Best Wall Mounted Ironing Boards

The hunt for simple and quick ironing can be as tiresome as taking out the traditional bulky boards. The best wall mounted ironing board offers a good value for money with intelligent space utilization in compact homes or apartments.

Top 5 Picks for Best Wall Mounted Ironing Boards:

Along with offering convenient and out-of-the-way use, the wall mount ironing board looks great. That is to say, compared to other alternatives, wall mount ironing boards are a little expensive. However, they are more convenient to use and do not require any setup once correctly installed.

5 Best Wall Mounted Ironing Boards
Most Compact
Hafele Ironing Board
  • Left and right swivel
  • Locks in any position
  • Epoxy coating
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Great Value
Hideaway Supreme Unfinished Maple
  • Heat shielding
  • Recessed installation
  • Standard and sleeve boards
Best Quality
Iron-A-Way Built-In Ironing Center
  • Built-In Electrical raceway with timer
  • Fully assembled, ready-to-install
  • Premium size iron storage
Good Price
Household Essentials 18100-1
  • 180 degrees swiveling
  • Heat resistant iron plates
  • Adjustable swivel bolt
Best Budget
Ivation Ironing Board
  • Removable and washable cotton cover
  • Perforated steel frame
  • Quick-release lever

Best Wall Mounted Ironing Boards Reviews

Before entering the market, it is advisable to weigh your personal preference, wall mount ironing board reviews, and critical features. There is more than just the price. For instance, you must look for essential features like frame material, top cover construction, and fabric. Moreover, the most critical factor is how much weight an ironing board can take.

Let’s have a look at some boards that meet all your ironing needs without being heavy on your pocket.

1 – Hafele Wall-Mounted Ironing Board

Best Wall Mounted Ironing Boards
Hafele Wall-Mounted Ironing Board
  • Sturdy construction and built
  • Secure locking in place
  • Swivels to 90 degrees

  • Hinges are not durable

Hafele makes it to the top of our best wall mounted ironing boards because of its compact design, easy-to-fold mechanism, and quick-release lever. If you live in a small apartment or need an easy-going ironing board for offices and laundry or sewing room, this board has covered you.

This compact ironing board folds flat without taking up space on the floor. Moreover, it offers excellent versatility with its 90-degree swivel left and right.

If you have previous installation experience, the Hafele wall-mounted ironing board can be self-mounted to any wall because it comes completely assembled. However, you can also get professional help.


  • Size: 37 3/8” L x 11 7/8” W x 17 3/4 H
  • Construction Material: Steel with epoxy coating
  • Board Swivel: 90 degree
  • Top Cover: Cotton

This compact ironing board for small spaces features a minimal design, compact size, and a spacious ironing surface.

2 – Hideaway Supreme Wall Mounted Ironing Board Cabinet

Best Wall Mounted Cabinet Ironing Board
Hideaway Supreme Wall Mounted Ironing Board Cabinet
  • Dual ironing boards
  • Includes shelves
  • Built-in hanger bar

  • Shelves are only for standard iron
  • Hinges are low-quality

A great value, the best wall mounted ironing board cabinet offers a durable yet aesthetically appealing outlook. Therefore, you can install this one anywhere in your home. You can thoroughly blend this recessed ironing board cabinet into your wall without making it look odd.

Hideaway sturdy ironing board comes in handy for light to heavy pressing needs. An additional sleeve board gives you more versatility. Its unfinished maple door with raised panel gives a good outlook to your laundry room, sewing room, or even office. Furthermore, it features an iron shelf that adds to functionality.

Unlike many alternatives, this board has a padded top cover that allows you to press suits for perfect creases. Also, for sewers, the sleeve board makes it easier to make hems and seams without purchasing a separate board.


  • Size: 47.75 x 16 x 7 inches
  • Construction Material: Maple wood and plastic
  • Board Swivel:180° swivel
  • Top Cover: Padded

Storage space to dual ironing surfaces and sturdy construction, the Hideaway Supreme Wall Mounted Ironing Board Cabinet is a great value addition to small spaces.

3 – Iron-A-Way Swivel Electric Wall Mount Ironing Center

Best Electric Wall Mount Ironing Center
Iron-A-Way Swivel Electric Wall Mount Ironing Center
  • Built-in electrical system
  • Hooks and bar for hangers
  • Ventilated iron surface
  • Hot iron rest

  • One-way swivel

The Iron-A-Way is a high-quality wall-mounted ironing center with premium construction, 180 degrees rotation, additional storage spaces, and cord wrap. In addition, it has an aesthetically pleasing exterior design, which makes it an excellent choice for your laundry and sewing room.

Speaking of performance and functionality, the wall mount swivel ironing board features 42-inch ventilating ironing board with polyester and cotton blend top surface. Hence, this board is a perfect choice for steam ironing.

