Best 3D Printer Brands

There are two approaches to getting into 3D printing.

One, you go with the “buy the cheap thing first” axiom. Pick a bestselling cheap 3D printer and see if it’s meant for you. This applies to hobbyists, DIYers, and casual 3D printing enthusiasts.

Two, and this is where things get serious, you pick from among the best 3D printer brands as a one-time investment for the long-term. Businesspersons, inventors, tinkerers, and serious hobbyists may be inclined to this approach as they look for quality, durability, extra bells and whistles, and brand backing. That last part promises warranty, customer support, and community.

If you’ve landed on this page, we’re sure you’re looking for only one thing: What is the best brand of 3D printer? Well, that depends on several factors.

Nonetheless, here is a list of different brands of 3D printers currently ruling the market.

Topselling 3D Printer Brands:

Top 11 Best 3D Printer Brands

What’s best for you may be a second choice for someone else. It may even be a third choice for a third person who has an entirely different set of 3D printing requirements.

However, it still helps to have a list of top 3D printer brands that you can refer to when going shopping. That is exactly what we have done in this article.

Here you’ll find the top 11 3D printer manufacturers in the world as of today. You can check their pros and cons and how they differ from other companies. We also review each of the brand’s top 3D printer. These reviews will help you buy better.

1 – Creality

Creality - Best 3D Printer Brand for FDM and Resin Printing
Creality – Best 3D Printer Brand for FDM and Resin Printing

Shenzhen Creality is a Chinese 3D printer supplier that focuses on personal and commercial 3D printers. Started in 2014, it claims to have expanded its 3D printer supply business to nearly 200 countries.

Creality owns a factory that produces over 1,000,000 3D printers every year. Its products are certified by CE, FCC, and ROHS standards, which makes it the best brand of 3D printer from a customer’s point of view. You and I get access to serviceable and affordable 3D printers, which are often the biggest hurdles when it comes to 3D printers.

What we love about Creality is that its assembly line takes care of research, design, and production. That’s a rare combination in the manufacturing world where otherwise many of the processes are outsourced.

Best known for its Ender and CR series of 3D printers, Creality also supplies products to the fields of education, medicine, and jewelry. We’ve reviewed one of its bestsellers below.

Official Creality Ender 5 Pro 3D Printer
Official Creality Ender 5 Pro 3D - Best 3D Printer Under $500
Official Creality Ender 5 Pro 3D – Best 3D Printer Under $500

Some 3D printers are quieter than others. Creality’s Ender 5 Pro – an upgrade from Ender 5 – aims to snatch a spot among those former type, with its V4.2.2 silent mainboard allowing you to print your designs without creating many soundwaves.

If you are already a 3D printer user, you know how annoying printing noise can be, especially for those long-duration jobs. That makes this a cool upgrade. Or, if you are just starting out, your first 3D printer.

The feeding is super smooth in this FDM Creality 3D printer, thanks to its metal extruder and Capricorn Premium XS Bowden tubing. Together, they provide an optimized setting for the filament to slide into the nozzle. The metal extruder provides a stronger pressure to the filament, allowing for smoother, controlled printing.

The double-plate bed is stable enough for most hobby projects but you may need support handles if you plan to print anything bigger than your palm. Nonetheless, the Creality Ender 5 Pro is the best 3D printer under $500 that gives a total bang for your buck if your requirements are modest.

2 – Dremel

Dremel - Best Quality 3D Printer Brand
Dremel – Best Quality 3D Printer Brand

Dremel is for 3D printing what Mercedes is for luxury cars. Unlike Creality, Dremel is an American legacy brand that is globally known for its line of rotary tools and miter saws.

It is credited with the invention of the multi-tool in 1935. Since then, Dremel has been a leading supplier of engineering tools in the United States, the European Union, and the world.

As for 3D printing, it caters to its consumers through the sub brand of Dremel DigiLab, through which it produces and supplies 3D printers, filaments, and accessories. Recently, all Dremel 3D printing products are licensed by 3PI Tech Solutions. (So, you may not always see Dremel as the seller if you shop online.)

Awarded (in 2020 by All3DP) for its minimal design and powerful mainboard design, Dremel’s products are mostly targeted at educationists (schools) and hobbyists. They are known for their industrial output, high-quality finishing, and active customer support. The 3D20 model is a prime example of why Dremel is considered the best-quality 3D printer brand.

Dremel Digilab 3D20 3D Printer
Dremel Digilab 3D20 - Good 3D Printer for Hobbyists
Dremel Digilab 3D20 – Good 3D Printer for Hobbyists

We like to see the Digilab 3D20 as the easiest plug-and-play 3D printer out there. Even if you are a complete noob in 3D printing, you could set this machine up, download an open-source design off the internet, and print your first model. Dremel makes it that easy.

