring at 0.16 mm, but it’s still more than enough for most applications. Combined with the high operating speed, this machine is a great choice for those who want to produce a large volume of work in a relatively short time without sacrificing quality or precision.

You can also utilize the 180-degree viewing area to watch your creations unfold in front of your eyes. This won’t expose you to any harm thanks to the built-in protective features.

Compatibility is another strong point of this model, as it supports various software packages and operating systems. It can also work on a good variety of materials. The durable design of the machine’s body is perfect for advanced applications and heavy duty, continuous use.

The heat dissipation system can help increase the lifespan of the device, ensuring that you get the best value for your investment. This can be particularly useful if you’re working in areas where ventilation is problematic, as the feature will prevent the machine from overheating during frequent use.

ATOMSTACK A5 Pro Specifications
Laser Machine Power40W
Laser Output Power5 - 5,5 W
Engraving area410 x 400 mm
Engraving accuracy0.01 mm
Laser Spot0.16 mm
Max. Engraving Speed11,000 mm/min
Engraving & Cutting Depth5 mm
Air Assist NozzleYes (pump sold separately)
Eye ProtectionYes
Material CapabilityMetal, Wood, Bamboo, Plastic, Leather
WarrantyOne year


At this price, it’s a hard-to-beat offer and worth checking out.

5 – xTool D1 – Top Laser Engraver Under $400

xTool D1 - Best Inexpensive Laser Engraver for Wood
xTool D1 – Best Inexpensive Laser Engraver for Wood
  • Very simple to work with
  • Reliable customer support

  • Cabling is somewhat messy

It should be no surprise to see the xTool D1 laser engraver on this list if you’re at least a little familiar with the market. This is probably the best inexpensive laser engraver for wood, though it can work on other materials like metal as well. It’s an easy-to-use engraver and is probably the most user-friendly model on the market right now.

Featuring a 5 W laser and a 36 W machine, this is a powerful tool despite its low price. The compression spot is as good as some of the above models at 0.08 x 0.08 mm. This should be sufficient for most engraving purposes, including ones where you need to replicate more detailed designs with high precision.

Like some of the above models, the xTool D1 is perfect for users who’re not very experienced with using a laser engraver and therefore lack the confidence to use this type of machine safely. It comes with various safety features that can help you stay protected, including an anti-UV filter to protect your eyes and a durable, all-metal body that will last a long time.

The company is also known for its reliable customer support. If you’re looking to invest in a laser engraver that you can use for a long time without worrying about having to suddenly replace it, look no further. Servicing the xTool D1 is easy and can be done even by relatively inexperienced users. And if you run into any trouble, the customer service agents will be more than happy to assist you.

xTool D1 Specifications
Laser Machine Power36 W
Laser Output Power5 W
Engraving area432 x 406 mm
Engraving accuracy0.01 mm
Laser Spot0.08 x 0.08 mm
Max. Engraving Speed10,000 mm/min
Engraving & Cutting Depth10mm for basswood board
Air Assist NozzleYes (set sold separately)
Eye ProtectionYes
Material CapabilityAcrylic, Metal, Wood, Steel, Glass, Rubber, Leather, Food, Paper, Fabric, Ceramic, Bamboo
WarrantyOne year


Great choice for users who want minimal hassle in their work.

6 – LaserPecker 1 Pro Laser Engraver Under $400

LaserPecker 1 Pro - Most Compact Laser Engraver Under $500
LaserPecker 1 Pro – Most Compact Laser Engraver Under $500
  • Very compact and lightweight
  • Good for working on the go
  • Intuitive app

  • Limited range of supported materials

Don’t let looks deceive you – this mini laser engraving machine is a great laser engraver for small projects. It’s probably the most compact laser engraver under $500, and can provide you with a lot of accuracy and good performance despite its small size.

It’s not only small but lightweight too – at just 6.7 oz, you can easily pack this machine up and carry it around with you wherever you go. Setting up the LaserPecker 1 Pro is very easy and you will experience almost no downtime between engraving sessions, even when you constantly have to relocate.

Not only that, but you can take advantage of the integrated app that allows you to directly edit your creations on the go.

It can take a short while to get used to this model if you’re used to more traditional, stationary laser engravers. But once you’ve figured it out, you may never want to go back to an ordinary model. The LaserPecker 1 Pro can easily satisfy your full requirements despite its small size and portable design. This can make the model the perfect solution for events like trade shows where you want to be able to work on the go.

The only real downside to this model is the relatively small range of supported materials. You can’t engrave some popular choices like metal and plastic, and you need to be careful with light-colored materials as they can damage the laser. But other than that, the LaserPecker 1 Pro allows you to unleash your full creativity at a low cost no matter where you are.

LaserPecker 1 Pro Specifications
Laser Machine PowerN/A
Laser Output Power0.5 – 1.5 W
Engraving area99 x 99 mm
Engraving accuracyN/A
Laser Spot1.1 x 1.1 mm
Max. Engraving Speed3,000 mm/min
Engraving & Cutting DepthN/A
Air Assist NozzleNo
Eye ProtectionNo
Material CapabilityPaper, Wood, Leather, Food
Warranty30 days free replacement, 1 year warranty


If you need something to bring with you on the go, this is the ideal choice.