Keeping performance 100%, it features 60 minutes of motor time, an electrical power source, cords wrap, and a power cut mechanism. Therefore, it cuts all the power with its safety disconnect switch when the board is closed in the upright position.


  • Size: 7.8 x 15 x 52 inches
  • Construction Material: Steel
  • Board Swivel: 180° swivel
  • Top cover: 65% Poly – 35% Cotton

If you are looking for an ironing board that lasts a generation, Iron-a-way is one of the best wall-mounted ironing boards with an aesthetic outlook and great quality.

4 – Household Essentials 18100-1 In-Wall Ironing Board Cabinet

Best In-Wall Ironing Board Cabinet
Household Essentials 18100-1 In-Wall Ironing Board Cabinet
  • Different colors and designs
  • Adjustable height
  • Additional shelves and a clothing hook.

  • Quite expensive
  • Low-quality finish

Household Essentials ensures that with an affordable wall-mounted ironing board, you do not have to compromise the quality. 18100-1 In-Wall Ironing Board Cabinet offers a self-closing mechanism, which allows you quick and easy use with right and left swivel

Moreover, you can also adjust the height as per your personal preference, even after installation. This hidden ironing board cabinet comes with hanger hooks and two shelves, which offer a great space organization for laundry essentials.

The cotton blend top cover and swivel adjusting bolt make the Household stowaway ironing board a perfect addition to your laundry or sewing room.


  • Size: 7.75 x 15.88 x 47.88 inches
  • Construction Material: MDF
  • Board Swivel: 180° swivel
  • Top Cover: Padded

To conclude, this ironing board is easy to use and affordable yet durable for moderate to heavy use.

5 – Ivation Foldable Wall-Mounted Ironing Board

Best Foldable Wall Mounted Ironing Boards
Ivation Foldable Wall-Mounted Ironing Board
  • Durable and sturdy steel construction
  • East release and lock lever
  • Heat dissipation

  • May require professional installation
  • Low-quality installation hardware

Not to compromise on the quality, Ivation is the best wall mounted ironing board under $60. Amongst a wide range of models, this ironing board features a compact design and durable functionality. That is to say, with an easy-release lever and removable cotton cover, it adds to the convenience.

Despite being a cheap folding ironing board, its steel construction and the perforated top board offer heat dissipation. Therefore, it is a breeze to use it for steam ironing, making creases, setting hems, and smoothing out wrinkles.

As much as this space-saving ironing board adds to the ease of use, its top cover is removable and machine-washable.


  • Size: 36.2 inches x 12.2 inches x 21.75 inches
  • Construction Material: MDF
  • Board Swivel: 180° swivel
  • Top Cover: Padded

For a better ironing experience with durable construction that lasts longer, this is the best iron board for everyone having issues with small spaces.

How to Choose The Right Wall-Mounted Ironing Board

Despite a wide range of options available in the market, every brand claims the best user experience. However, no one ironing board can be the most suitable for all. That is to say, here are some essential factors to consider before making a purchase.


How to Choose The Right Wall Mounted Ironing Board

When buying the best wall-mounted ironing boards, size is one of the most important factors to consider. There are two concerns to ponder upon while purchasing the best ironing board for wall mount;

  • Overall size of the board: you must consider the space you will install your board. For full opening and rotation, always leave enough space on all sides.
  • Ironing board surface size: secondly, the dimensions of the ironing surface play an essential role.

For your convenience, here are the standard sizes for variable ironing options.


You can go for the one that suits your needs. We have covered variable sizes for your convenience. For sewers, small, narrow ironing boards are the best. Whereas, for heavy ironing needs, the Hideaway Supreme Wall Mounted Ironing Board Cabinet offers a wide and spacious top surface.

Choose wisely!


Needs and requirements vary from person to person. Therefore, one board cannot fit everyone’s needs. For instance, if you are looking for a compact solution to your sewing needs like pressing hems and making seams, Hideaway Supreme has dual ironing boards; standard and sleeve ironing boards.

However, for smaller ironing jobs and space-saving without compromising the quality, the Ivation wall-mounted board is the best.

That is to say, your need significantly affects the choice. A recessed wall mount ironing board with an electrical power source, storage shelves, and 180-degree swivel makes an ideal space-saving ironing board for frequent and heavy use.


Let alone, “High the price, higher the quality” is not the only factor to consider while purchasing. If chosen correctly, a good quality ironing board can take off half the work while ironing your clothes or making creases, or setting hems and seams.

However, a good value wall-mounted ironing board ranges between $30 to up to $150.


All brands offer almost the same wall-mounted ironing board cabinet, but the difference lies in replacement and spare parts, replaceable covers, and padding.

However, some brands have made their mark when it comes to household essentials. For instance, The Honey-can-do never disappoints. Either it is about sturdy construction or versatile use.