Unlike the Creality model above, this Dremel 3D printer comes fully enclosed. Such an enclosed setup helps in maintaining optimum temperature while printing as well as preventing accidents.

The printing surface is large enough (23 cm wide) to print most palm-sized designs. Plus, the enclosure also prevents plastic fumes from entering the atmosphere of your home or class. Trust us, the advantages of a closed 3D printer far outweigh that of a regular one.

We also like that Dremel produces and promotes its own line of plant-based PLA filaments. Sustainable 3D printing was never so mainstream before.

With a one-year warranty and the Dremel promise, this is a good 3D printer for hobbyists and home use. We now see why Dremel pushes it as a family-friendly printer. It’s safe and superbly easy to get started on this.

3 – Anycubic

ANYCUBIC - Best Resin 3D Printer Brand
ANYCUBIC – Best Resin 3D Printer Brand

It’s reassuring to see that a lot more 3D printer manufacturers are focusing on and supplying to educational institutes such as schools. It shows that 3D printing has finally arrived in the mainstream. Anycubic’s 3D printers are targeted at school-going children and tinkerers.

Started in 2015 in Australia, it mass-produces FDM and SLA printers and claims to believe in affordable and accessible 3D printing. We might agree with that because Anycubic’s range of 3D printers is far more cost-effective than that of its peers. Take the Photon Mono SE, for instance, which retails for half the price of other intermediate-level 3D printers in the United States. This is one major reason why think Anycubic is the best resin 3D printer brand.

But that’s not all, Anycubic has its own R&D process, which promises continued developments in its bestsellers as well as through new inventions. So, it makes sense to patronize Anycubic regardless of how ambitious you are to 3D print. Not to mention it maintains online communities where you can exchange design ideas.

ANYCUBIC Photon Mono SE Resin 3D Printer
ANYCUBIC Photon Mono SE - High Speed Resin 3D Printer
ANYCUBIC Photon Mono SE – High Speed Resin 3D Printer

Imagine anything the size of a baseball ball. And this resin Anycubic 3D printer can print it. Thanks to its large bed, you can be comfortable with your designs without worrying about space constraints.

The 6K resolution and 350:1 contrast ratio are two features that stand out as they will bring superior-level detailing to your prints. We’re talking sharper edges and clearer curves in your designs. If you’re someone who designs intricate objects, the Anycubic photon UV LCD 3D printer will be a great choice.

The only trouble is that several users have reported that the LCD screen on this printer lasts a maximum of 90 days, after which you’ll need to replace it. Keep this in mind while researching your high-speed resin 3D printer options.

4 – Elegoo

Elegoo - Top UV Resin 3D Printer Brand
Elegoo – Top UV Resin 3D Printer Brand

At first sight, Elegoo looks like that new kid on the block. But only when you explore its website that you realize that it’s a multi-award-winning, top resin 3D printer brand of Chinese origin. Set up in 2015, it’s one of the world’s leading suppliers of LCD and FDM 3D printers.

Best known for its Saturn, Mars, and Neptune series of 3D printers, Elegoo boasts internal R&D processes, a cutting-edge production line, and dedicated after-sales support.

Elegoo’s products are wildly popular in the Asian markets because they are cheap and highly customizable. You can edify your 3D prints and other equipment using any relevant material and Elegoo’s machines will lap them up all right.

ELEGOO Resin 3D Printer Mars 2 Pro Mono MSLA 3D Printer
 ELEGOO Resin 3D Printer Mars 2 Pro - Great SLA Printer on the Market
ELEGOO Resin 3D Printer Mars 2 Pro Mono MSLA 3D Printer

Besides the high-speed LCD printing and 2K resolution, what we love about Mars 2 Pro is the activated carbon inside the enclosure that absorbs residue resin and any fumes that may be generated during the printing process. Further protected by a turbo cooling fan and silicone rubber seal, the enclosure is perhaps the best part of this product. This makes it ideal for use in homes, schools, and offices.

If you are a hobbyist and usually print your designs within the confines of your home (as opposed to a garage), then the active carbon is a redeemable feature.

Other bells in this modestly-priced UV resin 3D printer include an aluminum frame, COB light source, and Chitu Box slicer for smoother prints.

Overall, we find Elegoo to be a high-quality 3D printer brand out there in this price range.

5 – Flashforge

Flashforge - Best Cheap 3D Printer Brand
Flashforge – Best Cheap 3D Printer Brand

Much like Creality, FlashForge has also expanded its wings since its inception and now supplies advanced 3D printers for use in dentistry, jewelry, and other forms of craft. Founded in 2011, Zhejiang Flashforge (as it is officially known) has been a pioneer in the field of additive printing.

