Top 5 Best Cordless Iron Reviews

Top 5 Best Cordless Irons:

Are you tired of scrambled and twisted cords during your ironing sessions? Traditional corded irons are bulky and heavy, making ironing your clothes a tedious job.

Moreover, even the top corded irons have to be plugged into the nearest electrical outlet. This makes it incredibly hard to iron efficiently without the cord coming in the way every time you change your gliding direction.

However, there’s a simple solution for all these ironing problems; a cordless iron. As the name suggests; cordless irons are battery-powered, making them extremely portable and convenient.

On top of that, cordless irons are significantly more lightweight than corded ones, making them an ideal addition to your ironing sessions.

Many cordless iron reviews have also shown that using such an iron alleviates the stress of snagging your clothes and allows you to iron the nooks and crooks of your dress shirt effortlessly. However, this begs the question; what is the best cordless iron for you to buy? Read on to find more!

Top 5 Best Cordless Irons
Best Overall
Panasonic 360º Cordless Iron
  • Large 360-deg sole-plate base
  • Lightweight
  • Non-stick stainless steel base
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High Quality
Panasonic NI-WL600
  • Curved stainless-steel soleplate
  • Heat steam and dry settings
  • 360° double-tipped design
Black+Decker ICL500
  • Ceramic non-stick sole-plate
  • Large easy-fill water tank
  • Illuminated charging base
Best Budget
Steamfast SF-760
  • Optimal manoeuvrable design
  • Steam and dry setting
  • Horizontal and vertical steam bursts
OMAIGA Cordless Steam Iron
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Ceramic sole-plate base
  • Quick reheat capability

Top 5 Best Cordless Iron Reviews 2024

As stated before, a top-rated cordless iron can completely transform your ironing routine. However, there are practically infinite options available in the market, forcing the question; what is the best cordless iron for you to buy?

If you’re looking for the answer to this question then this guide will surely help you decide on the perfect cordless iron to buy, which would cater to all your ironing needs.

#1 – Best Overall: Panasonic 360º Freestyle Advanced Ceramic Cordless Iron

Best Cordless Iron Reviews
Panasonic 360º Freestyle Advanced Ceramic Cordless Iron
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Stability on all types of fabric
  • Convenient auto clean feature

  • Takes 2-3 minutes to heat up

Panasonic 360º Freestyle Advanced Ceramic Cordless Iron is no doubt the best cordless iron for quilters and tailors. This cordless iron features a larger sole plate than other competitors in the market which makes it easy for you to iron large pieces of clothes in even lesser turns.

Moreover, the 1500-watt base provides more than enough power to heat up the cordless iron to your desired temperature in less than two minutes.

The Panasonic 360 Freestyle cordless iron also features a large, non-stick, and double-pointed ceramic plate which allows the iron to move effortlessly in any direction. It comes pre-loaded with steam and dry heat settings, distributing heat evenly in both functions and eliminating any signs of wrinkles or creases.

The Panasonic cordless iron even allows variable adjustments for steam which caters to different types of clothes, making it ideal for daily use.

Panasonic 360º Cordless Iron Specifications
TypeSteam/Dry Iron
Power1500 watts
Sole-plate materialCeramic
Item Weight4.84 pounds


We believe it is one of the top-rated cordless irons for quilting and sewing since it has a large 360-degree ceramic plate making it perfect for larger fabrics.

#2 – High Quality: Panasonic NI-WL600 Cordless Steam/Dry Iron

Panasonic NI-WL600: Best Cordless Iron for Quilters
Panasonic NI-WL600 Cordless Steam/Dry Iron
  • 3-way auto shut-off feature
  • Heat-resisting carrying case
  • 25% faster-ironing

  • It cools down fast

Second on the list, we have Panasonic NI-WL600 cordless iron which features a curved stainless-steel plate that allows the iron to heat up to 25% faster.

Resultantly, this makes it an ideal cordless iron for quilting and sewing and without any doubt, one of the best cordless steam irons for daily ironing sessions.