While choosing the brand, do not forget to look for the warranty. It comes in handy for damage and replacement of the board if there are any issues.

Materials Used

Lightweight yet sturdy construction is paramount in ironing boards. The best wall-mounted ironing board is made with various materials that come with their pros and cons. For instance;

  • Steel and wood offer the best stability and smooth ironing surface. They also offer resistance against damage.
  • On the other hand, aluminum is light in weight yet strong.

For ironing surface, steel mesh construction. Its ventilated design allows steam to pass through the cover and pad effectively.

Ironing Flexibility

How to Choose The Right Wall Mounted Ironing Board

There are a few considerations when it comes to ironing flexibility. For instance, how much, where, and what you need to press. That is to say, you must not overlook these additional features that make any board more versatile. For example;

  • The ironing board swivel: is one fantastic feature of a good quality ironing board. Wall mount swivel ironing board can rotate at various angles, 180 or 90 degrees to left or right. Therefore, if you are left-handed or right-handed, rotate the board at your convenience.
  • Hot Iron rest: makes it easier to store and use iron while pressing clothes. Moreover, you do not have to have separate storage to keep your iron.
  • Electrical power: A few high-end ironing boards at affordable prices offer a built-in power source with an approximately 60-minute motor.
  • Cord wrap: comes in handy to keep your iron wire organized and away from the table.

Furthermore, some ironing board cabinets have storage shelves, hooks, and handle bars for hanging clothes.


Fabric plays many vital roles in determining the performance of the board. For instance, there are two significant factors when choosing the ironing board top fabric:

  • The composition: heat dissipation is an essential factor to consider in the fabric choice. That is to say, cotton allows the steam to pass through its surface, which makes it the best solution for steam ironing.
  • Color: conversely, go for the colors that work best when it comes to hiding stains. Neutral or darker shades are the best for hiding stains. However, there are chances that darker colors may imprint on light-colored clothes, especially if you are steam-ironing.

It is advisable to choose a fabric that is either cotton quilting or more durable cotton drapery.


Installing wall-mounted ironing boards requires professional help. However, some models do not require professional assistance if you have previous experience with wall mounting ironing boards.

Some installations are inevitably more time-consuming than others. Whenever deciding which ironing board to purchase, keep in mind that there are two significant types of installation.

  • Recessed wall mount ironing board: goes into the wall and requires professional installation.
  • A flush-mount ironing board: can be installed on the wall with screws or bolts. You do not have to spend a lot on a suitable wall-mount ironing board that can be used in variable directions.

How to Install Wall Mounted Ironing Board

Whether a DIY or professional installation, there are a few things to consider before getting started. For instance;

Where to Install

Where to install the ironing board solely depends on personal preference. You can install wall mounted ironing boards anywhere in the house. However, make sure that enough space on the left, right, or front is left so that the board can fully open and rotate in any direction.

Moreover, to ensure secure installation, here are a few things to consider. For instance

  • The Room: the compact design and easy-to-use ironing boards can be installed in the bedroom, laundry room, and sewing room.
  • The Wall: if your ironing board weighs much, installing it on a reinforced wall rather than drywall is better. Furthermore, make sure the wall has no inside wiring or pipes.
  • Power Supply: to have a stress-free ironing experience, you must install your board near the power supply. It will save you from spending additional costs on extension wires or new wiring.

How to Install Wall Mounted Ironing Board

Necessary Tools and Equipment

To successfully install the flush or recessed wall mount ironing board, you need the following tools

  • An electric drill
  • An appropriate drill bit
  • Marker or pencil
  • Screwdriver
Steps to Install

However, most ironing boards follow the same installation steps, whereas some may vary as per the configuration.

Step 1

Take the correct measurements and mark the wall with a pencil or marker.

Step 2

Drill the holes in the wall.

Step 3

Insert the drill bit into the marked holes.

Step 4

Align the ironing board cabinet with the screw holes you drilled. Make sure the screws are firmly attached. Tighten them with the screwdriver.

Top Wall-Mounted Ironing Boards to Buy

Finding the best wall mounted ironing boards can be frustrating, especially once you get the item and it does not meet your needs and requirements. Adding convenience and functionality, these boards come in all different sizes, designs, and additional accessories.

That is to say, keeping your personal preference a priority will help you narrow down your search while making a purchase. For instance, if you are tight on the budget yet need a sturdy space-saving option, Hafele Wall-Mounted Ironing Board is the one for you.

On the other hand, Hideaway Supreme Wall Mounted Ironing Board Cabinet is the best choice for people who want to keep their laundry items organized and out of sight.

Furthermore, Iron-A-Way Swivel Electric Wall Mount Ironing Center gives you the best value for the money. It is sturdy, and comes with iron storage, shelves, and hanger hooks for neat and organized storage.

Choose wisely!

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