Enhance Your Skill: Try These 6 Hand Embroidery Stitches

What are embroidery stitches? Embroidery stitch is the movement of the needle and thread in an artistic manner and style. You can blend the simple textile with various embroidery techniques to produce a voguish fabric and designs. Working out with embroidery begins at the smallest unit of stitch but eventually, … Read more

How To Use Metallic Embroidery Thread?

Metallic embroidery thread adds a whole new touch to your embroidery designs. It comes in strong and intense colors that are sure to catch the eye. This is why more and more people are resorting to the metallic thread for embroidery purposes. The most popular shades in this genre are … Read more

How To Make A French Knot Embroidery?

Embroidery is a fun and interesting hobby or craft creation to do. This is because of its ability to bring out the most creative and the best artwork that an individual can do through the use of embroidery. One can create different images, silhouettes, and shapes in different colors that … Read more

Effective Way on How to Embroider by Hand

Working with a textile is a constant practice. You should learn the basics first on how to embroider by hand so that you will be guided with your embroidery career. Expand your knowledge in tapestry by trying out the various stitches and combine these tailoring techniques to come up with … Read more

How To Choose Hand Embroidery Needles?

Embroidery needles are titanium-coated sharp pointed objects used for needlework projects. When picking the appropriate needle, it should correspond to the thickness of both the fabric and thread that you’re going to use in your project. Sometimes, you don’t know which needles are perfect for your embroidery stitching and you … Read more

How To Build An Embroidery Frame?

Embroidering might be your passion but you should be aware of the tricks and handy tips to be a pro in this art, one of the main tricks among them is how to build an embroidery frame. Building an embroidery frame when you can’t find a ready-made one at home … Read more

How To Make An Embroidery Thread Tassel?

Crafting is incomplete without tassels. A statement of this sort lies out of contradictions as tassels are ornaments used for decorating art and fabric, more often than expected. Tassels are layers of threads placed parallel to each other to create art that in turn is used for enhancing another piece … Read more

Where did embroidery originate from?

Craftsmanship History: Where did Embroidery Originate From?

Embroidery is known as the handicraft of creating or decorating a fabric and other materials with the use of only a needle and yarn or thread. Numerous crafts and products can be made in embroideries such as hats, caps, coats, dress shirts, blankets, denim, golf shirts and much more. Embroidery … Read more

What Embroidery Stitches to Use for Letters?

Creating a marvelous piece of art cannot only be portrayed with the use of decorations, frames, or colors. You can enhance your masterpiece with the use of lettering since these ornaments add value and make the artwork more lively, personal, and amazing. Some people find it difficult to sew a … Read more

8 Basic Stitches for Hand Embroidery

Embroidery is an artistic craftsmanship that involves your creativity, passion, originality, uniqueness, and knowledge as to different ideas of stitches and how you will apply them in a textile. It is important to keep the basic stitches as your fundamental learning so you are able to stitch marvelous designs when … Read more