Best Laser Engravers Under $300

7 – NEJE 3 N30820 Laser Engraver and Cutter Under $300

NEJE 3 N30820 - Best Laser Engraver Under $300
NEJE 3 N30820 – Best Laser Engraver Under $300
  • Great starter choice
  • Easy and fast setup
  • Reliable software

  • Prone to occasional skipping

If your budget is more limited, you should consider the NEJE 3 N30820. Considering its features and overall design, this is the best budget laser engraver in this price range. Despite being a cost-effective laser engraving machine, it can still get a lot of work done relatively fast. This makes it the best laser engraver under $300 that we’ve found so far.

NEJE has made very few compromises with the design of this model. It features a focus point of 0.08 x 0.08 mm, which puts it on the same level as some more expensive models. The engraving area might be a bit small at just 170 x 170 mm, but should still be enough for most types of projects. On the bright side, the small area makes this model perfect for working in tight spaces with little mobility.

This is also a safe machine for beginners. You can take advantage of many protective features to ensure that you won’t accidentally hurt yourself or cause damage to your surroundings. Moving the machine will cause it to automatically pause, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally knocking it down while you’re moving around.

Installation is very simple, and you can have the engraver up and running in almost no time. You don’t need to perform any complex setup steps. It’s also a quiet engraver, with a module that controls fan speeds to keep them at an appropriate level during prolonged use.

NEJE 3 N30820 Specifications
Laser Machine PowerN/A
Laser Output Power5.5 – 7.5 W
Engraving area170 x 170 mm
Engraving accuracy0.00075 mm
Laser Spot0.08 x 0.08 mm
Max. Engraving Speed1,000 mm/s
Engraving & Cutting Depth18 mm
Air Assist NozzleYes
Eye ProtectionYes
Material CapabilityWood, Rubber, Glass, Acrylic, Plywood, Cloth
Warranty2 years


A budget model that does exactly what it promises with no extra bells and whistles.

How to Choose the Right Laser Engraver and Cutter Within Your Budget

Choosing a good laser engraver doesn’t have to involve making too many compromises and sacrifices. It’s possible to pick a reliable, inexpensive laser engraver that fulfills all your requirements. You just need to understand the market and what determines the price of most models.

The type of laser used in your engraver can affect its price a lot – not just whether it’s a diode, CO2, or fiber laser, but also the type of laser module. You need to know what materials you’ll be working with in advance. For example, if you need to cut through thick materials, you will want to focus on a long-focus laser module. On the other hand, a short-focus module can result in more precise, detailed engravings.

The differences between laser modules can be so significant that you will often find two very similar-looking models by the same manufacturer with a large price difference between them. The main difference usually lies in the laser module. A fixed-focus laser engraver won’t be very powerful, for example, but it will usually be cheaper.

Air assist systems can also make a huge difference. No matter if you’re looking for an entry-level laser engraver or a more advanced model, you should definitely consider versions that come with integrated air assist. This is a system that blows air onto the material as it’s being engraved, which improves the efficiency of the laser.

While an air assist system can significantly increase the price of a laser engraver, it usually makes up for that in the long term by increasing your productivity and allowing you to work faster.

When you’re in the market for an affordable laser engraver under $500, you will usually narrow down your choice to three main categories:

Laser Engravers Under $200

Only go for these models if you’re really short on cash and can’t afford anything better. They are usually aimed at beginners with no specific requirements and may lack some important features. For example, they might only support engraving but not cutting.

The quality of the final product could be a bit unpredictable as well, and you won’t usually find any models with an air assist system in this range. Still, if you need a simple laser engraving machine for wood and other basic materials, you might be able to find something suitable here.

Our recommended machines:

Laser Engravers and Cutters Between $200 and $400

Between $200 and $400, your options improve significantly. You will find various diode engravers with some advanced features that can help beginners make the most of them. You will probably have to limit yourself to fixed-focus laser modules which can only support a specific set of materials.

Still, you can find plenty of good solutions here from brands like SCULPFUN, NEJE, LaserPecker, ATOMSTACK and xTool. Air assist systems are typically supported but sold separately.

Our recommended machines:

Laser Engravers and Cutting Machines Under $500

Finally, if you’re willing to go above $400 – but still want to stay below $500 – you can find some reliable engravers that also support cutting and work at a high level of precision. These modules usually come with more advanced safety features and more reliable customer support from the manufacturer. Air assist is typically included in the default package. Look for brands like ORTUR, Aufero, xTool, ATOMSTACK and Comgrow.

All in all, if your budget is limited, try to focus your search on a basic model with a fixed-focus laser module and no air assist system. Try to find one that supports upgrades so you can extend its functionality in the future. ORTUR, AUFERO and ATOMSTACK are good companies to start with.

Our recommended machines:


You might already have some ideas for the best laser engraver/cutter under $500 after going through the above list. Now that you know how to look for the most affordable laser engraving machine, feel free to start comparing models on the market.

As long as you’ve identified your specific requirements and know exactly what you’re looking to accomplish, it shouldn’t take you long to find the ideal model for your needs.

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