Brother ScanNCut SDX85 Cutting Machine Review

The SDX85 belongs to the ScanNCut Series by Brother. This series has some top-notch models of DIY electronic cutting machines on the market. These machines are so versatile in their functioning that you can make a range of different art including, homemade cards, appliques, and vinyl wall art.

Brother ScanNCut SDX85 Electronic Cutting Machine Review
Brother ScanNCut SDX85 Electronic Cutting Machine

These state-of-the-art machines can comfortably cut in any pattern that you feed them with, and the results are quite fine as well. Brother is one of the industry’s top brands, and you can expect quality products from them.

In this guide, we will find out how the SDX85 is superior to its predecessors, and you should upgrade or not. So, let’s get to the details right away.

Brother ScanNCut SDX85 Review

Conveniently Scan Hand-Drawn Designs

This cutting machine allows you to comfortably scan and cut and hand-drawn designs with clarity and precision. You can conveniently transform your scanned images into a uniquely cut pattern or design. It means that the sky’s the limit for your creativity, and you can cut out anything you like with high precision.

Auto Blade Feature

Another excellent feature of this cutting machine is the automatic blade that can detect the thickness of materials on its own and start cutting. You don’t have to manually adjust the blade pressure like you had to do in the previous models.

Brother ScanNCut SDX85 Electronic Cutting Machine Review
Brother ScanNCut SDX85 Electronic Cutting Machine

Ready to Use

The SDX85 is ready to use right out of the box. It means you can get to work straight away. You don’t need to waste time setting it up according to your requirements.

Another serious upgrade this machine has from its predecessor is, it comes with more than 250 inbuilt designs. They are ready to use in your different design projects.

Better Suited for Commercial Use

The SDX85 is designed to work in a range of commercial applications conveniently. It can handle the work laid rapidly. The previous model was more designed for home or individual use. Therefore, the upgrade comes with numerous add-ons and accessories.

Brother ScanNCut SDX85 Craft Cutting Machine Review
Brother ScanNCut SDX85 Vinyl Machine

Wireless Network-Ready

Another upgrade this machine has is, it comes network-ready. You can easily connect it with your PC or mobile with Brother Connectivity Mobile Application’s help. This program also allows you to edit your work at an advanced level.


It is not a full-fledged cutting machine with all the advanced technology features integrated. Your cost can significantly rise if you add the accessories for proper application or usage.

Pros and Cons of Brother ScanNCut SDX85

Brother ScanNCut SDX85 Electronic DIY Cutting Machine
Brother ScanNCut SDX85 Electronic DIY Cutting Machine
  • Automatic blade sensor technology.
  • It can cut up to 3 mm in thickness.
  • Fully ready to use out of the box.
  • More than 251 inbuilt designs.
  • Wireless network ready.

  • Pretty expensive for mid-range features.

Who Should Buy Brother ScanNCut SDX85?

This cutting machine is better suited for those who are looking to exploit its wireless network-ready feature and inbuilt designs.

If you are looking to advance your hobby and transform it into a small business, this machine will be handy for you. But if you are looking to go for a much larger scale application, there are more cost-effective options available on the market.

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