Heat Transfer vs. Sublimation Printing

Welcome to the exciting world of garment decoration and T-shirt making. You must have heard of different printing methods used in the garment decoration industry, especially sublimation printing and heat transfer printing and may be asking yourself which method of garment decoration is better. The truth is: both are great; … Read more

How to Use Heat Transfer Vinyl

How to Use Heat Transfer Vinyl

People’s perception of others begins with what they wear even before their actions and utterances. And as a designer or crafter, you play an important role in building a good impression for your clients through your professional creative designs. There are lots of vinyl heat transfer tips on the market … Read more

Heat Printing Basics

What is Heat Transfer Printing?

Whether you want to create custom designs or print artworks and eyes-catchy aesthetics onto various garments to pass a particular message or make the fabric look more attractive, you can achieve more with heat transfer method of printing. This printing option is not only one of the easiest, but it … Read more

How To Make Rhinestone Heat Transfers

How To Make Rhinestone Transfers

Want to add extra charm and sparkle to your garment? Then its high time you rhinestone it. In the previous series, we discussed several decorating methods used in the garment (such as heat transfer printing, screen printing, sublimation print), their processes as well as their differences to help you select … Read more

Heat Transfer vs. Screen Printing

Heat Transfer vs. Screen Printing

You must have come across some t-shirts that either leaves you with an expression “wow”! This looks nice or “wow”! What a magnificent design. Such differences in the expressions could only be a function of the choice of printing adopted by the designer. There are different printing methods used in … Read more