It manufactures both FDM and resin 3D printers and is best known for heavy-duty industrial machines that are capable of printing out larger objects. Naturally, FlashForge is considered the best cheap 3D printer brand and is meant for professionals and serious hobbyists who own a 3D printing business. For instance, its Creator 4 printer can print out designs as tall as 50 cms. No kidding.

Its strong influence in the 3D printing community makes it a favorite and notable 3D printer brand. As you can probably guess, that can also mean coughing up more to own a FlashForge product.

FlashForge 3D Printer Creator Pro
FlashForge 3D Printer Creator Pro - Great Entry-Level 3D Printer
FlashForge 3D Printer Creator Pro – Great Entry-Level 3D Printer

The most notable quality of its Creator Pro model is its patent design. Capable of holding dual colors and dual filaments, you can add extra charm to your designs without having to depend on over-printing. That process is as good as destroying your product because it rarely works out. But not if you own this FlashForge 3D printer.

Although other printers can print with dual filaments, we find that FlashForge’s outputs are more refined and steadier. This may be because of the option of ventilation. Yes, you can choose to ventilate the enclosure or keep it fully closed depending upon the filament type and model you are printing. As you know, PLA printing is better done with some ambient air added to the mix.

The Creator Pro is also extremely customizable as you can use virtually any material and its dual extruder will melt and print. No questions asked.

As we mentioned before, invest in this workhorse if you’re serious about 3D printing and your business depends on it. FlashForge won’t let you down.

6 – Monoprice


Before venturing into the manufacturing of easy-to-use 3D printers, Monoprice dealt in consumer electronics such as TV panels, cables, and home theater systems. Mostly a haven for hobbyists and tinkerers, its range of 3D printers is what we like to call refined and professional.

Its Voxel is a bestseller and globally renowned for being a plug-and-play, beginner-friendly 3D printer. Monoprice’s customer promise surrounds its user-friendly and polished products. You can unbox its products and start using them right away, even without any technical knowhow. It’s sort of like the Apple of 3D printing.

Interestingly, Monoprice’s diverse range of consumer electronics makes it a crowd favorite. In addition to 3D printers, it also sells accessories, 3D printing materials, and devices. You can easily find an extension or a hardware plugin for your Monoprice products from its own inventory. This is one major reason why hobbyists believe in this American brand since 2002.

Monoprice Voxel 3D Printer
Monoprice Voxel 3D Printer - Easy to Use 3D Printer
Monoprice Voxel 3D Printer – Easy to Use 3D Printer

8GB internal memory, IPS touch screen, USB port, Wi-Fi radio, hotspot, built-in camera – all of these make it look like a smart gadget of the current digital age. Yet, Monoprice 3D printer is globally famous which has turned millions of beginners into advanced 3D printer enthusiasts.

We have mentioned plug-and-play before in this article to describe Dremel’s 3D printer, but the Voxel takes it to another level. For instance, its hot bed can be calibrated and adjusted with a single tap. The manual bed adjustment to calibrate balance now seems like a story of the ancient era. Need we say more about this good 3D printer for beginners?

There’s more: a quick-change nozzle that can be switched in a matter of seconds, a heated build plate for smoother, easy leveling control, and cloud support. It’s a machine that keeps on giving. Own it!

7 – XYZ Printing

XYZPRINTING - Best 3D Printer Brand for Beginners
XYZPRINTING – Best 3D Printer Brand for Beginners

Owned by Taiwanese conglomerate New Kinpo Group, XYZprinting is a top portable 3D printer brand founded in 2013 that focuses only on additive printing machines. According to its website, it aims to integrate 3D printers into our homes, schools, and offices. Just like those ubiquitous HP and Canon printers.

XYZprinting has a distinct range of small-desktop 3D printers and uses non-mainstream terminologies to describe and market its products. While we’re not sure if this helps in its sales, its 3D printers do sell like hot cakes. For instance, the da Vinci series is beloved by its users because it’s, again, plug-and-play and creates colorful models in a matter of minutes.

Other highlights of its products are compact size, wireless printing, and color. If you’ve ever wondered why modern 3D printers don’t much focus on colorful 3D printing, XYZprinting is your answer.

XYZprinting da Vinci Mini Wireless 3D Printer
Best Home 3D Printer
XYZprinting da Vinci Mini Wireless 3D Printer

The biggest claim when it comes to 3D printers is speed. How fast can a printer print the designs? This is a critical parameter for most, especially if you’re running a business. But the problem is that you can’t really achieve greater speeds in 3D printing without compromising on the quality of the output.

While XYZprinting does claim 5x speed compared to other similar printers, we’ll steer clear of it. Instead, let’s talk about its basic qualities. For starters, there is an aluminum bed that has an equi-sized volume of 13 cms. The precision extruder can heat up in less than two minutes and start working even faster. You can set it right up for your school-going kids or yourself and start printing right out of the box.