The 360-degree sole-plate design also notches up the portability of this cordless iron, such that you can reach the nooks and crooks of your creases without the need to rotate the iron.

This Panasonic cordless steam iron comes with a no-spill water refilling design which prevents your clothes from getting drenched while ironing. Featuring a lightweight detachable water tank, you will never have to take the whole iron to the sink for refilling; just simply detach the tank, fill it up with water and attach it back.

While on the topic of water, the cordless iron also supports adjustments for the steam settings, catering to various types of fabrics. Above all, this cordless iron is even encased in a durable, heat-resisting case that snaps easily on the iron after use.

Panasonic NI-WL600 Specifications
TypeSteam/Dry Iron
Power1500 watts
Sole-plate materialStainless-steel
Item Weight4.4 pounds


The Panasonic NI-WL600 is one of the best cordless steam irons to have in your home since it has a large 360-degree stainless-steel plate feasible for all types of fabrics.

#3 – Lightweight: Black+Decker ICL500 Light ‘N Go Cordless Iron

Black+Decker ICL500: Best Cordless Iron for Travel
Black+Decker ICL500 Light ‘N Go Cordless Iron
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Ceramic non-stick plate
  • Quick charging

  • Plastic body structure

Next, we have Black+Decker ICL500 Light ‘N Go Cordless Iron which features an illuminated base, which makes it easy to notice when the iron is in need of a charge.

The Black & Decker cordless iron is extremely lightweight and its convenient design certainly marks it as the best lightweight cordless iron with a perfect harmonization of convenience and power.

Moreover, it can also be your go-to cordless steam iron for travel with the help of its compact design and portable structure, making it your ideal companion during office tours and vacations.

The 1500-watt base of the iron acts as the perfect charger, charging it as quickly as 10 seconds. Even more, the ceramic nonstick plate is optimal for straightening out wrinkles from all types of fabrics along with variable steam settings.

Black+Decker ICL500 Specifications
TypeSteam/Dry Iron
Power1500 watts
Sole-plate materialCeramic
Item Weight4.5 pounds


The Black+Decker ICL500 is the best lightweight cordless iron to have as a travel partner thanks to its lightweight and compact design.

#4 – Best Budget: Steamfast SF-760 Portable Cordless Steam Iron

Steamfast SF-760: Portable Cordless Steam Iron for Quilting
Steamfast SF-760 Portable Cordless Steam Iron
  • Fast heating up
  • Super lightweight
  • Easy to use

  • It doesn't stay hot long

Steamfast SF-760 Portable Cordless Steam Iron is powered by a 1200-watt base which is strong enough to heat up the cordless iron in about 7 seconds. Coming pre-equipped with four steam modes, this cordless iron can take wrinkles and creases out of all types of fabrics with a simple touch of a button.

The steam is created by the water stored in the in-built water tank, and the added weight also helps in eliminating wrinkles from fabrics easily.

The non-stick stainless steel plate of this iron also makes it one of the best cordless irons for quilting. This is mainly due to its steam settings which are capable of directing a powerful burst of steam to instantly relax and remove wrinkles on even the hardest fabrics like quilts and curtains with ease.

And this isn’t all as the iron also comes with a 2-year warranty just so you can have peace of mind after purchase.

Steamfast SF-760 Specifications
TypeSteam/Dry Iron
Power1200 watts
Sole-plate materialStainless steel
Item Weight3 pounds


This is a good economical cordless iron if you are in the market for pocket-friendly options that can get the work done easily.

#5 – User Friendly: OMAIGA Cordless Steam Iron

Best Lightweight Cordless Steam Iron
OMAIGA Cordless Steam Iron
  • Ceramic sole-plate
  • 3 steam modes
  • Lightweight design

  • No heat-resistant cover

Last but not least we have the OMAIGA Cordless Steam Iron hosting an iconic design and considered one of the most lightweight cordless steam irons available in the market.

This cordless iron steamer features a ceramic soleplate with the capacity to take out the hardest wrinkles from the toughest of fabrics. Being powered by a 1500-watt base, the iron is powerful enough to equally distribute heat through the ceramic plate and allow you to efficiently iron your delicate clothes.

