Hello. My name is Tamar Jones. Welcome to my website: CraftsSelection.com. When I was a little girl, I had a special passion for crafts. I have worked and researched carefully about it, so I have many experiences in this field.

As we know, a sewing machine is a machine which uses thread to stitch fabric and other material together. In 1790, an English inventor – Thomas Saint who invented the first sewing machine in the world. But it was not introduced successfully.

Until 1804, a sewing machine was introduced widely by an England and used all around the world.

And embroidery machine is used to create patterns on textile fabric.The first computer graphics embroidery design system was introduced in 1980 by Wilcome. Then, it was developed widely by Melco with large looms which could produce large embroidery patterns and lace patches.

Along with the great progress of science and technology, people invented the modern sewing machine and embroidery machine reduce strength and time in the best way but their products are also very beautiful, durable and sophisticated.

Moreover, their products are not inferior to the products that made by human’s hands.

But now, there are many types of embroidery and sewing machines with various types and designs, features and origins on the market.

So, consumers should consider carefully and learn to get a perfect and lucid decision. In this website, to help you do it easily and buy a sewing machine or embroidery machine with the best quality while saving costs to the maximum extent.

Based on my experiences, I will give you the best advice as well as information about the best kinds of embroidery machines or sewing machines on the market, how to use them, their outstanding features, reasonable prices, customer reviews, the fundamental way to overcome difficulties in the process of using machines.

Moreover, I always listen to all your comments as well as answer your inquiries to be able to develop traditional craft more.

Finally, are you a dexterous person? Are you interested in traditional handicrafts as sewing and embroidery industry?

You don’t know how to choose the best product in these fields?

Contact me to get more information. Thank you so much!

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