The wireless function is a bit of work the first time you do it, but it shouldn’t be a problem from thereon. And that’s also the case with the printer’s basic setup.

While the da Vinci Mini is not the most advanced home 3D printer, it does the job and will make for a good budget, entry-level model. Try it.

8 – Longer

Longer is another China-based 3D printer manufacturer and supplier that researches and develops its own series of 3D printers. It started with ceramic 3D printers in 2016 and then went on to design and manufacture FDM and laser additive printers.

In addition to affordable 3D printers for home use, it also produces laser engravers, industrial 3D printers, and related materials and ships globally. It’s the parent company of RepRapPro.

Today, Longer 3D has over 28 patents in the additive manufacturing field and boasts a million users worldwide. Despite the local and international competition, Longer has managed to attract attention, thanks to its core team’s expertise and continuous innovation.

One prime example of this innovation is the LONGER LK5 Pro, the best large-volume 3D printer under $400 which we have reviewed below.

LONGER LK5 Pro 3D Printer
LONGER LK5 Pro 3D Printer - Best Large Volume 3D Printer Under $400
LONGER LK5 Pro 3D Printer – Best Large Volume 3D Printer Under $400

The LK5 Pro has the largest printing volume among 3D printers reviewed in this article. With a maximum height of 400 mm, it just expands the possibilities with your designs. No wonder the marketing photographs of the printer feature the model of the Godzilla.

The biggest technical advantage of this top Longer 3D printer is the dual Z axis support that provides additional support to the printer and reduces vibrations. As a result, the margin of errors is further reduced. The Teflon tube, quiet TMC2208 main drive, and carborundum glass platform all boost the overall printing experience, giving you shiny, well-polished models.

But perhaps what takes the cake here is the “print resume” option. You can conveniently resume a printing job if, say, you run out of filament or the power goes off. Sure, many other 3D printers have this feature but, in our tests, the Longer LK5 Pro did the best resumption with minimal friction.

9 – Ultimaker

ULTIMAKER - Best 3D Printer Brand for Professionals
ULTIMAKER – Best 3D Printer Brand for Professionals

Ultimaker is based out of the Netherlands but it operates its assembly line in the United States.

A startup formed in 2011, Ultimaker has an unconventional way to produce its products wherein it has shed the RepRap principle (where 3D printers should be able to print out their own parts). Plywood parts are used to build Ultimaker 3D printers.

As a result, its printers are capable of printing high-precision materials including those used in construction. Some of its notable products are Ultimaker S3 and Ultimaker S5. Ultimaker Cura, its proprietary 3D printing software, is considered one of the best in the industry.

It is arguably the best 3D printer brand for professionals.

10 – Formlabs

FORMLABS - Affordable Large-Format 3D Printer Brand
FORMLABS – Affordable Large-Format 3D Printer Brand

Formlabs is a leader in the additive printing industry. Formed as a startup by MIT alumni, it is perhaps best known for using Kickstarter to fund its printer production. The affordable large-format 3D printer brand focuses on stereolithographic and laser sintering 3D printers, mass-producing them to make them affordable.

Formlabs 3D printers are as polished as its website, giving you a peek into its bestsellers such as the Form 3+, Fuse, and Form 3B series of 3D printers. It also supplies different types of 3D printing materials, thus making itself a hub for 3D printing aficionados.

Notably, Formlabs helped develop a type of swab that was used for testing and prevention during the 2020 global coronavirus pandemic.

11 – Prusa

Everyone in the 3D printing world knows Prusa, a top 3D printer brand in the market. The brand name is almost a synonym for 3D printers, so naturally it’s bound to appear on our list.

Started in 2012 by Czech hobbyist Josef Prusa, the brand is one of the pioneers in the industry and boasts of the Prusa i3, the most ubiquitous 3D printer in the world. Getting a Prusa machine used to be a no-brainer because the brand’s products are equipped with everything you need to get started on 3D printing, even if you are a beginner. But now it has heavy competition as is evident from this list.

Prusa’s notable quality is that its products are all dependent on open-source software. For instance, you can find all the information online to create your own Prusa 3D printer.


Buying the world’s top 3D printer can be a challenge. Much like any other product or appliance, finding the best is tricky. We attribute it to the growing menace of overchoice. There are so many models, types, brands, and variations out there, that picking one of them does become intimidating.

The quickest and easiest way to find a good 3D printer is to instead choose a good brand. Once you do that, pick one of the selected brand’s bestsellers. This article basically simplifies this process by shortlisting the 11 best 3D printer brands and their best creations yet.

Pick any brand and then any of its bestsellers. It’s as simple as that.

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