Proving its convenience, this affordable cordless iron also has a self-cleaning function that can automatically clean its vents to prevent any buildup with a simple touch of a button.

This steam iron even comes pre-loaded with 3 temperature settings for feasible fabrics, making it the most user-friendly cordless iron on our list. It also has an inbuilt water tank which is pre-checked after production just so you don’t get a faulty product.

OMAIGA Cordless Steam Iron Specifications
TypeSteam/Dry Iron
Power1500 watts
Sole-plate materialCeramic
Item Weight3.7 pounds


This is one of the most user-friendly lightweight cordless irons available on the market which is packing enough bang for the buck.

Cordless Versus Regular Iron: Which is Better?

Primarily, both the regular and cordless iron do the same job; straightening out wrinkles from your clothes. However, the main factor that differentiates between the two is their convenience. The traditional iron has long non-retractable cords which often snug up with your clothes while ironing, making your regular ironing sessions a hassle.

On the other hand, a high-quality cordless iron offers a new level of portability because of its cordless body. Similarly, despite having large soleplates, cordless irons are far lighter than regular irons, making them less strainful for your hands.

Cordless irons also have a heat-resistant cover and mostly the cord is retractable within the base which not only makes them easier to store but also a perfect traveling companion.

Moreover, most of these irons have inbuilt water reservoirs that can generate steam for softening wrinkles making them perfect irons for quilting and sewing. This also allows them to feature steam and dry heat settings, making these cordless irons completely feasible for all types of fabrics under different conditions.

Cordless Iron FAQs

How do cordless irons work?

Cordless irons are quickly charged and heated by the corded base which can heat up to your desired temperature in about a minute or even faster if the base is more efficient and powerful. After quick charging, the heated ceramic or stainless-steel plate can then easily straighten out all the wrinkles from our clothes.

Usually, cordless irons also come with different steam settings which give a burst of vapors at the press of a button, moistening the fabric and eliminating all types of creases from the fabrics when ironed.

Which Panasonic cordless iron is best?

All of the Panasonic cordless irons are the top competitors in the market but the Panasonic 360º Freestyle stands out as the best cordless iron for clothes mainly due to its ceramic soleplate. The double-pointed soleplate allows you effortless movement in all directions, making the cordless iron more convenient for your ironing sessions.

How to use a cordless iron?

All you need to do to use a cordless iron is simply plug in the base of the iron in any electrical outlet and let the cordless iron heat up by placing it on the base. In just a matter of seconds, the cordless iron will heat up to the desired temperature. After that, simply lift the cordless iron and start ironing. When the iron starts indicating that it is in a need of a charge, just put it back on the base.

How long does a cordless iron stay hot before it needs charging?

Technically, it depends on the cordless iron. If they are fast-charging supported, they may stay hot for about 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Otherwise, if they reach the heated temperature in about a minute or two, like in Panasonic 360-degree cordless iron, then they can stay hot for about 2 minutes. Nonetheless, it gives you ample time and heat to iron your fabrics.

How to clean a cordless iron?

Most of the high-quality cordless irons feature a self-cleaning function that can clean all the steam and mist vents by themselves. This prevents any calcium buildup from forming inside the vents and blocking them.

However, if your cordless iron does not host a self-cleaning function then you can simply pick up a toothbrush, moisten it, and rub it all over the vents. Make sure that your cordless iron is turned off and try not to put excessive water near the controls.


Wearing wrinkled-out clothes not only diminishes our confidence but changes our whole demeanor. While ironing seems like a strenuous task, it’s not meant to be that way. Cordless iron reviews have shown that this technology is more than sufficient to eliminate creases and straighten out wrinkles from any type of fabric.

With our list above featuring the best cordless iron for clothes, you will actually find ironing to be a child’s play. Without the extra weight of the cord or the maneuverability issues, you’ll easily be able to iron out important formal wear without wasting any of your precious time.

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